Second wave of Foreclosures about to hit America


Housing bubble explodes in foreclosures

Tens of thousands of people traveled to Washington DC to take part in the Save the Dream Program, sponsored by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, or NACA. NACA helps people facing foreclosure to get a lower rate on their mortgage or a lower interest rate. Some people traveled from across the country, calling this their last home to save their home.


A federal report just came out that more people are late on their home mortgage payments and face default. Conveniently, these people do not qualify for help from the federal government. Sawsan Zaky says that not many people are able to modify their loan even though the banks are saying they would like to work with people who are close to default.

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  1. I called a reator on the phone in Nevada, which is among the most hardest hit states, which include California, Arizona, and Florida. He told me that every day there are new foreclosures coming on the market and people are walking away from their homes leaving the keys in the door. While the economy is experiencing deflation in the housing and labor market, you have inflation in the cost of food and energy. The insiders at the top are getting richer, mainly those people in the world of high finance that are in the NYSE and the NYMEX. You have more buyouts and mergers of corporations, which means the wealth is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. It’s called monopoly capitalism. John D Rockefeller said he hated competition. When Teddy Rosevelt was in office his administration passed anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies and to encourage competion. When they deregulated the banks and ammended the anti-trust laws, they let the fox into the hen house. The elite politicians or political hacks, the elite bankers or finance hyenas, and the elite industrialist are systematically eliminating the middle class. They are certainly sewing the seeds of revolution. My grand parents told me that back in the depresion of the thirties that there were people that lost their property for not payment of realestate taxes. When this great depresion hits, you are going have thousands of people wandering aimlessly as vagabonds. You will see squater camps. This is going to be a dagerous situation. Where are they going to put all these people? Here’s the answer. When people are homeless and hungry they are going to rebel against the system. That is when the NWO takes over. First martial law is declared, than if that does not put down the rebelion, they call in the blue helmeted United Nations Troops. All rebels will be put into military bases that were closed down during the cold war. They will be called relocation camps or work camps. Another word for concentration camps. I don’t like what I see. God help us. The people in the cities are going to be effected more. You can’t eat the concrete sidewalks and the asphalt streets.

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