See What Happens When You Put Japan, Australia, and the Moon Together



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  1. Thank you for watching.

  2. Wil Travel says:

    Are you saying that the moon hit earth and left an imprint?

  3. Wil Travel says:

    How could the moon lose orbit? The moon orbits the earth, and if it hits the earth that means thst both the moon and earth lost orbit?

  4. 1963gecko says:

    a very good fit, Dave.
    A better fit than the two patsies framed for the boston pressure pot party

  5. I am saying that's what the images show. Have you ever thought about what happens when magnetic poles reverse? Because it definitely shows that it hits the poles. I'm saying that the moons south pole fits all over the earth. You can see Schrodinger in SA , I showed an absolutely perfect fit of Schrodinger in the weather down by Antarctica. It really helps to have a very large screen, connect your computer to a 52" TV, and try this yourself, you will see some incredible things. TY for commenting

  6. Did you send me another message explaining in better detail your situation? Because I don't have a warehouse or anything, but I would like to try to help you out somehow? I am trying to think of something, I think it would help if you gave me more details.

  7. I don't believe any of it, not even that part of it? The only thing I know to be true, is that everything is a lie!

  8. Rather than a moon collision w earth, is it possible the moon and the earth were once both created equally? perhaps the moon was older which can explain the increase in its size? i dunno? hmm?

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