Sharp rise in new migrant arrivals to Greece despite EU-Turkey deal


The number of migrants and refugees landing on Greek shores has risen sharply, just days before Turkey is due to start taking back those arriving illegally, …


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  1. PJ says:

    Euronews, being ridden by their Egyptian muslim taskmaster, is pushing the same lies as last time they wrote a propaganda piece on the "refugee crisis".
    75% of the migrants are men but 90+% of eurolies footage is of women and children. So much for fair and balanced news.
    Those who entered Greece from Turkey or Italy from north Africa without a valid visa are illegal economic migrants. Not refugees.
    None of the illegal migrants in Greece are stuck. They are free to return to Turkey or their country of origin.

  2. Turkey is scamming the EU bigtime!!!!! 30 billion Euros!!!! To stop the so-called Refugees!!! Haha…..

  3. Boote zurueckschicken…warum die erst landen lassen??und dann sollen sie sowieso wieder in die Tuerkei…sind alle Politiker so bescheuert, die haben ueberhaupt keinen Sinn

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