SHADOWS IN MOTION full documentary


Documentary produced by Halaqah media Billed as the muslim view on the war on terror it covers a variety of topics: * The reasons behind the gulf war/saddam …


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  1. In an age of ignorance,deception and disinformation finding the truth is not easy. Great documentary that cuts through all the bullshit the world has been selling you and exposes the real truth of the what is really happening in the world today. CONTENT WARNING – This video contains shocking truths that certain people might not yet be ready for. So instead of bashing the video and expreaaing your unwanted ignorant opinion,please go back to sheep.

  2. Must watch wake up everyone

  3. Nothing can happen unless Allah allows unless he Allah say be…..I fear Allah swt not the shaytan or his workers….. So bring the noice

  4. All WARS are bankers WARS. These warmongers could not control, destroy and murder without their willfully ignorant servants.
    Who is the greatest threat to the world ?
    A handful of tyrants and psychopaths or their tens of thousands of kneeling servants.
    Think about that ! 

  5. I had forgotten about some of the old conspiracy theories that are mentioned here. It was once thought that a chipped universal ID card would be needed to help track our movements and our ways. How far technology has come. No such card is even needed. It was once thought the we would need to be physically chipped to further track us. Now we carry location aware smartphones and always on the internet wherever we go – coupled with the NSA. I have never been much for conspiracy theories, but it is interesting to see those things come to pass, even if it is in different ways.

  6. The primary group is the Jewish Illuminati Satanists-Satan's Synagogue of fake Jews, as it says in the Holy Bible. They were born for a Satanic Rabbi in 1666, the Sabbateans and later an extension of this Jewish Satanist group, the Frankists. 
     Remember, Rabbi Dovid Weiss and others have stated, "all Jews, of devout faith, worldwide,  want for Israel to be peaceful and rapidly dismantled and returned to Palestine where Christians, Muslims and Jews have lived in peace.  The Eye of Satan is the stamp of the Illuminati which is a twisted version of a symbol displaying the supremacy Christ our Lord over Satan and evil.  The Illuminati Satanists have taken the Christian bible and created a simple reversal of it such that it supports evil and Lucifer is God. The Synagogue of Satan has a cohort in corrupted Free Masons.  The word "Dajjal", in the film above, mean's something similar to the "Antichrists" in the Christian Bible, from which, Islam is significantly derived. Most of the Koran is Jesus speaking, many are surprised to know. Muslims of faith all over the world will give you the shirt off their back and do anything to help you they decry war.  The fake ISIS is just a creation of Satanic-Illuminati controlled Illuminati- the US-Israel.  Isis is a deity derived from another faith which the Illuminati and other Satanists revere. Contrary to misinformation, Mohammed is opposed to the use of violence. 

  7. mrmanny1 says:

    you have just repeated a copy of your previous video from 1998 there is so much more information and up to date about free masons bilderberg group you should really watch more of these videos and then do another video as you have not  done enough research on current facts which would make your point more interesting to people forget jsu the Muslims if you want to live in peace because you are never going to rule this world or convert people to islam as you have war with in islam  different types of Muslims and only god or as you prefer Allah can judge so to change western views you have to show all facts and criticize your own people for what that are doing in the name of Allah good luck as i really enjoyed your documentary in 1998 apart from the last part where only you the Muslims would be left on earth as that's ridiculous statement 

    also i use to have your audio recording which talked about the beginning of the kkk also madona and other parts i did not see in the video like hotel California can you explain why you cut this out 

  8. baz huss says:

    What is happening now is just the tip of the iceberg. The events that have been prophesised to happen, are still to come. The Malhama or great war, arrival of Imam Mahdi and the establishment of a Caliphate, black flags army from Koorosan, Muslim re-conquest of Constantinople, arrival of Dajjal and the return of Jesus, final showdown between the Muslims and the state of Israel, Gog and Magog

  9. Who's voice is that. Shouting and screaming in beginning? 

  10. DrSiB0T says:

    …and the Sheiks bought Gold Plated Ferrari's gained by exchanging Oil for US Petrol Dollars!!!  While the poor young Islamic mind struggles to digest this documentary!

  11. I remember being 12 13 years old and listening to this on a cassette tape the year 2002 2003

  12. AXMED BUUWE says:

    the final victory will be with muslims!

  13. ezcondition says:

    US put Saddam in command and then he invades Kuwait. we push him back but leave him in power cause we need to control muslims. oh and the US did all this shit for oil but we depend on oil which makes us venerable, and in turn gives muslims money to pay for factions to fight US.

    this fool makes no damn sense.

  14. Mirik Kla says:

    this is illuminati,not masonry…make the fkin difference!

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