Secret Chamber Found Behind Great Pyramid Shafts


A secret room or chamber has been reportedly discovered behind the 2nd sealed door inside the Southern shaft in the Queen’s chamber in the Great Pyramid. And there are ancient artifacts inside of it …….

It has been more than 10 years now and the question still remains unanswered as to what lies behind the 2nd door inside the shafts of the Great Pyramid.  But this may be finally coming to a conclusion with recent rumors of an official announcement that is to happen later this year.

Investigative work began on the shafts leading upwards from the Queen’s chamber in 1993 and robotic exploration was done in 2002 but since then work has been impeded by a number of factors including the civil unrest that has been occurring in the country.  But the main challenge has been to modify the robotic instruments to be able to drill through the second sealed door and then be able to insert a small video camera.  The researchers were successful in doing this with the first door inside the shafts back in 2002 but there are way more challenges with doing it through 2 doors.

Although not confirmed, there have been recent rumors being discussed that the team has actually been able to achieve this and a previously undiscovered room or chamber has been found with several artifacts inside.  Details of the findings include:

  1. An approximate 6 X 9 room or chamber lies directly behind the 2nd sealed doors in at least the South shaft.
  2. Several small statues were spotted on the video camera but no details on what exactly they represent were able to be seen.
  3. A gold or copper chain was spotted in the corner of the chamber
  4. Small pottery and stone jars are spread throughout the floor of the chamber
  5. In the center of the chamber lies a gold or copper box which is closed and its contents are unknown.  The box is roughly the size of a one foot size shoe box.
  6. No hieroglyphics or other writing were spotted anywhere in the chamber.


So, are these findings just rumors or a major finding?  Of course, my hopes are on the latter but we will have to wait for an official announcement to really see what the researchers have found.  As always, stay tuned ……..



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