Simpsons Prince ILLUMINATI Sacrifice PREDICTED Murder in 2008 Episode EXPOSED!


(Subscribe))) now for more! The Simpsons depicted greedy record executives paying Homer to murder Prince in a 2008 episode, many are …


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  1. RAETUNES says:

    Hey Everybody, COME WATCH MY CARTOONS on my channel!! they're illuminati-free (I think)

    Yup Yup, No illuminati influence in my videos at all ;D ;)

  2. I believe the record companies are killing off any artist that has a problem with them, especially black artist. They want to keep them slaves in contracts to them.

  3. Erin Kastrow says:

    He wasn't doing drugs. He was a devoted Jehovah witness… Shut up and stop spreading or hinting misinformation.

  4. Erin Kastrow says:

    Also you're pathetic by using mental disorders as a joke.

  5. Bereanborn says:

    Ohh we only have brain cells if we agree with your ignorance Mark.
    Scoff all you want… Conspiracy minded in the community have been proven to be the most sane.
    Let me guess… The media secret "drug abuse" would be correct to support his death…yeah right… Along with all the holistic doctors dying off from around the world…I guess the same story would be true also… Haha like the bankers all dying and finding the same nail gun to commit suicide… Wake up.
    You are obviously after the pay check rather than truth that goes against the mainstream.
    Subscribe ??? … Not likely.
    The scripture is trustworthy.
    Time is up.

  6. You're posting pictures of tabloids headlines in your video..

  7. Hey Mark just bc certain people admit that conspiracies do exist doesn't make them "mentally ill" quite the contrary!! One mental illness is not a joke. Two I'm starting to think your desperate attention seeking self is getting paid for your lame ass one sided views. I say this bc you do not report you give very biased views and present it in a "your way or the highway" manner. Do more research as far as things that don't fit in your convenient little world. You are a YouTube personality trying to be a reporter enough said!! Maybe the Today show is hiring they're always looking for blind sheep to perpetuate their close minded fluff pieces. Good luck douche. I wouldn't be so mean but you're a disrespectful person for referring to anyone you've never met as mentally ill…I think you have some narcissistic pussy ass issues yourself. Goodbye no longer a subscriber I love to hear both sides but u are too fake and this vid was bs and just reflects how much of a sinical mean spirited person you are who has a severe superiority complex. I hope you change and become a nicer more positive person.

  8. Bob Robert says:

    Hey mark dice you are a stupid faggot. Fuck you and your family. Retard.

  9. I love Mark Dice! but he thinks hes the only one with a brain, and he also thinks he is always right.
    My favorite videos from him are when he trying to give away silver and gold, and asking the masses simple questions they get wrong! lol. i can see why he thinks people are stupid now.

  10. I dont know about you mark, but I personally welcome our reptillian overlords.

  11. Brian says:

    Homer Simpson is in the Illuminati.

  12. Scott Haddox says:

    Maybe this like the UFO hoax. There are many fake sightings but there are a few that cannot be explained away. Maybe there is some truth to some of these deaths or murders because I am sure Prince record sales are soaring today and someone is getting rich.

  13. Mark Dice is the best.

  14. elmstreet13 says:

    what a hypocrite. ..

  15. no meat but drugs….. k

  16. elcocoloco21 says:

    are yall finished or yall done??

  17. Dustin Loeb says:

    Is this coming from a guy who believes the book of revelations left "clues" in the bible centuries ago to predict the "Rapture" of millions during the end times? Just wondering!

  18. how can someone with no brain cells help someone with limited brain cells? mark, keep making that money baby! hopefully you get powerful enough to be an illuminati sacrifice one day!

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