SATANIST Aleister Crowley ~ The Most Wicked Man In The World ~ Great Documentary


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SATANIST Aleister Crowley ~ The Most Wicked Man In The World


28 Responses

  1. Celia's farts!!!!! hahahahalollol ???

  2. brolly was nothing different then Christians Pope's and Islamic mullas

  3. Mr.Crowley would be happy to hear all you ppl call him a, weirdo and drug addict and perv. this man was a genius. Do as though wilt is the whole of the law. This is the only law. Why is this such a bad thing?? Doesn't everyone want the freedom to just be able to do what they want without any fear???? Ppl may not want to admit it but deep down that's exactly what you want… The only difference between most people and Mr.Crowley is he wasn't afraid to be honest with his self and the world……

  4. ezcondition says:

    sounds like he was afraid of death. in the end he knew he was a pos when his wang shut down and i love the fact of him setting around for years thinking about it.

  5. Edna Bulic says:

    watching with headphones rip

  6. Julio Diaz says:

    Dude is just got away with his shit because he didn't get caught, otherwise he would have just ended up in mental asylum, because once you start eating shit, it ain't demons or devils homie, it's being a schizo. Praise kek, shadilay!

  7. tlallas says:

    It"s funny how Satanism works on the fears of people just like every other religion. Crowley was just a poetic, drug addict loser, no different than some people in entertainment today seeking attention or a God mentality. If you believe in God, who is definitely real and seen as the engineer of this universe, you can't possibly believe in fear tactics guiding you in any religion. Stop this worship mentality, don"t become a sheep..

  8. Wow, this is real nasty stuff, almost as bad as my local Bar.

  9. Evan Drane says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what a crock of shit!!!!

  10. Crowley's life was actually surprisingly ordinary, there are millions of people born with high levels of Karma to be lived out, and those people – including me to a large extent- have to fall till they reach a level when they can float. This includes resentment of actually being born, a desire for celebrity, wealth, power, influence, and an attraction to anything that can alter one's state of mind. Though I'd never really consider myself a Satanist, watching this is like looking in a mirror, the only real difference is that I am younger at the point where I have realised I have to be adult and brave, instead of a Peter Pan figure running away not from a world but one's own mind.

  11. Barbara Bush is his offspring..

  12. Hay 992201 says:

    My nigga Ab soul sent me here

  13. GT Crain says:

    So he basically wanted to be Voldemort

  14. Dave LaBelle says:

    The British still ban books, don't they?

  15. What a fucking loser!

  16. Scott Nina says:

    Simply a man with a perverted brain. No more wicked than any other perverted brain. Some perverts are just more vocal than others.

  17. K Wesley says:

    I see that only satanist devil's advocates are commenting here. Jesus Christ loves you all.

  18. this man said crowlianity, it is not even a 100 yrs and we do not even know about this Loser!!!

    Jesus Christ will not be outdone my friend


    Repent or end up in Hell with this fool.

    were the flames do not cease and the worm does not die!!!

  19. Jord Mac says:

    someone should have shot him in the head

  20. wackywierdme says:

    Fuck; with the way all the people in the video, and in the comments for that matter, are talking, I'd say they actually think magic is real! :') now that's comical

  21. Ryan says:

    You world is obviously very small.

  22. Jade McLove says:

    Sin is repression, slavery, and the destruction of self…what an IDIOT! TOTAL EVIL UNLEASHED,

  23. The_Boot says:

    why was he the most wicked man???? Don't see it myself. I could name 100 men and women more wicked

  24. ahahaha, more good and evil, order of the day ^^ human rationalization of obligatory organization.

  25. I got here from watching black metal bands and I don't know why I was watching that but anyway if I had to take a wild guess on what death would feel like I would think it will be a roller coaster ride…you waited in line for so long and are nervous but ends up being over in a few seconds and wasn't all that bad. This guy will most likely get stuck mid loop for about a eternity. I know everyone has their own perspective but I removed the corneas from donors for 2 years straight and have seen just about every age from 2-85 and a few that had the biggest smile after passing. I don't think seeing a fiery lake and hearing screams would bring a smile to my face but just my 2 cents.

  26. you people are sick.

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