Secrets of Communism – American Illuminati Created Communist Russia!


Thanks to a genuine truther messaging I found this excellent and informative presentation on the truth of how the American Illuminati bankers funded Lenin and …


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  1. I hope this stays up. I got flagged a few yrs ago putting this up. One of the best docs Ive ever seen. This is exactly what they want to do to us in US next yr for the 100th anniversary.

  2. downloaded and archived :)

  3. thanks for your uploads Richard !

  4. Martin Lang says:

    The truth is shocking…absolutely shocking.

  5. Krouz says:

    Even better for me because it's a swedish documentary and i'm a swede. The subtitle wasn't really perfect, sometimes for example it was little behind the voice, still i got the most of it right. thank you for uploding didn't knew it existed

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