SHIVA & CERN Satanic Illuminati Ritual Exposed – AENT (EXPLAINED)


Elites preform another Satanic Illuminati BLOOD SACRIFICE RITUAL AT CERN. Surrendering they’re souls to the GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION: SHIVA …


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  1. There are 5 points on the atlas in the circle of CERN! (Pentagram) Thanks for sharing bro!

  2. KTB says:

    Good one Andre.Real or "fake" it's still a ritual. I think we will be seeing more of these. Even all the false flags are rituals, however these obvious rituals are going to be shown often. We've been primed for many decades through Hollywood for humanity to be indoctrinated into accepting this.

  3. douglas eddy says:

    Thank you for the info, keep up the good work.

  4. We must kill all that kills. We must stop the darkness. We must save all that needs to be saved. We must change all that must be changed. We must be warriors of truth. We must seek the light in the darkness…. This is war

  5. What. The F…!!! That does not look fake!

  6. This is why I stay training and in great shape. Because Lord knows what is going to go down and I can go running for miles and other exercise.

  7. Jess n T says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Maluhia808 says:

    I got to destroy that statue

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