Satanic Illuminati Celebrity Sacrifices Exposed!! 2015


If this doesn’t convince you then you happen to be actually an enslaved blind retard, or you happen to be aside of all this. A federal agent releases proof of superstar assassinations, and Randy Quaid arrives out and says the illuminati is making an attempt to murder him. This is a compilation of other uploads I have just to make it much easier to share with other individuals while also displaying them the more substantial picture by connecting the dots for them.


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  1. Jeffry Alas says:

    Guys famous people are Satan's toy a props. to diverts ur. mind and time snatching ur time form God

  2. Thanx for this FisherofMen.  Keep the info coming.  Great job!

  3. great video, informative.

  4. It's getting harder and harder for the people of the illuminati to hide. People are catching on. Michaels death was a huge awakening for me personally, and a close call for them. They were almost exposed. Now what they are doing is that they are trying to get in the minds of the youth of America today. Twitter,Instagram,Facebook ect all have fan pages for the illuminati and they have their own website with an email address on it. The email is to a lawyer who makes the recruitment legit. We need to show these crazy people that they can't have us! We are individuals who can't be brainwashed!

  5. I commend you sir for showing this, and not partaking in all the destruction happening in this country

  6. These Illuminatis fucks will pay for the death of Brandon lee, Robin Williams ,bob Marley .Kurt cobin,  and others as well. The Illuminatis are after  Martin Laurence , some one got to help him.  Try to kill me you fucking Illuminatis come out of the darkness and face me cowards. You got an empire in this world but will never have control of Heaven.Amen


  8. Zay Twitts says:

    fuck the Illuminati they can suck dick

  9. i dont join becus ilove god i dont like divil

  10. Faysal Abdi says:

    I want them t kill Justin bieber

  11. The Devil is real people, this generation is believing in a lie heaven is real so is hell,listen to the rap songs the wanna take as much as they can to hell with them,let us pray so God can open their eyes in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  12. You just earned yourself a new subscriber

  13. They killed more than Michael Jackson and they will kill even more famous people around the world

  14. kath david says:

    Michael was Definitely murdered.

  15. Alex Estrada says:

    They killed michael jackson those idots im not scare of them fuck the illuminati

  16. this is real evidence

  17. Michael Jackson is worth more dead.the illuminate will not tolerate anyone speaking out against them.once these people become famous and try to make a difference in the world they are murdered. Wake up

  18. as randy lawer was talking you can see the worry in his eyes and see how scared he is not just for himself but for his freinds. i am also wondering if they was behind robin williams death.  god bless you brother in christ.

  19. WOW! It's sad that a lot of people don't look at this and at least kinda say that's a little alarming.

  20. Karina Jayy says:

    That's crazy… im speechless

  21. wow this is so true thank you keep up the work

  22. patty adams says:

    sorry ,pissed me off ! thank you Randy !and thank you Robert .

  23. patty adams says:

    I love Randy he's a great actor .thank you Randy for not taking those fucking sick prices shit and telling us cuz a lot if dumb ppl don't believe their can possibly be stuff like this going on and it passes

  24. FisherOfMen. I don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but thank you soooo much for creating this channel.

  25. Fisher of men, great job! That MJ phone call was eerie as heck!

  26. Wayne Clark says:

    That was not a ghost of Michael it was a demon, there is heaven and hell, no ghost walking around

  27. chloe9008 says:

    WOWWWWWW! The day before his death  Michael said " They could say I overdosed on drugs"    I'M SPEECHLESS  Now looking back I wonder if the illumnati  or "they" was behind him sleeping with those children.    Great Job!!!!!    thanks for exposing evil!

  28. How do I upload this video unto my channel

  29. Jesus Savz says:

    Wow, this video crashed my computer…or something did.

  30. Funny Randy didnt sound delusional after all the paperwork on his property is around for all to see. his female non freemason lawyer has no concernes.

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