Selena Gomez SHOCKINGLY Quits Hollywood – Kylie Watches Tyga’s Car Get Repossessed (DHR)


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20 Responses

  1. Emelie Nyman says:

    totally supports selena in her decision!!!

  2. MrQPOP2 says:

    Selena cancelled her tour :/

  3. Quantum Soul says:

    I know Rihanna, I know that girl, she will never take drake seriously.

  4. Quantum Soul says:

    So she's cancelling another tour?

  5. Belleamaro J says:

    Taking time off and quitting are two different things you dumb bitch. These click bait titles are getting so annoying and old. Pretty soon no one will take you serious anymore.

  6. rikudesu says:

    Selena should quit cause she has no talent!

  7. Tyga needs to learn how to save money?

  8. Rose Maniego says:

    Ariana's hair is fine.. it's her hair so fucking what if you don't like it, she can do whatever she wants.. this is why I wouldn't want to be famous because dumb ppl always have to judge someone that's in the spotlight or has alot of attention by others like stop hating. Ariana don't even know you, that is what's crazy so your opinion shouldn't matter unless your a family member or best friend of hers. like yes ari embrace your hair make your ponytail higher. and her liking what she does and doesn't care what fans say about is even better because her fans shouldn't control her and make her feel some type of way. if I was famous and had over 60 million followers or more and a majority of ppl kept saying that I would just killed myself it's not a joke even Kendall and Kylie dislikes the attention they get BC they are young.

  9. Dean Goosen says:

    These girls are annoying as fuck … like this is your life ? This is what you do when your average looking and don't have much talent … talk shit about people all day

  10. drae whitey says:

    innocent mind? fuck that its 2016 I know 8 yr olds that curse and watch porn(and masturbate to it) like erryday.

  11. Sheng Thao says:

    The girl with the redish brown hair talk so damn much and keep moving her hands every time she talk it's so annoying let the other girl talk too, just saying ?

  12. Essif Dounya says:

    it's a shame selena gets depressed I wish it is about another subject beside Justin she is just wasting her love life Selena no offence but move on first love doesn't last

  13. Asma Asouma says:

    selena !!? she is taking time off !!?

  14. rishab iyer says:

    the meaning for side to side was always obvious

  15. AnDroiD SpY says:

    F*ck That Blonde . she is Evil

  16. Eshita Verma says:

    Some days (or weeks)ago, Selena posted her video on snapchat with an unheard sings playing in the background and the cation was something like "I'm getting impatient" which kind of implied that she has new music ready to be published… Whats gonna happen now?

  17. Gofund me account for Tyga's Ferrari ????????

  18. nessa life says:

    so does that mean that Selena isint quitting the tour till December??

  19. wtf is wrong with ariana grandes head ?

  20. I think is good for selina to take some time to her self! Hope u get well soon u will be miss for the time being!

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