Shia La Beouf SPEAKS !! UPDATED 2015 April 16, 2014 Illuminati Whistle Blower !


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  1. KnuxSandwich says:

    The douchebag who took the bag off of his head is a prime example of an Illuminati effeminate sissy la-la that the NWO is developing out of people born with male sex organs

  2. XR3iescort says:

    He looks so sad and frighten, I wonder what has happen since that time…Hollywood Films is such a evil industry…

  3. this guy should work better on his camera skills. is anoying to see the screen banging like a metal head.

  4. Turn the logo at the end, upside down.

  5. CanYouNot? ? says:

    I feel so sad for him :/

  6. hang in their buddy. I will pray for you tonight ☝???

  7. people haven't realised they're part of a global reality show….but these actors do….if u think this is something….FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS…..!!?

  8. John Pratt says:

    naww they are doing something there in Hollywood that everyone ain't down for that boy ain't crazy don't br foolish they are on some satanic shit in Hollywood.

  9. Julene Good says:

    Shia is a my good friend of mine on Facebook bretens to be someone else. because, he doesn't want anyone to know that he's friends with mw on facebook Shia and I have video chated face to face on Facebook sevral times before he said that He thinks that I'm adorable. He told me not to give out any of the personal information where he's at and living now because, he wants to have his own privacy Just like Justin Bieber aka little kid who I think that Jb isn't amazing But thank you. for not invading Shia's privacy thank you.

  10. Julene Good says:

    famous or not we all still think alike. when it comes to stuff like this. when we become part of the
    ey e lluminati
    than the things that we thought that are illegal are actually legal. I know it may sound crazy but it can be true if you believe in it so much that it only becomes legal to them as there
    eye club
    but not to us
    the one's who aren't part of the
    eye club.

  11. robert kel says:

    Im just a nice dude u want to talk hit me up we all need someone

  12. burakaga123 says:

    Who the fk gives a damn about Shia that zionist mofo ?!?!

  13. Tyler Weimer says:

    seriously fuck the dude that took his bag off. what is wrong with you,dude?

  14. Whatever the case may be, we should be praying for him. I think he got MK Ultraed and is in the middle of whatever that is before you go back (britney spears, anyone)

  15. The Outcast says:

    please believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior!

  16. CYBERTRON says:

    JUST… DO IT!!!

  17. Shia trust Allah , he will show you the way

  18. What's this song name it's a little ominous

  19. Alien Heston says:

    the guy filming shia was fucking annoying!

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