Secret Societies of Hollywood | Exposed Hollywood Industry | Leaked Documentary 2015


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  1. Bwoy99 says:

    …And here I am thinking hanging out with a nice girl in my apartment with some good food and a nice bottle of wine was a fun night:) I mean…I know celebs have the means and the access but at what point does the law of diminishing returns set in? It just all seems too much

  2. That forest looks like it could do with a flash fire just to get rid of the shit.

  3. That english chick could impersonate Katy Perry and go wherever she wants. lol

  4. alnosaints says:

    i wonder if this show was purposely made for hype

  5. The_vb says:

    $40,000 for an actress thats kinda cheap, I figure one would be in the 6 figure range. 14:50

  6. techtalk says:

    this is so cute compared to any european club

  7. NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD help you all; that's one reason why this nation is going to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kevin Poss says:

    Isn't Scientology based on Kabbalah and the occult in general?

  9. Adam B'stard says:

    yes they can have "anything" they want. and that includes children to fuck and kill if they like… epstein the child-dealer!

  10. Red Tuber says:

    I Love Money And I Want To Be Famous. ☺?????

  11. jack Fentix says:

    But could a celebrity get into Area 51 or Area 61?

    That is the question to of this very useful documentary.

  12. Don Rob says:

    The masion parties ….lol…..well i can say that katt Williams….he talked to much …must explain when hes the black sheep

  13. The best parties on the planet are the ones, that have big trucks, mud bogs, beer, babes, pig pickings, the out doors, in the country with plenty of sunshine, rednecks, real people. You can keep Holly weird. Folks get real this lifestyle isn't cool, or normal. It only lead to drugs, and more personnel and emotional problems and early death. Good luck to boys and girls that think this is what America is really like Not.

  14. I don't think I'd eat food off a person's body.

  15. James Mara says:

    This shit reminds me of early mtv videos, 3 second blips of nothing.

  16. Suzana1026 says:

    Why do we support these losers.
    They have this power because of the common man.

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