Secret Aircraft of World War II 1/3 – Allied



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  1. Hurricat a brilliant short term idea.

  2. In the documentry they forgot other more cooler allied jet fighters!

  3. Robert Long says:

    Remember one thing about the P38. The british version lacked the supercharger. US would not let them have it  due to it's classified technology. IT also has a problem with compressability which made the tail section vibrate.  The us version of the 38 was not popular in Europe due to it's lack of heat in the cocpit and it's poor turning radius. Great plane in the pacific as the Japanese found nout

  4. A lot of the aircraft built by the USA in the second half of the war were powered by British engines 

  5. Yes Gerald i agree

  6. Injun Mick says:

    You know, some of the debates on here are better than the video.  ;0)

  7. Gary Tarr says:

    What a load of RUBBISH about this Lockheed L 133 pipe dream . A Whittle Engine was GIFTED to the USA in late 1940 and G.E copied poorly and it needed 2 in the Bell Aircomet in early 1942 which was the first USA Jet Engined Aircraft and a total DOG of a plane

  8. I do not remember the Hurricat ever being a secret! LOL, Besides I am sure it was soon discovered by Condor crews LOL.

  9. dimapez says:

    22:40 what the British failed to tell was that for a long time Whittle had fought what seemed like a losing battle to get his concept of a jet aircraft accepted by the Air ministry that, had they lived in late 16th century, probably would have insisted that world is flat even after Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe.

    If I'm not mistaken, the Air ministry was still very sceptical about jet power when the trip mentioned at 22:40 took place.

  10. Logos Atum says:

    Japanese jet…. if iI remeber that doc right, the U-Boat with the 262´s never made it to Japan due to the Nazi scumbags unconditional surrender.

    Also one plea- Nazi adhered to an ideology they created- they´re by no means "Germans" as of ideals. Don´t put "all Germans" in the Nazi drawer. Don´t generalize at all.

    Plenty of nations listened to their sing-song and sullen lies.

  11. It is interesting to note that all US research on jet engines began after the UK gifted the US jet technology, and other bits such as superchargers, radar, etc, through what was called the Tizzard mission…

  12. Org di foto ini bernm djafar/fat,adalah penipu jual besi tua di pabrik hwa hok,uang sdh byr sama pabrik hwa hok uang hasil jual besi tua di bwh kabur sama djafar/fat dari tgl 15/5-'2015 sampai sekrang di bwh kabur sm org nya bernm djafar/fat,kalau lht foto org ini tlg lapor polisi terdekat terima kasih

  13. you used to have 333 comments now you have 334!!!!! :P

  14. machia0705 says:

    The Condor had a weak spot. Aft of her main wing, she had a structurally weak spot in her fuselage . Not sure if it was ever fully resolved . 

  15. take a closer look at that snout

  16. michael wain says:

    MMM , jet power , Usa and Russia was given a Rolls Royce jet engine
    And the Mig 15 and Sabre where designed by Nazi enginers !!

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