Should I Get Botox?


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  1. I think that maybe she can use a very natural makeup as an enhancement for her features to make her skin look softer and fresher. More than those lines her skin looks tired. Exfoliation, hydration, and a natural makeup will do a great difference in her.

  2. Emma Archer says:

    I wouldn't go to a botox surgeon that looked like she had bad experiences with it

  3. I totally agree with the opinion that you ruin a part of yourself when you get a plastic surgery! Ain't it said that many people who have been taking a surgery don't have any emotions nowadays?!

  4. I've actually never considered Botox, but I have had lip injections for quite a while now, I'm still undecided though

  5. Young Killa says:

    This is pathetic.

  6. The feminist question… facepalm

  7. I have a wrinkle in that same spot on my forehead and I'm 17. ?

  8. john g says:

    Should I inject poison into my skin,well of course you fkin shouldnt,why are you even asking.

  9. R F says:

    6:06 Is it possibly legal in the US to give the name 'Doctor' to a child!? o.O

  10. ridhonna says:

    I'm 24 and I've got those lines already:-(

  11. atlas kh says:

    The plastic lady at 4:58 is pretty cool idk why and the Botox lady freaked me out when she couldn't do an angry face expression

  12. I'm not a feminist but I encourage people to be confident even if they have wrinkles :)

  13. Alina Ludwig says:

    I think I would be more afraid of not being able to move my face and expressing my feelings than I would be of the wrinkles.

  14. Cogey says:

    Botox is a toxin, it's not for "taking care of your skin". If you want to actually take care of your skin and reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, you should do a deep chemical peel once a year, derma roll every month, and use prescription Retin-A in between those things. Keeping the skin hydrated and nourished with consistent exfoliation is the key to young skin. So vitamin e oil, steam facials and natural moisturizers on the regular. As far as feminism and skincare/plastic surgery, I think it's less a gender issue than a reach to maintain biological attraction. Youth equals fertility, and – because we're animals – to attract a mate, generally it's about how "fertile" you appear. Call it peacocking or whatever you will, it's not anti-feminist to care about how you look.

  15. I love how in the interview at the start, the old wrinkly (no offence) ladies don't want Botox at all, but then the perfect skin young girl wants it…???

    I just don't get it??

  16. Anna May says:

    I like the hippie doctor who wasn't wearing a bra haha she's a plastic surgeon that's so cool to me

  17. she should stop smoking she looks like 44

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