Satan’s New World Order – FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM


Entire Duration Function Film Satans New Planet Order
Peace, peace, peace, the Nuclear Missile Threat, Planet Government, the Nazis and Joe Biden.
By means of Anxiety, they keep a gun to our heads demanding if we want PEACE then we have to place an finish to our very own nationhood and region due to the fact of the threat of nuclear war or nuclear annihilation. They explain to us resistance is futile and that we have to be a part of the NEW world buy under control of THEIR government and which is specifically what we are permitting them do, DEFEAT us with out a person shot fired and with out even defending ourselves.
Who is at the rear of it? The prince of this world Satan.
I’m not expressing our present governments are GODD. What I AM expressing is that the coming world government will be consolidated down into a person centralized control mechanism that will make it substantially less difficult to pretty much control the complete world, which is what the antichrist will do and I’m worried to be perfectly candid with you, that we are already under entire control of world government and that the only detail still left of our countrywide governments is an vacant husk, only still left for physical appearance so that you and I will believe almost everything is nevertheless ok.
A person of my channel’s themes is “Quit Globalization”. Can we truly end it? No. The Bible states we can not end what is coming, but it also states we Christians are the salt of the earth and that we should really stand versus the wiles of satan. Not just go along with it willingly.
This is a fight. Warn absolutely everyone. Exhibit them these info. Guide them to the Bible, the King James Edition.

Quit Globalization. Stand versus the wiles of the satan. Put on the full armor of God. let us not just sit back again and say we are defeated in advance of we get started. Will not make it Easy for Satan! Post to God and do not fret about what the satan is accomplishing.
James four verse 7 states,
“Post yourselves for that reason to God.
Resist the satan, and he will flee from you.”

That’s God’s Guarantee to you. Overlook Satan and pay out close interest to God and HIS directions and submit to God, not the satan, and the satan *WILL* flee from you. Not it’s possible.
God bless you all ūüôā
~Jeff The watchman

“the job interview”
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Warn absolutely everyone. Open your Bibles and get started learning it now!
“Satans new Planet Order”


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  1. Dr Bre says:

    i watch this …great doc…then go to take a nap…have ugly dream…waiting hand granade to explode with my hands on my ears in small closed space

  2. Bush Sr's September 11,1990 speech to the nation, mentioned 2 things, THE NWO, and THE UNITED NATIONS, the UN will make the global laws and treaties the ENTIRE WORLD will have to abide by РTHE new world religion, ( anyone who ' CANNOT' or WILLNOT' raise their consciousness, vibratory frequency, through opening the chakra's, the kundalini, illumination, ascension, opening the third eye, meeting one's higher self, etc etc etc, will ' first ' be an outcast in society, and or then DIE in a global cleansing action) THEY ADMIT it is a Luciferian initiation and pledge to LUCIFER AS GOD'they glorify Lucifer as this ' MISUNDERSTOOD, SACRIFICING ANGEL, AND ' savior of man!!!!! ' THEY admit outright their Christ is NOT JESUS, while GLORIFYING LUCIFER as man's savior they admit they will bring forth  the ' first horse of the apocalypse' the ' FALSE MESSIAH' the ' FALSE CHRIST' riding on a white horse, they state they will do that ' after the END of the Great Cycle,which was Dec 21, 2012, the US GOVERNMENT SIGNED THAT ' bloody GUN TREATY IN SEPTEMBER 2013! THERE IS ' no ' backing out of this consensus, the one SPIRITUAL book of the UN, has a chapter that gives general instructions on what must happen in order to implement the NWO,  one of the ' first' things on the list says that the WORLD MUST GO THROUGH A GLOBAL DESTRUCTIVE CRISIS, WHERE HUMANITY IS SHATTERED BY THE EXPERIENCE,  then , a time of reconstruction, and rebuilding, they will come in and make order out of chaos,  thus also a SLOW STEADY DISARMING OF THE NATIONS ' THEY GLORIFY THE ' DEATH AND DESTRUCTION' by saying things like ' ALL FOR THE NEW' out with the old and in with the new, THEY UNDERMINE THE ' death' AND SUFFERING ' by stating that ' DEATH ISN'T THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO A SOUL' do your research folks, THE POLITICS OF IT ALL, don't matter much, WHEN YOU GO BACK TO THE UNITED NATION'S SPIRITUAL LITERATURE that's been there for decades and decades and see this has been the AGENDA FROM DAY BLOODY ONE, ' even back when it was the LEAGUE OF NATIONS,  it's all coming together now folks, SERIOUSLY, it really is ON THE BLOODY DOORSTEP this ' GLOBAL DESTRUCTIVE CRISIS, where humanity is ' SHATTERED' BY THE EXPERIENCE,  will happen at one point or another, WHEN? nobody knows, WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT, that's when,  who knows, could even be two years from now, either way, 'day by day , month by month, they take away  more freedoms, and pass exec orders, laws and bills, that take away YOUR FREEDOMS, and ' everything else, ' when Canada up and sold the Canadian Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia and USA's global grain group called G3,  it's damn well getting close people, you all better be paying attention to the LOWEST LOCAL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT, because this is where the UNITED NATIONS IS SNEAKING IN WITH AGENDA 21, you better show up at town council meetings and listen to what they hell they're up to, BECAUSE WHILE YOUR ALL WATCHING THE BLOODY baseball game or the football game, THEY ARE DOING MORE SHIT, planning and passing local laws that will ULTIMATELY HELP THEM ACHIEVE THEIR LUCIFERIAN NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA

  3. Thanks brother, be bless!

  4. Greg Cox says:

    Who was the speaker introducing and lecturing of "The Grand Design"??? (6:38)

  5. dead300times says:

    there are 110 bills dealing with forced vaccinations that are about to be voted on by various states,and in some of them,warrants will not have to be issued for the arrests of violators of the new dictatorial vaccine laws which will eliminate religious beliefs for exclusion.there is talk of not allowing people who do not receive their chemical death injections to go out in public as well.remember the bible says in rev 18:23,"And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries(pharmakeia) were all nations deceived.",and rev 13:16-17,"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."this seems like a primer for the mark,a conditioning tool if you will.

  6. dead300times says:

    ahh yes,the guy is promoting propaganda himself.he tells us of "communism"being the enemy of mankind lol.satanism is the actual enemy.satanism is called many things,it has many converts who are unaware they are satanists.the absurd arguments that say satanism was started by anton lavey are usually stated to me in some know it all tone from the sufficiently ignorant.anyway,satan is real and he runs governments but is still subject to the god of the bible for what he can do and how far he can take depends,i believe,on our unrepentant sin for how much progress he is allowed to make on all levels.communism is just a slight of hand tactic so you will not focus on the real problem.communism is just one gear in the satanic machinery set up for us to deal end with i say that the vice is tightening,get ready,because the mask is coming off,and there is nowhere to run physically.

  7. Scott Brewer says:

    wow – pure genious

  8. +AnarchyWorld  start at minute 42, if you'd like a back up to your educate them music video

  9. 1950's Imperialism for 2016 Defined:  this is how I would like to mirror this

  10. +WilliamTyndale1¬†ever notice that whenever there are Revolutions away from the Vatican that the revolutionaries have long hair?¬† Luther, Washington, Jesus movement of the 70's…sure is looking like the illuminati prefer short hair fascism.¬† Wow, that's actually deep when compared to Plasma Cosmology.
    hello.¬† my face cost 10$ for 3 dentist visits!¬† hooray being poor! & my face still has numbness.¬† I've adjusted my prayer from healing to just not drooling from that portion, I'm learning new ways to spit, to brush teeth, to gargle…kinda is not fun, however…neither filling used Hg.¬† My dentist was on some very good drugs.¬† I was jealous. Now, I'm many days less jealous =)

  11. All that NWO means is EMPIRE/Imperialism. 

  12. F Harris says:

    Excellent video.Thank you and God bless you.

  13. LexRex1644 says:

    All true, and I agree with your description of the Christian's duty as the salt of the earth. Christians should take a stand against this evil and allow the Holy Spirit to work through our witness to "reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment." (John 16:8 KJV)
    "World government" is their ultimate goal, but the "world federation" architecture is where the globalists are placing most of their subversive effort, and most Christians are unaware of it. This is not designed to be a federation of existing nations, but a federation of emerging geopolitical blocs like the European Union, as even now the nations' sovereignty is being surrendered incrementally into these regional blocs around the globe. In addition to the prototype EU, other blocs include Putin's Eurasian Union, ASEAN (Assn of SE Asian Nations), UNASUR (Union of S American Nations), SAARC (S Asia), the African Union (with five sub-regions), the Arab League (Middle East, N Africa), and the GCC (Arabian Peninsula).
    The globalist Council on Foreign Relations is now pushing the GCC and Arab League to form a "Middle East Union" ("The EU Offers a Model for Unifying the Middle East" – CFR, June 19, 2014). This, in reality, is the purpose of the Obama-McCain "region-building" strategy – not only in the Middle East, but also the "Asia pivot" in SE Asia and increasingly in Africa.
    All of this corroborates the irrefutable evidence of the globalist effort to build a "North American Union" as well. I welcome you to visit my website, CircumspectNews, where you will find full documentation and news summaries on each of these blocs, as well as News Updates and a "Good News" page. My documentary YouTube videos are embedded there as well.

  14. JESUS IS GOD says:

    P.S. jeff the watchmen. U heard of David Wilkerson. A great pastor truly annointed.

  15. JESUS IS GOD says:

    Thanks brother jeff for vid. May God bless you and yours.

  16. Good to see that you¬īre still kicking!!
    I don¬īt know if you¬īve noticed the late pattern in Hollywood movie themes pushing transhumanism with "glamour", movies such as; "Lucy", "Transcendence", "The Imitation Game" or "Theory of Everything".
    Not to mention race conflict predictive programming; "Selma", "The Buttler" (ends up being Obama propaganda- expecting what if Oprah enters in it?), "12 Years slave", "Django Liberado".
    12 Years slave may be legitimate but note the pattern while considering other movies.
    God bless!!

  17. shazizz says:

    Sad and scary but true. Everyone should see or hear this video and hopefully understand what we are up against. These people are evil, the last words in this video should be evidence enough. Wake up people and get right with God. He said he was glad to sit at the right hand of Satan ! His mouth! His words and they all believe the same.

  18. +June Boyd Thanks for sharing this important video!

  19. Larry says:

    I watched your earlier post of this video.I have to say,"It was Amazing"!!!!!!!! This video lays out the TRUTH that has been hid from the general public for years.

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