[SHOCKING] Confessions of NWO Jewish Zionists


Shocking video of New World Order Zionist Jews admitting they want to destroy every none jew, and even start world war 3 to achieve their goal.

[SHOCKING] Confessions of NWO Jewish Zionists

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  1. Guest says:

    “There are those who want the best for you, & there are those, who don’t.” Yet, for those who do not, & walk around hating/despising every one they see, there are consequences, if, you are souled;


  2. John Cook says:

    I got into deep shit by posting this link to FaceBook…
    Eventually someone hacked my mail account and changed my password – I presume they extracted a complete text of all my mail.
    They seem to be getting a bit desperate.

  3. Regina Igors says:

    Sick, jew bastards.

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