Scariest Drug World ( Documentary Exclusive)


VICE Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to see a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine , also known as ” The Devil’s Breath ” . It is a substance so …


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  1. HapZungLam says:

    what is the side effect of this drug. Other than bad ppl telling you to do bad things. I mean chemically side effect

  2. is it wrong of me to really like that drug dealer? his ass is hilarious

  3. 4:46 That map of Colombia is out of date. That's what Colombia looked like in 1810 when it was called something else. How accurate a journalist must be if he can't even check wikipedia real quick to make sure he's got the right map before posting a serious documentary on youtube.

  4. wowwwwww the gangster guy scared the crap out of me. This is the reason you dont do things to people , you never know Karma will come back and bite your HARD!

  5. Hey says:

    This is some of the worst effect:

    Rare (<0.1% incidence) adverse effects include
    Urinary retention

  6. Catherineful says:

    I here in the US have tripped off a tea form of Datura, here, they call it "Angel's trumpets" In flower terms, but it was a very bad trip. I see why they would call it the devil's drug, but this stuff is the datura extracted again to get an even purer version of it .. Scary shit.

  7. ubtoo05 says:

    I once did some this and woke up somewhere I think in China and a tiger licking my ass hole.

  8. Julio Reyes says:

    by trying to not be part of something, you somehow get sucked in. once you realize you can't beat something you either join them, or beat them. the lEYEfe we live in, beat it or join it.

  9. I hope they realize that in Colombia water is very poorly recycled, they probably just killed everyone in an apartment block for that.

  10. Sushil Singh says:

    That plant looks like Datrua. Grows in india too.

  11. Enxtropy says:

    Every comment has likes on it I want likes!

  12. Robert Bree says:

    you can order this shit online. its legal in the us lol

  13. he's the plug and a flute player ??

  14. taleton says:

    Bull Shit…… lies…. does not work….. maybe it would work in a purified form and high dose administration….. Not by walking bay and blow the pouder in his face…BULL Shit…

  15. That gangster……they fucked with the wrong guy.

  16. I had a serious problem with substances, thank God I am clean and sober!!!

  17. Yve Lee says:

    19:58 lololol bald dude gets distracted with the booty behind him… meanwhile other dude's just oblivious and rambling about the drugs

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