Satanic World ? illuminati freemason and satanic hand signs

20 Satanic World illuminati freemason and satanic hand signs past present illuminati and freemason symbolsfreemasons history of pope …


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  1. So for the many who were 'indoctrinated' by those 'lawyerly types' from youth – who have been presented with a 'guided tour' of the Bible – 'their' derived cut and paste methodology to get people to believe 'their' lie – then it CAN be difficult to read it with 'unbiased eyes' who know what is intended by the prophets, …, in the Bible. I'd say one would have to try to disassociate from one's 'biased upbringing' and pray to have the truth revealed – WANTING to know the truth with no loopholes

  2. And the 'saturn' cult thing – agreed – but as Saturn would kill off his own sons in order to ensure his continued reign (even look at pope Benedict's 'Saturn hat' – and what 'they' do to those little ones 'to whom the truth was instead bestowed because of the forged blank check of claiming 'infallibility' – just as 'they' did at the time of Jeremiah7 – which lead to God eventually raising up the babylonians to challenge 'their' arrogance – afterwhich many false Jews ran to Egypt for security –

  3. Instead of coming back to God in humilty for what 'they'd' done in His name – never again to call upon the name of the Lord – Jeremiah 44 – these are the roots of the illuminati and why these false Jewish people honor the gods of Egypt [root causes&times] – which you can see by the Rothschild designed/located/financed/built Supreme Court of Israel – honoring the gods of Egypt – just like the masons do outfront – 'their' roots being the tribe of Dan – who raised their leader above God,…)

  4. abbyify786 says:

    Listen honestengineer9 the fact that you have the number nine in your fukin deluded name doesn't dat mean your Freemason ehh don't go fukin around on da Internet tellin people nt 2 believe in god fukin atheist

  5. abbyify786 says:

    I'm not sayin that I'm a Christian but I'm sayin dat people should believe in their FAITHS that they were born for

  6. abbyify786 says:

    You people don't know the don't you think life is a joke don't you think that tomorrow will stop oh but it will you will see the end you don't know anything about the end yet so live everyday as if it is your last day t hats all I'm saying you never know

  7. Trust no one. All practice to deceive.

  8. Thanks for this video but it would be better to have the names of the persons which are on photos to apreciate really who govern the world.

  9. The Ranger says:

    It's suprising how people can take rumors and spread them like they are fact. A wise saying I've heard: "If you tell a lie over and over, people will start believing it to be fact."
    Celebrities can, and probably will, use rumored hand symbols to get attention. Look how many views these kinds of videos are receiving! Lots, just because of superstition and rumors.
    Well, there's your daily stories from The Ranger, now go to bed.

  10. The Ranger says:

    And don't get superstitious over little things: "Look! she made a triangle in her hand! She must be an Illuminati member!" It's just a triangle guys.
    I DO think that Freemasons are secretive, but not bad. I've looked up them, they keep their ceremonies secret because of tradition. I personally know people who are Freemasons, they aren't evil or bad, just like normal people.
    The symbols are not anything like that either, they're just old and can be misinterpreted .

  11. The Ranger says:

    Also, don't people know that those 3 fingers pointed out, can mean "I love you"? or even "Rock and roll" without the thumb. They are easily made, I bet half of the celebrities in the pictures were not intending to make that sign.
    The "all seeing eye" is a symbol for the eye of god, like "He sees all people's actions".
    Free Masons are Free Builders, (hence the name) Makers, crafters of good people.

  12. The Ranger says:

    Please look into it more rather than cheap things on youtube. Remember, all people can easily label strange others as "bad" or "evil" and shove them aside.
    Illuminati? Ignore it, by now, it's just all rumors. Freemasons? You can be one today, there are hundreds of lodges in america.They aren't bad. Satanists? Satan IS evil, pure evil.

  13. XCI5ION says:

    your beliefs sound desperate to prove them innocent, if they are innocent and truthful they would not need to say anything. A brotherhood of men, of a order to which resembles a pyramid, who use a brotherhood as a means to gain trust and your obedience, while you are to perform their rituals and use their symbolism? its all magik, You know why they burned these people before, and why they use secret hand gestures and operated in the dark because they CANT LIVE IN THE LIGHT. LIARS! SPEAK TRUTH

  14. XCI5ION says:

    Misleading Deceivers. To advert your attention away from the god within yourself. Their currency, media,everything is a mere distraction from the truth. We are all capable of doing anything but these guys lead people into law enforcement, corporations, military. Its all about keeping you IN THEIR LOOP of death destruction, division, they enforce their control of power of earth by keeping their knowledge secret. Stop weaponizing technology, linear power transmission SERIOUSLY!? FOSSIL FUEL!?!?

  15. djjerome says:

    why all the pics of alice bailey is she the only major female member of the "illuminati"?

  16. I wonder what this world coming too? I wish for a loving world purged of all evil.

  17. SACTICAL BAG says:

    Has there been any public explanation WHY Obama or the Pope are doing Manu Cornuto or maybe they are both Texas A& M fans ?


  19. Rebecca says:

    9:48, who is this?  Please do not tell me it is Ron Paul.   It was bad enough seeing Sarah Palin give the baphomet sign and her daughter looking at her like "mom, I cannot believe you just did that in public".

  20. ha ha you are dumb lol.

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