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  1. The illuminati worship lucifer, they have all the money in the world and yet they worship lucifer, they hate God, it is obvious with the anti- Christian propaganda. As well as with the satanic symbols, here is the Gospel. 
    The most terrifying thing in the world is that God is good and the thing is we are not good,we are evil sinners. So what does a good, Holy God do with evil sinners like us? He must punish us because all have sinned and have broken God's law by lying, stealing etc.. so the just punishment is death then hell, but that is not God's will. 2,000 years ago God the Son became a man in Jesus Christ and died on the cross for our sin, it is like we broke God's law and Jesus paid the fine. And on the third day He rose from the dead, what you must do is repent of sin and believe in Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation and from that God will give you a new heart with new desires, the old sinful life has gone and the new life has begun.


  3. you all post negative comments, but you did all watch the video.
    thats just as strange isnt it ?

  4. SexabIe says:

    You have to admit, this is too much to just be coincidence.

  5. they are exist  /

  6. This is thee shittest "documentary" i have seen in my life, it is just a collection of clips which claim to be satanic. You need to get a grip mate.

  7. Illuminati says:

    This is all false. This is the false Illuminati in this video. The real Illuminati is not as large or powerful as everyone thinks. We're slowly growing. This is just a way to get people to turn away from their true creator Angra Mainyu "Satan/Lucifer."

    I assure you this is not true. Break free of the shackles of Christianity. Christianity is not a religion or faith, it is a system of control and brainwashing. Lucifer wants us to be Gods as he is a God. Do not bow down and surrender your soul to YHWH his a false god. YHWH is a computer program used by evil aliens. They're using your prayers to power their mothership. This all sounds crazy but it is true.

    www joyofsatan org
    www josministries prophpbb com

  9. kool look says:

    I don't think life's a game because I can't restart or save bit of fun on the side to keep us going but most things are serious and unknowing its very strange and mysterious but there must be something there watching over us and its all we need to know because the questions we have are never answered we live in the moment and it feels good to us. the truth is nobody knows the real truth and that's the truth that's all you'll realise if u think a lot like me but best not dwell on things koz its not suppose to be fukk the illuminati the more attention we give to them the more trouble that happens fukk the media dirty basterds always twisting things they don't say directly that all Muslims are terrorists but portray stuff in such a way that you automatically jump to that conclusion its a mass of confusion and its you and me they are abusing I hate to sound harsh but I think the Jews are at fault and the primary cause of the wars I'm more than sure they are satanic and the hollcaust was a masked operation to bring them to where we are today its a shame we stupid and don't be smart enough to stop them we can outnumber them and overpower them they say we are the 99% of population so why not stop the occupation and start making a change to this insane shit let's protest against and gain instead of being slaves who will be brave step this way

  10. Why not have the all seeing two eyes?

  11. what is the song in the Fantasia Bald mountain piece?

  12. the backwards music part was laughable. most vocal music played backwards ends up sounding quite heavy on sibilants. according to this video any of these S sounds followed by a vague vowel sound and pretty much ANY other syllable after that – like "seeeynurmpff" – is definitely saying "SATAN." LOL you can fit almost anything you want to backward music, since the sounds are so vague, with the stressed/unstressed short/long order being reversed. the consonants especially become whatever you're trying to hear.

  13. Ave Abaraxx says:

    Illuminati is not Satanic, it's Luciferian, HUGE difference.


  15. BoxOf Truth says:

    Lucifer is the blood and souls of all white people, mostly Italians and English, these popes and their prodigy are the real Lucifer, it's in the essence and blood to be evil, and they have destroyed every other ethnic culture on earth with their rape war pestilence and pedophilia, kill whites and those who worship them and solve the problem, there is no devil, they are it!

  16. James Vasa says:

    lollll this documentary is the funniest thing in the world. all you schizophrenic retards plagued with mental illness feel like your life is worthless. you feel like there must be some kind of conspiracy so you look for jokes celebs say or youtubers or look for simple paterns that trick the eye and you say that you are "exposing the truth". you feel like you need to become the whistle blower for all these so called conspiracies just so you feel like your doing something with your life. you feel like you need to save everyone by converting them to your beliefs. no matter how fucked up your beliefs may be.

    there is no such thing as god. there is no such thing as the devil. humans made up religions because we felt an overwhelming sadness when loved ones died and it gave people a false sense of meaning. there is no evidence for god or any other all powerful being. grow the fuck up accept the world is the way it is and stop posting this mental shit all over the place. your in the minority and your never going to convice anyone of any significance that your right and your never going to convince a substantial ammount of people who actually have the ability to think for themselves that you are right.

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