ROFLMAO! The Queen Says ‘Four More Icons Must Die’ In 2016 …


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  1. I notice that these famous people died relatively young and their works got attention when they passed away. It also seems to be a monthly event, and the date also fits into Biblical numerology. Hmm… Maybe some of them did not really die.

  2. J Prkr says:

    I've avoided most of pop culture for years now , it's better to avoid it all. there's so much decent music about too that never sees the light of day .

  3. Ziggy Ziggy says:

    This is like The Weekly World News mixed with conspiracy stuff.

  4. Ashley Henry says:

    You are starting to sound more and more like Mark Dice with each new video that you post.

    Is this article b.s?

    Most likely, yes.

    But come on, is it really worth doing a video on? You say that you don't really care about celebs but you have done two videos about them within the span of a few days…

    Why not expose the people who really matter?

    Enough with the videos about the flat earth, Peekay22, Russian vids (etc).

    This doesn't help anyone!

    Nobody can say with 100% certainty whether or not the earth is flat or round.. So for that reason, people need to accept that humans will never know everything about everything (if that makes sense).

    And while you may argue that this is YOUR channel and you can post what you wish (this is true) but maybe you should change your name so it's not so misleading.

    New World Agenda should be exposing 'New World Agendas' – Yes you do put out some great work on the LGBT agenda but what about these staged psy ops? You spend more time trying to debunk other truth seekers than you do on the criminals bringing forth the NWO 'Beast System.'

    For example. TransAsia (Yes, many truth seeking individuals were sucked into believing it to be fake but can you really blame them? The Sources reporting these events, including TransAsia have really instilled a distrust in those who are awake. When you have a media who lies about nearly every major news story, it renders everything they say as being questionable (if that makes sense). So in other words, when a source continues to lie repeatedly, it only makes sense to doubt everything (no matter how real something might be). Just let the TransAsia thing go, nobody cares about it anymore, it's old news!

    The fact is, regardless of whether or not some of these truth seekers are shills, exposing THEM isn't going to fix anything!

    Why not do a video exposing Brussels for the hoax that it was?

    Or Paris even…

    Lastly, the title ALSO reminds me of Mark Dice as it screams Click Bait (SHOCKING) <<– Clickbait!

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I just really needed to say this!

  5. Bob Dylan? You should look it up; in an video interview you can find on Youtube you hear him confessing he made a deal with the ruler of the world!!!

  6. dawn cooper says:

    shark selfie……hilarious !!

  7. Laurie W says:

    My eyes were opened about a year ago to all the bullshit and mindfuckery that's going on concerning the new world agenda. I have been reading alot of so called truther blogs, and I have watched tons of videos. I can now see that I had fallen for alot of disinformation. I was to the point, as you have said, that I thought EVERYTHING that goes on is not real, a hoax, etc. Luckily I didn't buy into the flat earth or reptillian bullshit. Because I am relatively new to this, I am unsure how to go about finding sites that won't mislead me…I DO NOT in any way want to fall into a shill or any other of these fuckers traps! How do I find a true truther?

  8. I knew I messed a few vids.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  9. First of all the Queen is a member of the Knights Of Malta she is not saying anything !!!!

  10. Lol laughed so hard when Jeffy gave his EVIL QUEEN LAUGH!

  11. Citizen of Gotham pushes lizard people.

  12. As soon you finished to enjoy your weekend comments … I advice a real nice Brussels investigation :-)

  13. BiZzR 14Life says:

    HAHHHAHhaHAHAHHHAH Shark Selfie – The best story this year

  14. Judy Polite says:

    Acknowledge the real Royal blood heirs of the Royal Crown, blood heirs to the Royal House of Grimaldi, and remove the imposters; infiltrators of satan.

  15. EyeSpy says:

    Hey Chump, I noticed you haven't addressed one of my vids about your scum bun buddies at Nasa. Yeah, it's better to keep that pie hole shut scumbag. Live it up MF…..

  16. Haha I loved this video! And I love your voice haha

  17. Lloydatup says:

    Jeff is lulling people to deviate from having opened eyes; hence he would put video games and other garbage constantly on this channel; he is trying to slowly lull you to be blind again.

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