Secret tribes Africa, tribes documentary primitive tribes episode 1


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  1. Emily Rose says:


  2. Damn, they do have white tribes in Africa.

  3. We have so much to learn from this rich, ancient culture.

    Just kidding

  4. ça c'était depuis avant le développement. mais aujourd'hui,y'a tout les matériel de circonstances. changement est magnifique.

  5. i really hate "primitive" when talking about people TODAY. what the hell makes you think that they are "primitive"? you really think they are so retarded, that NO ONE has ever thought of a new dance, style of clothing, way to think, or behave since early man? really!?!? So because you THINK you can point to behaviors that are very far back in time, they do ALL things as such? so does that mean the white house is an example of Ancient rome due to the way it looks?? whites in africa…Filming blacks, STILL thinking "savages"…and filming them as if they film animals. They dont call such men as "going to get food"…they call them…Hunters and gatherers". they dont call such people fathers and mothers..they call them "the male tribesman" and "the female". I wouldnt be shocked if they do the same as in the porn industry…and use the term "breeding" in relation to blacks having sex.

  6. "tamed withg whips?" an animal gets "tamed"? like a beast? if a white person hits some one its called BEATS THEM…but for these blacks…whom they view as beasts…its called "tamed with whips"

  7. Garin Lewis says:

    hey guys I enjoyed this post

  8. Paul Ziolo says:

    These tribes are called 'primitive' – and rightly so – because they practise female circumcision. It's bad enough for boys, but for girls, excision of the clitoris is a deadly, traumatising practice which needs ti be stamped out. Screw their so-called 'culture'.

  9. these cultures are amazing. they seem primitive to us because of how assbackwards we live in developed countries. you see their sense of community, and how connected they are? they go naked thus sex is never the forbidden fruit , sexuality is in the open, while we are brainwashed by sex and reproductive organs. we live like savages, THEY live with dignity and POWER. and BTW, I'm a white/native american saying this.

  10. povo loco a…………. necessidade diso

  11. Boa tarde gosto de tudo que tem nos vídeos

  12. Israa Kahla says:

    يارب أنشر الإسلام في هدا المكان

  13. Harch stupid verry bad

  14. Kisii Tribe and Lou Tribe in Kenya

  15. الحمد لله علي نعمة الاسلام

  16. الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام

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