Secret Ancient knowledge exposed


A quick cartoon explanation of the possible “human history” based on the information gathered from all around the world. This is public information free to share …


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  1. Lisa Huston says:

    Is this a mash up between Madame Blavatsky's descended masters & scientology? Very entertaining but not a bit of truth.

  2. where dose he get this information

  3. COMMON SENSE says:

    48:37 So did Gobekli Tepe come about a thousand years after the fall of Atlantis?

  4. 21,686 people deceived by satan lies and deceptions.

  5. L. J. Bush says:

    You're just trying to feed everyone who watches this full of shit and all lies, your father is Satan and you are deceived and/or stupid. Are you dumb enough to take a chance on spending the rest of eternity burning in hell?

  6. The great deceiver has you in his power.

  7. Coca Nuka says:

    What is this shit?

  8. Neon Sturm says:

    This video is crazy and earth is flat. But maybe this contains some truth and earth is not flat.

    So if we really have "Evil Martian Red Humans" on earth and they had different DNA/souls, why should we allow them to represent us (democratic leaders) or allow them to have so much power over another species?

  9. Are you sure that the earth is represented as globe??

  10. lewis thomas says:

    My fifth time watching this video awesome ?

  11. lewis thomas says:

    Freemasonry is awesome the video makes some sense

  12. Raxiet arora says:

    hey from where did you got this i wanna know more about them in detail can you please help me provide the your resources of imformation,thank you.

  13. Inmetz says:

    and it's even harder facts for "flat earthers"….hee hee .. ha … ho ha haaaaaa….I'm actually LOL

  14. kimailis says:

    it's weird how nobody that talks about spirituality and mysticism can explain the mechanics behind it.

  15. Ynl ALkhalil says:

    I am from the Middle East
    when I see jewish people I have (the inner feeling) they don't belong to humen race
    the same thing when I watch movies, I can tell the jewish actors

  16. 8spiderman8 says:

    how are they able to read and decode these findings?

  17. video made by a retard for retards

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