Sheikh Imran Hosein 2015: World War 3 USA Attack Russia and Putin , Destruction of American Empire


Sheikh Imran Hosein 2015: World War 3 US attack Russia and Putin , destruction of American Empire Imran Hosein : US World War 3 will attack Russia , …


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  1. john conte says:

    Are you ready for the truth. To know the truth is to open your mind beyond yourself.
    You have to first accept yourself as a fool! Only fools enter heaven.Why the fools?
    They are innocent and will never accept materialistic beliefs. Which are breathing
    words to convince enemies that they are right using books, money, worlds , universe , and
    all existence!

    I have good News and Bad news for you:

    Good news:

    You know him as a God perfection and since he is perfect.
    God does not need to create. God created nothing!

    Yet God accepts anyone that exists in the material world and whomever
    rejects the material existence God will welcome them into heaven.

    These are gods traits positive:

    – love
    – understanding
    – forgiveness
    – fairness
    – equality
    – transparent
    – caring
    – no judgement
    – no killing
    – no wars
    – no religion
    – peace
    – no death
    – …etc

    Bad news:

    Be happy that God does not need to create. Why?
    Perfection does not have the need to improve itself! So ask yourself where do i live in?
    You live in an imperfect reality- which you preach it everyday-Don't you!
    Do not lie to yourself! You talk about how your surroundings are imperfect.

    Now ask yourself who does not need to create since its perfect:

    God is the answer. He did not create imperfection, you!

    Now ask yourself who does need to create imperfection:

    The devil does! This is why all your surroundings are negative

    These are the devils traits negatives:

    – You die
    – You cheat
    – You kill
    – You do wars
    – your jealous
    – you hate
    – you betray
    – you pretend
    – you know god
    – you know Satan
    – you contradict
    – you do revenge
    – you get angry
    – you judge
    – you have religion
    – …etc

    This is the truth

    This message is for everyone-no exception!

  2. miatap21 says:

    In your discussion on "wives" and "contract" lower class women whom you may or may not take to your bed, and may bed as many women as one can afford; what is the male's relationship to these women besides providing them with food and shelter? How does God view these women?  

  3. Turklimanc says:

    when was this filmed exactly?

  4. By bye to the evil zion usurocratic proto-empire.

  5. Since John Conte thinks the devil created us, I ask, is he a devil worshiper? 

  6. Im jewish so obviously i will have all the money i need, as i already do. and i will control the world. But dont you think airport security will be even more tedious after wwiii and the pax judaica, even for us chosen folks? Btw I just increased the credit limit on your cap 1 card. Nice vid.

  7. Israeel90 says:

    plz add captions,because too noise 

  8. aimeecurry46 says:

    Sheikh Imran Hosein, I am a Catholic, American, Woman and I always so enjoy listening to you talk. You are so wise and peaceful and sensible. I will always be a Christian and I will be faithful to Jesus Christ even unto my own death if need be. But I almost always agree with most everything you say. I think your just wonderful. Thank you for being you. 

  9. aimeecurry46 says:

    This is a CHRISTIAN affirmation of what you are saying about the surplus of women Sheikh Hosein.

    ISAIAH 4:1 In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, "We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!"

  10. I do believe most of Zachariah Sitchin's work, not all. The elongated skulls studied by Dr. Brian Forester lend him and Loyd Pye tremendous credence. 

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