Shirley Temple and the disturbing history of Baby Burlesk – by missy cat


aka: The Lolitta Riddle Part 4 of the Documentary Nabokov and Shirley Temple.


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  1. Why has the James Mason version of Lolita been edited for tv? This video showed scenes that I never saw before.

  2. Hayden North says:

    I didn't find anything bad about it like honestly I thought it was cute. People read into this way too much and over-sexualize it more than they need to. But whatever.

  3. Lambbaba says:

    IT IS NOT A DRESS! what a load of rubbish!

  4. Angelgurl2 says:

    Things like incest are common in North Ga

  5. Nessaa says:

    gross.. I used to love shirley temple when I was a kid 🙁 my childhood officially ruined. Hollywood needs to get shut down seriously

  6. Em Miller says:

    Idiocy. I believe the narrator is more at fault than ANYthing in the feature length movies. Stuff like this video is B.S. and I believe more meant to be salacious in and of itself. Not worth the time it would take to watch, and watch past 2 or 3 minutes I did not.

  7. Venkman83 says:

    You're really stretching on a few of these accusations

  8. Shirley Temple movies are not meant as pedophilia. People can find almost anything if they search for it.

    This is part of our society to sexualizing people in situations that aren't sexual (for example public breastfeeding)

    Touch isn't a bad thing, the situations with holding a small child at eye level for a conversation isn't bad – its putting you on "equal ground" to hear each other well, and providing comfort. The context isn't gross/creepy, its two human beings having a conversation.

  9. dagnyatl says:

    Several years ago, I happened across the scene of Shirley being man-handled by the aviator crew of "Bright Eyes" (at the 6:40 point) on TV and about fell out of my chair at how blatantly Shirley was pawed. Then, in 2013, I learned I am the sole Christian of an Illuminati family causing me to become familiar with all aspects of Freemasonry in an effort to understand my family. Connecting the dots between Shirley's background and freemasonry, it's clear to me the Temple family were freemasons (I know of another Temple family of freemasons, so this is not a wild guess). Also, when a rare blue diamond ring of Temple's was put up for auction this April 2016, I was surprised when it was reported to have been a gift from her father when she was 12 years old. Included in the news report was a short film reel of Temple being kissed by her father when she was around 8-10 years old and I couldn't help noticing her father's kisses – though on her cheek – appeared to be rather ardent.

    Here's the news report on Shirley's ring: A 9.54-carat rare blue diamond ring once belonging to the late Shirley Temple, one of Hollywood's most famous child actors, failed to sell at a New York auction on Tuesday, where it had been estimated to fetch between $25 million and $35 million. The Sotheby's auction for the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond ring, purchased by Temple's father for $7,210 in 1940 around the time of the actress' 12th birthday, opened bidding at $19 million and closed at $22 million, which was below the ring's reserve price.

    Lastly, for Shirley to have been appointed Ambassador to Ghana as well as to have been a representative to the 24th United Nations General Assembly infers to me a Freemason family background and if you know what the Talmud says about molesting young children (that it's 'okay' when children are of a certain age) I have no doubts Shirley was a victim of pedophiles.

  10. LeadMe Not says:

    To me her movies always looked perverted. A little girl constantly surrounded by a crowd of men while she sang and dance…it's always looked a little "too" friendly to me.

  11. Oh god so awful

  12. Dan Nobles says:

    Wow this is so stupid. Lots of stretching here. Should you put child stars in certain grown up situational comedy? No, but it was done all the time back then. This video is just conspiracy theory. "Oh, look how she's dancing with Buddy Ebson!" Give me a break…

  13. iris wigle says:

    Kids don't understand everything pre 16 years of age. Shirley was taken to court (and there were 3 Shirley Temples) and someone brought up penis and vagina. Shirley had a hole. "I want to see it." Ugghhh! Replied the other kids. Shirley Jane Temple was a math whiz and had mathematicians hired, including physics, to teach her math. "How is it possible for a 12 – 16 inch go into a child's bum?" Mathematically dangerous as the penis would go to the heart of a child less than 6. But, child marriages were allowed throughout the world. How? "They cut the skin from the vagina to the bum. Cause Shirley was arrested & a defense had to be made, "new laws" came forth that a child could not be tried in an adult court. 2. Children could not be executed (and they were) under prostitution laws, etc. 3. Child marriages were out till the child reached 21 and had to have parents permission before this. Yes, Shirley played Lolita and was understudy for Jane Wyman's for "Johnny Belinda" done in black and white and backdated and wrote the script for an unwed mother, "Bunny Lake is Missing", wherein, "I'm going to have every woman in America praying in this movie, "Please God! Help her find the child." So, why are you focusing on the female and not the male directors?

  14. iris wigle says:

    The sad part is that some of these children were executed. For example, the child under the age of 3 for wearing a diaper and sucking milk from a glove, right? None of the parents were allowed in nor given a script pre arrest. Frank Sturgis child was executed LEGALLY by the State of California and agreed upon by New York in Dallas…get it? All of these children had wealthy parents with acting careers mostly. The name of the game is, "Entrapment and forfeiture", forfeiture before the execution or after the verdict of a death sentence. Who is to blame? The politicians and their judges as placed, right, along with the police forces? Shirley Jane Temple had disgraced her legal mother said to be related to Queen Victoria and her mother signed off due to something like, "contamination." Yet, it was the UK, including the descendants of Queen Victoria that urged Shirley to focus on raising taxes so as not to impose upon the public. Those, their choise was speaking tours and charities. Shirley just thought that tv was much faster. Shirley was a dna gone disruptive with autistic mathematical and musical talents. In other words, a "very methodical person."

  15. darthalba says:

    All pedophiles deserve to burn in hell

  16. Ken Adams says:

    so we're going to start castrating pedophiles are we just going to keep letting this sheet rock

  17. Thomas Paine says:

    Another example of this kind of exploitation is the musical Bugsy Malone" starring Scott Baio and Jodie Foster. Ms Foster played a nightclub singer named Tallulah who was clearly based on Mae West. Her costume and those of the chorus were obviously intended to be sexual and were extremely revealing. The average age of the cast was 11. She also starred that same year as a 12 year old prostitute in Taxi Driver.

  18. Muirmaiden says:

    Some believe that the Meglin Dance studios (which Shirley Temple attended, along with Scotty Beckett, Darryl and Dwayne Hickman, Jackie Cooper, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Jane Withers, among others) was a front for a pedophile ring. Who knows, but I'm sure this stuff has been going on in Hollywood for a long time.

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