Sickness and Disease: The Bible’s Perspective



What is illness? What is disorder? Why are equally of these
conditions particularly prevalent in a culture that is more
technologically highly developed than at any time ahead of? In an age where by person
can establish tremendous scud missiles, devastating nuclear war heads,
and can establish house rovers that can roll on the earth Mars
1000’s and 1000’s of miles absent, why has there not been a
heal for the prevalent chilly? Why has illness and disorder remained
an difficulty considering the fact that biblical situations?

The definition for illness is to be in a disordered, weakened,
or unsound ailment. In other words and phrases, when just one is ill, there is
something that is within just that personal that is out of
alignment, lacking energy, and the inner infrastructure is

Illness is outlined as a ailment of the residing animal or plant
entire body or of just one of its parts that impairs usual functioning.
Illness is also outlined as a harmful progress.

With out query, our bodies are not built to resist illness
and disorder. So what is the critical to successful the fight of well being
and energy?

Nicely, the response to these concerns are surely in the bible.
But ahead of we go any even further, there is just one factor that demands to
be stately obviously.

Hosea 4:six reads “My people today are wrecked for deficiency of awareness:
for the reason that thou has turned down awareness, I will also reject thee,
that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou has overlooked
the legislation of thy God, I will also neglect thy young children.”

We are inclined to illness and disorder for the reason that we do not
put together ourselves to fight in opposition to them. To be geared up to
battle illness and disorder, we ought to attain the awareness of how
to protect ourselves, and this awareness is uncovered in the Phrase of
God. Sickness and disorder, just like non secular conditions these as
anger, violence and immorality, can lead to non secular and
bodily enslavement. There are 3 derivatives of non secular
enslavement that we ought to conquer in buy to rebuke and repel
illness and disorder – Bondage, Oppression, and Curses.

Bondage is the servitude or subjugation to a controlling person
or force. Just like a person remaining in bondage via drug abuse or
fornication, person can be in bondage, or beneath management of illness
and disorder in the exact same manner. Is it a coincidence that some
people today are more inclined to illness and disorder than many others?
I assume not. Lacking the understanding that we have been set
no cost from illness and disorder by the mighty perform that Jesus
Christ did on the cross, we will keep on to reside existence with a
slave’s mentality, flexibility remaining concealed from our eyes via
our deficiency of awareness and understanding of God’s Phrase.

Isaiah 53:five reads “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he
was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace
was on him and with his stripes we are healed.”

The lashes on Jesus’ entire body characterize all illness and disorder. We
you should not have to take illness and disorder for the reason that we have been
pre-destined to be healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. The
important element of the verse is the present tense assertion “we
are healed.” Therapeutic is not a phenomena that took place when Jesus
walked on earth, but it is a phenomena for these days, this hour and
this very 2nd.

Not only is illness and disorder a kind of bondage, but it is
also a kind of oppression. Oppression is the unjust or cruel
work out of authority or ability and a feeling of remaining weighed down
in the entire body or mind.

Acts 10:38

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with
ability: who went about performing superior, and therapeutic all that have been
oppressed of the devil for God was with him.

Oppression demands therapeutic. Oppression can also act as a disorder.
It is the ability of God via the anointing of the Holy Spirit
that destroys the yoke of oppression. In Matthew 11:30, Jesus
states “my yoke is quick, and my burden is light-weight.” It is the
light-weight yoke of Jesus Christ that we ought to get on, in trade for
the hefty burden of oppression that can weigh us down bodily
or mentally.

Outside of remaining in bondage and oppression, illness and disorder are
also curses. Curses are brought on by disobedience of the legislation of
God, His commandments and His will. Our disobedience generates a
non secular breach in which the enemy, the devil, can phase in and
throw his darts of illness and disorder at our bodies with out
resistance. There is no resistance in opposition to the devil for the reason that God
lifts His hand and anointing from us when we are disobedient.

Deuteronomy 28:61

Also every illness, and every plague, which is not written in
the book of this legislation, them will the LORD carry on thee, until eventually
thou be wrecked.

In Deuteronomy 28, God specifically lays out the video game prepare for
blessings and curses. The blessings and curses hinge on our
obedience, or disobedience of God’s Phrase. We can defeat and
rebuke curses that are knocking at our doorway by retaining a
superior common of obedience to the Phrase of God.

For so long have the people today of God fallen in the arms of
religious custom that teaches illness and disorder are element
of existence, and that they arrive and go as they make sure you. This untrue
instructing is a whole lie and it derived straight from the pits of
hell. Satan does not want us to fully grasp the ability that we
have around illness and disorder. Truthfully, he has performed a superior occupation
making use of untrue instructing to keep us bound, oppressed and cursed.

Permit us all increase up, stand on the Phrase of God, the Phrase of Reality,
and rebuke the devourer and his options of bringing illness and
disorder into our life. In which the Spirit of the Lord is, there
is liberty! Therefore, we are no cost from every trap and snare
that Satan tries to set up for us, like illness and


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