SHOCKING: Unpublished Video JFK Assassination

19 Los internautas se han mostrado inquietos por una grabación del famoso asesinato de John F. Kennedy. Dicen que es un …


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  1. EquiEm500 says:

    Maybe people from the future made subtle but noticeable changes to the present by going back to the past and created the Mandela effect in order to get our minds sparking at the idea of time travel. Like idk now people are curious and interested and maybe someone will be interested enough to try creating time travel. So the present gets hinted at time travel from the future changing the past, if that makes any sense. Idk just another theory lol

  2. did anyone notice the part when the driver turns around and shoots the president in the head?

  3. martin waite says:

    Watch the film "The Conspiracy" then you will understand it.

  4. the shotin… it came from the front

  5. Jarod76 says:

    Literally none of this was "unpublished". I've seen all this footage many, many time before.

  6. calmingspeed says:

    The Federal Reserve and its' major holders had him killed.

  7. Barrel thumb television qzfnyu

  8. Dyke Stewart says:

    If you continue to rapidly pause the tape before impact @ 6:00, you can see that President Kennedy was clearly shot on the right side of his head and the bullet entered from that side!

  9. suzi Fafar says:

    RIP John F Kenndy

  10. Anyone ever notice how the motorcycles and other car with the Secret Service men back off right before he gets shot? The whole time before that they were right up on them :/

  11. BlyndSDragon says:

    this video totally fucks with me… it is clear that the driver turns around and shoots him.
    it is also clear the his wife grabs something off of the back of the car before she gets back in her seat.
    the lack of aydio in that part also makes it hard to tell when the gun is fired.
    he took a shot right to the face.
    this was very planned out and scary.

    awkward how this shows up when an election is coming between hillary who will screw the US up even worse and donald who may very well be the person to change things.
    could it be a threat?

  12. the way the head moves tells of the direction of which the bullet comes from. A bullet hitting the head from where Oswald was, would've blown him forward…not sideways towards the back…ballistics people.

  13. Did anyone notice Johnsons car has 4 motorcycles and about 6 as men piled up on all sides and the front..

  14. every time i see this, i feel so sad for jackie. seeing her scramble over the car to protect her husband and it was already too late. he may have been a lot of things, but she loved him.

  15. someone from within killed his white sexy self….damn shame…

  16. Texas killed JFK.

  17. Bobby Polfus says:

    they took Al Capone's vehicle for the president after that

  18. chloe lawes says:

    horrible why did he go in open roof car he knew he life was in peril . terrible. really gives me the creeps no matter how many times i see it

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