Schools Just Became Even More Dangerous — Attack Dogs Waiting For Dissenters



There are many reasons to get your kids out of government schools ranging from physical violence to forced vaccinations. The violence done to children within the school system is now reaching into the areas of mental trauma, as well as forced ideology and politics.

The Washington Post reports that an honor roll student and 3 others at Northwestern High School in Maryland were recently suspended for their political activism.  The public school system is now becoming a horrible microcosm of a wider society that is ready to stifle all forms of dissent and challenges to authority.  This is nothing short of slave training to accept the police state waiting upon graduation.

Thom Hartmann spoke with two students involved in this challenge to fundamental free speech, as well as their right to demand a better quality of life and education through grassroots activism. These two students also demonstrate the resolve needed in the face of tyrannical actions.


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  1. Real estate taxes on a principle residence to fund public schools should be eliminated and replaced with taxes on a second home, commercial property, transfer taxes on property bought and sold and user fees. People that send their kids to public schools should be charged an enrolement fee on a sliding scale based on ability to pay and income. Public schools are not a free lunch. Someone has to pay for other kids education. If people can’t afford it, they should practice birth control. By the government giving everyone free education, they are a codependent by rescueing and enabling. The government is in effect saying to the people, have as many kids as you wan’t and the government will take care of you. It’s called socialism. We will give you food stamps, rent assistence. emergy assistemce, AFDC and ADC. When I was growing up in the 50’s they didn’t have all this public assistence. If you wanted to eat, you had to work. That all changed in 1969 when the 2/3 of the congress passed the great society programs bil and LBJ singned it The food stamp program wan’t to reward people for not working, it was to subsidize the food industry.. A principle residence should be exempt from taxes, because it is not generating any cash flow. If you have business property you can afford to pay property taxes. The home owner needs a little break by giving them their property rights back. It’s in the constitution. Prior to world war 2, there was no personal income tax on wages. Only corporations payed taxes. Take a look at 10 palatforms of the communist manafesto. 1-Public education 2-A progressive income tax.

  2. aftab says:

    traumatise or over rated fobia ?

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