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  1. Adolf Hitler says:

    I thought this was gonna be about Ghost B.C

  2. They are so messed up! How come the entity that brought men to the curse of sin became the embodiment of love? SATAN IS A SORE LOSER WHO WANTED TO SHARE ITS PUNISHMENT UNTO MANKIND!! Do not be decieved!! PRAISE JESUS!!

  3. blocko gunn says:

    If only they knew what they were doing .

  4. is it no amazing how Satanics can pic a host that is blessed by a Catholic priest and are able to tell out of a thousand with one they want to desecrate. Satan are willing to pay $50 if not more for a consecrated host. Tells you were the Body of Christ really is present.

  5. Shreyas Gune says:

    There is something missing here. Perhaps sense?

  6. I feel like I have been misled. The thumb nail for this video has Papa Emeritus on it. Thought you might explain to me how the satanic band Ghost were satanic. oh well.

  7. You're fucking stupid and ignorant, you closed minded prick ??

  8. you should listen to Ghost BC.

  9. Is this parody? It sounds like parody.

  10. 4Christ4ever says:

    such ignorance now a days…

  11. Sommer Pool says:

    anyone know who that pastor is?

  12. Rhythmista says:

    That moron with the long hair is so far beyond mentally unstable .. Essentially , he's just a pot smoking, unemployed, lazy, useless, sub-human sewage waste that has seen one too many vampire movies, listened to one too many death metal albums, and has spent way too much time playing World of WarCraft.. He probably still lives in his parents basement.. I still pray for insanely ignorant people like him which are plagued with sheer stupidity, no matter how brain dead they may be.. May God have mercy on his warped soul..

  13. Bathory Bill says:…hilarious!

  14. Oh How I LOVE that preacher Carter Conlon, he makes me want to be in the fight ALL the time and PRAISE day and night only if all todays preachers preached like him what a wonderful thing it would be. BLESS you for sharing Brother :)

  15. guadalupanox says:

    CONTRACULTURE LIKE ROCK POP brainwash millions for these days , the army of antichrist is almost ready . PRAY HARD every day to keep the truth the FAITH in JESUS. CHRISTIANS ARE IN WAR … with these world satan ad sin

  16. those who dare stand against God / jesus christ / or the Holy Spirit, shall be punished and will suffer from the flames of god and of his fury, less they turn back from the darkness and into the light!!!eyes turn white and fire comes out of them, wings spread out, halo appears above my head, cross appears on my forehead and glows white, and fire appears around me.

  17. glory to the everlasting god, and to the messiah jesus christ, and to the Holy Spirit, hallelujah, hosanna, amen! ! ! ! !

  18. Pgs Penang says:

    The Satan knew he has very short time….. His deceptive ways will bring many into burning ? hell with him!
    Jesus Christ is the only way out!

  19. Satan hates mankind these people are fools.

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