Secrets Of War Espionage 05/10 Women Spies In World War 2


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  1. It always amazes me just how selective women are when it comes to accusations of discrimination. "I was rather annoyed to discover MEN ONLY were used as Group Leaders — there was REAL discrimination there." Later, "Men only for sabotage — well, that I was quite glad of."
    OK. Got ya darling. Only a partial feminist then?

  2. The film did not discuss the postwar career of Virginia Hall; rather, it said that she worked for the CIA until her mandatory retirement in 1966. After the war, the newly formed CIA placed Hall in a position which might as well be defined as a glorified file clerk. She was never placed in another operational scenario–sadly, they kept her out of sight for the duration.

  3. garry frater says:

    Great story but they didn't mention Nancy Wait a Australian who at the start of the war was living in France and who at the start of the war joined the resistance and went on to become one of the most wanted agents. She was called by the Germans the white mouse because she was impossible to capture. She survived the war and returned to Australia and sadly passed away in the 1980s.

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