Siege World: HUNTER ROYAL WAR CHEST KIT (Season 1 – Episode 9)


Today I hop into Siege World Light Vs Dark Server 2 to prepare for Wartime! IP — Play.Siege.World Who wants to see more Siege World? Follow me on Twitter: …


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  1. At 7:07 somebody said in the chat I killed jerome Jerome didn't even leave his house

  2. At 8:37 somebody in the chat said Jerome is on light team not dark

  3. Jace J says:

    What lvl are the walls

  4. Is it just me or would it not be amazing for the pack to do Siege world. LIKE if you agree :)

  5. MrSteelebros says:

    Tell Mitch to put out a vid now

  6. Ricky Macias says:


  7. Luke Rogers says:

    make a season 2

  8. John Tran says:

    U should tell the pack to play together so it would be more fun


  10. The Hunter kit should give u haste to hit faster and a custom ench. called Backstab that makes u do more damage from behind

  11. I was in this video!!! At 16:2216:30, Jerome called me an innocent player…. the fire damage ended up killing me….

  12. Ella Dundys says:

    Today is Saturday and still no wartime

  13. Remster says:

    Jerome i think you got a second Royal war chest

  14. I love your video I hope I can get a pc so we can maybe play with each other ?

  15. I'm salty the bajancanadian had a very good team

  16. HuntingBlade says:

    He got me in his kit

  17. Beard Bro says:

    You can't shift click on or you won't get the abilities. He shift clicks I'm like OMG JEROME

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