Satan’s Nation


Walter C. Vetsch 

You have to realize that all these people, the bankers, the regulators and the lawmakers, are personal friends, hang out together, and belong to the same secret societies. The more they plunge the average person into crushing poverty and hopelessness, the more they are respected and the more they are rewarded. They are never punished, because those who could punish them are their “brothers” in the various secret brotherhoods…

Philosophic Origins

Masonic Belief System

A core tenet of the Masonic belief system concerns the interpretation of the Adam and Eve creation narrative. This belief is that it was correct to follow Satan and ask for “the knowledge” and that God was acting “against humanity” to advocate rejecting “the knowledge”. Hence, they worship Satan.

Although the origin of the Masons can be traced back 600 years or so, this belief could be much older, originating somewhere in the very distant past. This core belief has relevance to the United States because the United States was designed and essentially created from scratch by Freemasons.

Every US President has been a mason with two exceptions. These were Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy. Both were assassinated.

Today, all masons accept that Satan is their leader and God is their enemy. In a required ritual, each mason, in turn, must stand before his brothers and spit upon a copy of the Holy Bible to demonstrate his hatred for God. The masons are a male only group. However, to accommodate women, they formed the group known as the “Daughters of the Eastern Star”. However, the “eastern star” is a code word for Satan. Therefore, the girls group is, in actuality, “The Daughters of Satan”.

If a group of guys enjoy getting together so that they can practice whispering secret words to each other, giving each other secret handshakes and standing in awkward postures, all the while professing their love for Satan, that is pretty much their free choice. The problem arises when we find that essentially every key position both in government and industry is held by one of these guys. Then, it becomes a cause for concern.

Single Dictator Belief System

John Ruskin, teaching at Oxford University in London, promoted the belief that some men were superior to others and that one man may be superior everyone and should, therefore, rule the world as an absolute dictator.

One of his fans was Cecil Rhodes who had a little known dark side. Using his great wealth from his monopoly on African diamonds, he set up a secret “roundtable organization” to work on fulfilling John Ruskin’s vision. After he died, control passed to Lord Alfred Milner who liked to call the group “Milner’s Kindergarten”. This European group, working with JP Morgan, set up a roundtable branch in the United States known as the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR, which continues to promote these beliefs, in secret of course, today. It is doubtful that many current CFR members know any of this.

Contemporary Satanic Beliefs

In more recent history, how can we forget vice-president Cheney’s epic “spend time on the darkside” speech. Now, we all know who the Prince of Darkness is. So, in case there should be any disagreement that the US follows Satan, this speech by a sitting vice-president should leave no doubt.

Core Beliefs

These are the essential core beliefs of the rulers of the United States. Knowledge of these beliefs can be used to both predict and understand the domestic and foreign polices of the US:

1. We worship Satan. Satan brought us out of darkness into light and bestowed upon us the knowledge needed to rule this world.

2. We hate God. God tried to keep this knowledge from us and therefore is our enemy.

3. We confirm our hatred for God by regular rituals in which we spit upon the Christian bible.

4. We believe that a man’s true worth is measured by the amount of other people’s happiness that he can possess and destroy.

5. We are eternal creatures and we will live physically forever as living gods.

6. We believe our power and authority is absolute and nothing can challenge us.

7. We own the planet Earth. The planet and all it contains is our property to be used as we please.

8. If you are not one of us, then you are nothing.


• beliefs 1-3 are the core of the Masonic belief system as well as similar systems. These systems assert that man became “illuminated” because Satan intervened on behalf of man and bestowed “the knowledge” upon mankind that God (”the enemy”) had warned mankind not to seek.

These Satan worshipers have a unique view of life which puts them at odds with anyone who respects nature. Since they hate God, they hate the natural world He created. So in all their works they seek to destroy nature as well as those who respect nature.

They believe that their science (”scientific atheism”) empowers them to alter nature to conform to their will as opposed to adapting their will to live in harmony with nature. They crush nature with their material inventions and, recently, have decided to alter the very basis of life, the genetic code, by redesigning plants and animals to their specifications.

As they advance across the globe, they exterminate civilizations whose people respect and live in harmony with nature, calling them “savages”. The movie Avatar is an excellent example of this belief system.

• belief 4 can be observed in the day to day operation of the government. Detailed examples would fill many books. This belief influences a selection protocol and an operational protocol.

The selection protocol is designed to “weed out” anyone who is suspected of having any positive moral beliefs as those would conflict with the Satanic value system. Occasionally, mistakes are made which require correction. In the case of Frank Olson, someone overheard him commenting that the government projects he worked on seemed immoral. The CIA killed him by throwing him out of a high window.

David Morehouse was recruited into the remote viewer program based upon his description of prior psychic experiences. Unfortunately, during those experiences, he had become psychically linked to his spiritual guide who was sworn to the forces of Good. So, when his government trainers sent him into altered states of consciousness, his guide would appear to remind him not to use his powers for evil. Clearly, this could not be tolerated and he was thrown out of the program.

As examples of the operational protocol, let’s look at the financial “crisis”. In the first place, you have to realize that all these people, the bankers, the regulators and the lawmakers, are personal friends, hang out together, and belong to the same secret societies. The more they plunge the average person into crushing poverty and hopelessness, the more they are respected and the more they are rewarded. They are never punished, because those who could punish them are their “brothers” in the various secret brotherhoods.

For an example of meddling in another country, RT (Russia Today) has reported in a documentary that 200,000 citizens of India were driven to suicide after being bankrupted by a conspiracy plotted by Monsanto in which they were coned into using copyrighted Monsanto seeds instead of natural seeds they had used successfully for thousands of years.

Closer to home, veterans who survived Vietnam in one piece took their honorable discharge paper and planned a happy future. They did not know that the discharge contained a secret code, known as the SPN code. The code was linked to a book of “slurs” like “apathetic” and “bed wetter” which was made available to many employers and left the unknowing veteran unemployable. So, that’s the thanks they got for risking their lives. You know, if you get into some dealings with, say, the Mafia, and you are “straight up” with them, they are likely to treat you right. However, the government will screw you either way. They have way less morality than the mob. It makes you wonder.

• belief 5. We have discussed the life extension technologies in other books. Just for an overview, what’s the point of accumulating wealth and power if you can only hold on to it for 80 or 90 years or so. If you wanted to use your money to buy the most important thing, what would you buy, if you could? You would buy eternal health and physical life. And that’s exactly what the political elite bought.

Millions of innocent people were “sacrificed” in medical experiments to unlock the secrets needed to prolong physical life indefinitely. Original techniques involved consciousness transference from one physical body to another as described in ancient Tibetan yoga manuscripts.

Later, the science of time manipulation originated when scientists noticed temporal anomalies during nuclear tests. This research eventually led to the full understanding of temporal science and technologies to simply “turn back the clock” and restore youth to the old.

Of course, once you know you will live forever, your attention naturally turns to safety and creature comforts. All you could want in those departments is provided by life in one of the many underground cities. No enemy will find you there, since the very existence of these cities is secret. And every conceivable convenience of both conventional and secret technologies is available to you.

• belief 6 may be more belief than reality. The elite have now reached sort of a state of “bliss”. They can live forever. Their underground world in impenetrable. The masses on the surface are kept stupid and under total control. Spies see everything and are everywhere. Elite air force units defend against outer space intruders. The sun, they presume, is good pretty much forever. What could go wrong?

• belief 7 is a core belief stemming from the philosophy, “Anything we have the power to take and hold is ours”. It is because of this core belief that the United States exists today. Hundreds of millions of indigenous people lived on this land before the “colonists” came. We know something of the American Indians simply because the US has not yet figured out how to kill them all.

However, we know that there were other indigenous cultures. Few details are known about these because they are extinct — the colonists slaughtered all of them. Today, the US and its “friends” are in the final stages of “colonizing” the rest of the planet’s surface to complete the master plan known as the New World Order.

• belief 8. This belief, which is a core belief of the masons, is generally referred to as “US Imperialism” by other countries. Basically, it is the inference that the other people in the world are not exactly people — that they are “something else” — something “less than human”.

From history, an excellent example was the propaganda used during the Vietnam war that the Vietnamese, called “gooks”, were not human and did not have souls. Therefore, killing them should not be considered any kind of moral issue.

In more recent history, analysis of the Wikileaks cables reveals the same core attitude. Representatives of other countries and cultures are consistently seen being intimated to be some kind of “lower life form” and definitely not as equal human beings. Discussions the US has with others appear to be dominated by the “my way or no way” attitude.

Key Secret Societies

The key secret societies are: 1) the Bilderberg Group and the Council of Seven, 2) the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, and 3) the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. We list them in order of physical size from smallest to largest noting that a smaller group would have more effective power per member than would a larger group.

The Bilderberg Group and the Council of Seven

The Bilderberg group is the smallest of the elite groups we will discuss, having only about 120 members. They meet once a year choosing a different country each year. Although they claim to essentially direct the future course of the world, they do not seem too creative since they were unable to think of a name to call themselves at their first get together. This meeting just happened to be at the Hotel Bilderberg. So, from then on, they became known as the Bilderberg Group.

It has been suggested that the upper elite of the Bilderberg Group is called the Council of Seven and consists of seven men who are above the 120 ordinary Bilderberg members in the secret hierarchy.

The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission

We have discussed previously how the CFR was formed as an offshoot of a European world dictatorship conspiracy. Essentially everyone of any status in Washington, D.C., is a member of this group. The upper elite of this group is known as the Trilateral Commission. It is said to control and direct the domestic and foreign policy of the United States. This mission differs from the Bilderberg Group in that the Bilderberg group is said to direct and control the entire planet, whereas the CFR is localized to the United States. However, the “mission statement” adopted by Cecil Rhodes from the lectures of John Ruskin is to establish a global absolute dictatorship ruled by a single man.

The Freemasons and the Knights Templar

Freemasons are an international organization. Their origins, obviously, predate the United States. Although Freemasons exist all over the world, in other countries their influence is limited. They are significant in the United States because essentially every position of power and influence is held by a Freemason. Also, Freemasons essentially designed and built the United States from scratch. Consequently, collectively, they run the country. The elite of the Freemasons are the Knights Templar. Recent TV documentaries have suggested that the Templar organization no longer exists. These accounts are incorrect.

Templar Succession Procedure

Elite members carry a small locket. It was clearly made by a master jeweler. Opening the cover of this tiny locket reveals intricate designs inlayed in what appears to be pearl. This design is unique and identifies the Knight. The lockets were made in pairs. Both are identical. One is kept at the Templar headquarters. A new Templar is chosen by blood. The locket is passed from a Knight to his chosen successor who must be a blood relative and a male. Sometimes, young children inherit the locket. In this case, they do not know what they have.

All Freemasons are trained to understand what these lockets look like and what they mean. Someone chosen at a young age should, at a later time, talk or show this locket around. You would want to keep it because it is so unique. Any Mason who sees the locket is trained to alert the secret chain of command that a new Knight has been discovered. They will ask to borrow the locket which will then be sent to headquarters to be authenticated by its duplicate. If confirmed, the owner immediately becomes a member and holds the title of “Head of State” which is recognized throughout the world. There does not need to be a physical “state” somewhere for you to hold the head of state title. This is an ancient secret order and, since boundaries change, the associated physical state may no longer exist and may not even be known to modern historians. However, it is known to the secret society.

We present this narrative only to confirm that the Templars never went out of existence and exist today, just as they did in ancient times, passing their authority and power through select bloodlines.

Population Reduction Initiatives

Population reduction initiatives, or the deliberate killing of “surplus” people for the convenience of the ruling class, is by no means a new idea. In my high school sociology class in the early 1960’s we were taught to expect a major war about every twenty years to keep the population under control. It was part of the course material. No one seemed concerned at the time that, periodically, one country would call up another country and have a casual conversation like, “Hi country X. This is country Y. We were wondering how your population is doing. We are being overrun here — they breed like rabbits!” “Same here, country Y” “OK, well, why don’t you make a statement that you hate us for some reason and we will say we hate you for ‘whatever’ and we will have a war and send all those little boogers we don’t want off to be killed?” “Fine, country Y, it’s a deal.”

Since that time, the global playing field has changed. Less slaves are needed because of computers and other new technologies. New ways of killing people without wars (AIDS, new cancers, etc.) have been invented as well as methods to prevent new people from ever coming into existence, such as birth control, legal abortions and over the counter “morning after pills”. Unfortunately, the world population is still increasing and shows no sign of willingly adjusting to the 500 million goal stated on the Georgia Guide Stones. To achieve this goal, significantly more drastic methods will be needed.

It is possible that this plan could have already been secretly achieved. The Max Keiser Show on RT has reported that tests done on animals have shown that hamsters fed genetically altered soybeans became sterile by the third generation. Other countries test GMO foods, but the US does not. The US also does not require disclosure. This means that people in the US have already been consuming the sterility causing GMO soybeans and could be unable to reproduce by the third generation. By the time they figure this out, of course, it will be too late and they will be doomed to extinction.

There are, of course, many other plans in the works. The Ventura Show reports that the United Nations has been working to develop a “sterility vaccine” which would be given to people either without their knowledge or against their will. There is also a more direct method under consideration which would involve poisoning six billion or so people using tainted vaccines. We can assume that there is a laundry list of alternative and backup mass killing plans in the pipeline.

Population reduction only affects the slave class, the temporary surface population. The elite class of negative core members would be exempt from any of these programs.

We should expect that, if the slave population was actually reduced to 500 million, the “survivors” would not simply be those who remained alive by random chance. The 500 million would, in all likelihood, have been carefully prescreened for desirable “slave qualities” such as blind obedience to authority.

We should also consider an obvious moral issue: should six billion people just quietly sit around and wait for the 120 or so Bilderberg people to find a way to kill them, or should the six billion people rise up and kill the Bilderbergers along with the rest of the Satan worshiping elite and create a world where they would be truly free.


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  1. Calimero says:


    You will get answers to why the Vatican is being infiltrated by these Satanists. To kill the very foundation – the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself from inside out. This has been in the works for decades!

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    How about the pope what is he believing? Some cardinals are masonics according
    news papers. This is bringing up many unanswered questions?

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  4. Tim Clark says:

    I would make a correction that the leadership of America is Satanic and that a large percentage of the morally minded American population is kept out of High political office because the degenerates who run things in their own terms “VETT” candidates to see if they are morally compromised and controllable.

  5. Adam says:

    I disagree with the overall premise that the US as a nation worships satan. That just isn’t the case. Over half our population profess to be born again, through faith in Jesus Christ. We do not have the voice that we are supposed to have for most are asleep, but, we as a whole do not worship satan. My guess would be .5-3% maybe? That’s still a lot of people but it’s still just a speck against the masses. It’s just like I said though, the masses are still asleep. Doubtful they’ll wake up in time. Also, I wanted to correct the reader on the writers idea you have to spit on the Bible to show your love for satan. This is simply incorrect. For the most part anyway. The first 30 degrees of Master Mason is completely in the dark regarding it’s true nature. At 31 they start to reveal things. More so at 32. Those oaths are actually sworn on the evil Qur’an. But the top level 33, you have to be invited to that. And very few are. And even 33rd is subdivided between those who will accept and follow the Luciferian doctrine and those who will not spit/urinate on the cross/Bible. If you don’t though you are told that you are “true to your religion” and told that you have passed the test and then led out through a door to celebrate your degree. However if you do, you are led through a separate door on the other side of the room where you are greeted by those in the highest levels of industry, politics and entertainment. Even religion. I’ve studied the Order a great deal. You are correct on the other stuff for the most part though. And, from my studies I don’t believe that all of the nations founders were of the highest degrees. Their speech and actions contradict that. Or, “they were true to their religion” which let them be a part of creating the nation but kept them out of the Jacobian movement that was developing in the land at the same time. Washington was def a Christian by his word and deed. Franklin, I have my doubts. As well as a couple others I have my doubts about. Jefferson being one, though I do respect many of his quotes.

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    I disagree.

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    How could you make a supposed detailed description of Freemasonry without referencing or bringing up the names ALBERT PIKE or MANLEY P. HALL??

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