Shooting Of Putin’s Ambassador In Ankara Could Spark World War 3



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  1. Moxiegirl says:

    Russia is not going to put up with this shit !!!!
    Obama and turkey have been colluding to take out assad . Staging photos of women and children, it is not the government over there hurting people, it is the rebels and Russia knows it, Obama is trying to push this caliphate

    I pray our relations with Russia get on a better note when Trump is in and we quit making russia the villain

  2. Moxiegirl says:

    The New World order is so threatened right now, they are moving in on Syria and they want everybody out of the way, scary times

  3. GvK says:

    if these fuckers won't sort themselves out, we will come and just kill them all!! will purge this filth from the face of our world!

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