ScHoolBoy Q “JoHn Muir”


ScHoolBoyQ “JoHn Muir” Blank Face LP available on all digital formats and in stores everywhere! Purchase now: Directed by: aplus …


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  1. Furrodd says:

    we need more content like this,
    people out here praising this mumble rap bullshit

  2. DR martin says:

    just like some LA niggas pull on jack move on one nigga and they gotta tell errrybody lol!

  3. Niggas be sweet talkers like betty crocker, with all that TDE shit but download all of their shit for free but they copped Young Thug and the Migos at the store or on iTunes, FOH…

  4. Elijah Rowe says:

    yoo this is life he showed it so perfectly

  5. Tony Woods says:

    Goes to show when you idolise the behaviour of these rappers are only going to get you killed

  6. Theo Winston says:

    one of the best visuals I've seen in a while

  7. Some of this video was filmed near where I live

  8. Kyle P says:

    ScHoolboy Q has the hardest visuals of the year this far JoHn Muir and Black THougHts are easily better than any music video I've seen this year. Kanye's Famous was great, but these TDE videos are all masterpieces

  9. Libaax says:

    Feels like Donald Glover is in this video.

  10. King Lyoko says:

    who is that guy in the passenger tho

  11. damn reallly good video creative asf this aplus dude is dope. glad pppl still put thoguht into there videos

  12. Song's catchy, but I bet John Muir's turning over in his grave…

  13. damn this nigga got bars, holla at yer g-ma

  14. Man sorry but i just dont get the hype?! I don't think it's particularly shit or anything, but just seems like kinda standard same-old stuff you could get from most of the new-school, unless i'm missing something this really aint so special as it's made out to be! cool visuals still, but I always get the same feeling with Schoolboy Q, he don't live up to all the hype.

  15. This gonna be a Q, west coast classic..

  16. Kyle Mariano says:

    Q Giving The Same Kid In This Video Game From The Cycle Song At That Store "what lil nigga, ion see no lil nigga"

  17. payne 132 says:

    his videos for this album have all been on point

  18. YeezusChrist says:

    This shit so gangsta, it makes me wanna rob my own dad. If only I could find that nigga.

  19. dope! LA shyt ryte here

  20. marian mihai says:

    at the end isn t a bmw e 39?

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