Six Billion Rupees, Three Bureaucrats, One Government Department and No Electricity


A report by Xavia

Energy is the politics of today. What happens tomorrow is dictated by energy demand of today. Energy is the real blood pumping through the hearts of today’s economies. Just as a stoppage in the flow of blood would be fatal, a blockage in the flow of energy would devastate any economy.

Movers and shakers of the world have realized that energy demands must be meant to keep the status-quo in status-quo. As a result associations and networks have established, over the last few decades, which not only keep the status-quo as status-quo but have learnt of devious ways to maximize their personal profits. These networks operate at all levels, international, national and regional. Here we are going to disclose the workings of such a network, which operated for a relatively short period – only four years – but left a terrible impact on the economy of Pakistan.

The Alternative Energy Development Board

Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was established in May 2003 with the main objective to facilitate, promote and encourage development of Renewable Energy in Pakistan with a mission to introduce Alternative/Renewable Energy at an accelerated rate to achieve 10% share of renewable energy in the energy mix of the country. Since its creation the Board has carried out following projects:

Year – Project Funding (Rs. Million) – Project Title

  1. (2004) – ~10.00 – Research and Development of Bio-diesel Applications in Pakistan
  2. (2004) – ~5.0 – Fuel Cell Research Project
  3. (2004) – ~4.0 – Pilot Project for Development and Installation of 02 Micro Hydro Kaplan Turbines
  4. (2005) – 3.90 – Solar electrification at Narian Khorian
  5. (2005) – 100.00 – 100 Solar Homes projects in each province
  6. (2006) – 21.43 – Pilot Project of Production Plant of Bio Diesel
  7. (2006) – 39.80 – Solar Thermal Power Plants Technologies
  8. (2006) – 33.04 – Solar Water Pumping & Desalination Unit
  9. (2006) – ~3.0 – Development of an Electrical Vehicle
  10. (2006) – (cost unknown) – Socio-economic and technical feasibility for designing water supply schemes in villages of Balochistan and Sindh
  11. (2006) – (cost unknown) – Socio-economic survey of remote villages & their energy demands and water requirements
  12. (2006) – 4.03 – Research on Development of 1 KW Fuel Cell Vehicle
  13. (2006) – 3.00 – Development of supply chain mechanism for pedal generator, hand generator and led lanterns
  14. (2006) – 200.00 – Block allocation for i) Electrification of villages through installation of indigenously developed micro wind turbines ii) Research on development of 1 KW fuel cell rikshaw. iii) Erection and operation of pilot production plant for biodiesel with 500 liters per day capacity. iv) Assessment of wind/solar power potential and development of GIS for AEDB.
  15. (2006) – (cost unknown) – Feasibility Study for Development of a Master Plan for Establishment of an Institute for Renewable Energy Technology
  16. (2006) – (between 20 and 200) – Feasibility for waste energy plants in ten (10) cities of Pakistan
  17. (2006) – 50.35 – Solar Homes Program
  18. (2006) – 887.71 – Electrify 300 villages
  19. (2006) – (cost unknown) – Solar Home System for Province of Sindh, Solar Home System for Northern Balochistan, Solar Home System for Central Balochistan, Solar Home System for Southern Balochistan
  20. (2006) (cost unknown) – Supply of solar PV lantern system
  21. (2007) (cost unknown) – Baseline Capacity Assessment of PMD, AEDB, NEPRA
  22. (2007) – (cost unknown) – Study of grid integration with wind farms in Pakistan
  23. (2007) – (cost unknown) – Environmental Impact Assessment Study of the Gharo Corridor in Pakistan

Total costs till the end of 2007: Rs. 1.5 billion

According to the documents of Ministry of Finance and Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan provided over 1.5 billion rupees in funds to the AEDB for carrying out a number of projects.

Other than receiving funds from the Government of Pakistan, the AEDB has been funded numerous times by international donor agencies as well. For example the Asian Development Bank (ADB) offered a Technical Assistance (TA) project in 2004 for the development of Renewable Energy in Pakistan. The objective of the proposed Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) was to assist the Government in designing a loan for financing investment in Renewable Energy. U.S. $ 550,000 were made available for the PPTA with U.S. $ 137,500 to be provided to each of the four provinces, while another U.S. $ 150,000 were made available for the Small Scale Technical Assistance (SSTA) for capacity building for carrying out Renewable Energy projects of all the four provinces involved with the TA. Some other mention-worthy projects funded by the international donor agencies till 2007 included:

Year – Cost (US $ million) – Agency – Project Title

  1. (2004) – 0.55 – ADB – Renewable Energy Development
  2. (2005) – 510 – ADB – Renewable Energy Development Sector Investment Program
  3. (2007) – 0.8 – ADB – Pakistan: Renewable Energy Policy Formulation and Capacity Development of the Alternate Energy Development Board
  4. (2006/7) – 3.10 (GEF) + 0.72 (GoP) – Exploitation of Untapped Potential of Wind Energy

Of the 510 million dollars, ADB had provided nearly 150 million dollars by 2007.

Thus, by the end of 2007, AEDB had been handed up to six billion rupees from Government of Pakistan and international donor agencies. As a result of all this funding, Pakistan produced a total of 0 megawatts of power through renewable resources at the end of 2007.

Narian Khorian Project

To understand what happened to the six billion rupees in four rupees, the most publicized project of the AEDB, the Narian Khorian solar electrification is looked at. On 19 June 2005 Prime Minister of Pakistan Shoukat Aziz inaugurated the ceremony of electrification of the entire Narian Khorian village through solar panels. The village is nearly 40 kilometers from Islamabad.

The project funding included solar panels. Also, each household was given an electric fan and bulb to be powered by the battery charged by solar panel. The village also got a free water desalination plant. The project of solar electrification and desalination plant was Rs. 3.9 million. As there is no paved road leading to the village, a new road was constructed from the motorway to the village. This project is considered a triumph of AEDB and has been mentioned numerous times by local and international media. To this day the local media beats the drums of this successful project and an illuminating example of effective leadership of Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid the chairman of AEDB.

The Inside Story

According to Akhtar Solar company located in Islamabad, they donated the solar panels installed at the Narian Khorian village, worth Rs. 3 million, for which they got the tax rebate. Other than the 3.9 million rupees specific to the project, an unknown sum was taken from the # (2006) – 33.04 —- “Solar Water Pumping & Desalination Unit” project (cost 33.04 million) to help buy the water desalination plant at the Narian Khorian village. The road which was constructed from motorway to Narian Khorian village, which in books is a paved road costing millions does not exist today.

Where the Money Went

Which company got the 3.9 million rupees contract to purchase the solar panels and install them at the village is difficult to find. Whichever company that was, the money surely wasn’t used to purchase the solar panels as they were donated by Akhtar Solar. There was also a part of the project money which was to be used for the desalination plant. However, money from another project was also used to purchase the same plant – in essence two projects funded the purchase of same equipment. The road was built by the Government of Punjab. Its cost was a few million rupees.

The Village Story

The person to greet any new arrival in the village is a young teenager, who is considered the spokesperson of the village regarding the solar project. Also, this boy was an employee of Government of Pakistan for a period of two years. He was hired at Rs. 2000/month with the job to oversee and monitor the project and make necessary repairs if needed. He was paid Rs. 500 in advance by a person named by him as “Irfan”, a mid height bearded fellow who used to come in a white corolla with green number plate. (The DG of AEDB is Irfan Afzal Mirza with same physical appearance and has been provided a government Toyota Corolla). According to the teenager, he never saw the fellow ever again nor did he see a single rupee more. He has no idea what happened to rest of his salary.

The next notability is the missing solar panels from rooftops. Then, one is also brought to the desalination plant, where amazingly there is no desalination plant. Of the installed panels, only 30% are in working condition at the moment.

Where the Equipment Went

A year after the triumphant inauguration of the solar village, an official from AEDB in official AEDB truck arrived at the village and started loading solar panels in the truck. He also had a couple of mechanics who quickly unscrewed the desalination plant and loaded it into the Shehzor truck. When the local teenager tried to protest, he was quickly handed over to the local police station. The locals had to pay a small amount of money to get the boy out a couple of days later. Next time when the Shehzor came no one said a word. At the end, more than a million rupees worth of equipment was transferred by the AEDB officials using AEDB’s Government of Pakistan vehicles.

Overview of Narian Khorian Village
Missing One Solar Panel on the left – taken by AEDB Official by force
Room built for Water Desalination Plant, but no plant

The AEDB Story

Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid was a well recognized face inside Pakistan’s elite circles. After all he managed to stay at the same post in the Pakistan Air Force for nearly two decades, defying every air force rule and regulation. He had turned Air Weapon’s Complex, under his leadership, into his personal enterprise. Other than girls and alcohol, he was famous for getting millions of dollars of funds from the government to build top secret equipment and weapons and then purchase a Chinese version for peanuts and inaugurate it as being developed at AWC after years of hard work and at the cost of millions of dollars. As all of the tenders, bids and projects were done in closed doors and without transparency, thus there was no one to raise any objection.

Not to forget here, his incompetency was also quite famous. It was during his watch that AWC lost the famous “bomb”. Not Atom Bomb, as AWC does not deal with those. But it was a big bomb which was later found in FATA, after it had accidentally exploded during transport. He had to loyal sub-ordinates working at AWC. Brig. Nasim Akhtar Khan and a civilian engineer Irfan Afzal Mirza.

When Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir took over the command, he started a thorough investigation of Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid, his trusted team and AWC. According to the report of Military Intelligence, Raja Shahid Hamid had amassed at least US$ 20 million in foreign bank accounts and had shares in at least one hotel in Dubai. At the end of the investigation, Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid was given the choice of quietly resigning or… He chose to resign. Brig. Nasim Akhtar Khan was sent back to his unit in the Pakistan Army while Irfan Afzal Mirza was also kicked out. This happened in 2001.

Although Shahid Hamid was out, but he still had contacts, and somehow managed to meet Shaukat Aziz. He somehow convinced Shaukat Aziz that using renewable energy, Pakistan would be able to meet its upcoming energy shortages and under his leadership, it can be achieved in less than five years. As a result in 2003 Alternative Energy Development Board was established with Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid as its Chairman, Brig. Nasim Akhtar Khan as its Secretary and Irfan Afzal Mirza as its Director General. It is also worthwhile to note here that Irfan Afzal was given an MP-II grade at the tender age of 30/31, breaking all the rules of Government of Pakistan. Irfan Mirza was not actually 30/31. He had changed his birth certificate to reduce his age by 4 to 5 years. However, in the official documents he was shown 31 at the time of employment.

Shahid Hamid got a pay package of MP-I, nearly 5 lakh rupees per month and Irfan Mirza got nearly 2.5 lakh rupees package per month. A sweet deal to begin with.

Some Other Projects

If the stated scenario is of one of the most propagated projects of AEDB, one doesn’t need a lot of imagination to understand what happened to rest of the 6 billion rupees projects. Some of this money which could be traced is listed below:

  1. Research and Development of Biodiesel Applications in Pakistan: The 1 crore rupees project was given to a local company Clean Power, owned by Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid’s wife and Irfan Afzal Mirza’s brother. At the end of the project a hundred page report was prepared which no one outside Clean Power and AEDB has seen.
  2. Fuel Cell Research Project: This was Rs. 50 lakh project which had to be given to a private company as AEDB wanted to purchase a fuel cell from a foreign company and under some regulations couldn’t do it directly. So the project was given to Clean Power, which used Rs. 4 lakh to purchase a fuel cell and give it to AEDB. Thus, AEDB spent 50 lakh rupees to buy a 4 lakh rupees machinery.
  3. 100 Solar Homes projects in each province: The villages were electrified, but no one has ever seen the villages.
  4. Pilot Project of Production Plant of Biodiesel: The 2.14 caror rupees project was given to a company of a close “associate” of Brig. Nasim Akhtar Khan. The other companies were rejected because of “undisclosed” reasons, as explained by Brig. Nasim Akhtar in his official letter to one of the companies. He also explained that the elimination procedure was very high standard. However, he did not mention that all of the companies who were rejected in the first round had submitted Financial Feasibilities of less than one caror, while the company which won the bid had submitted a financial feasibility of rupees two caror. The project intended to provide electricity to a village using loacally grown biodiesel. However, at the end of the year the villagers were powering their village using diesel purchased from local petrol pump, and it was found out that during the inauguration, the biodiesel seeds were purchased from an international supplier just for the ceremony. Thus, on ground the only worthwhile expenditure was a Rs. 5 lakh generator from a Rs. 2 caror project.
  5. Solar Thermal Power Plants Technologies: This Rs. 4 caror project was carried out directly by the Brig. Nasim Akhtar Khan. Nobody knows who was given the contract to. However, the money was given to somebody.
  6. Solar Water Pumping & Desalination Unit: Of the 3.3 carors, only one desalination plant was purchased which was then stolen by an AEDB official.
  7. Development of an Electrical Vehicle: The project was meant to indigenously develop an electric vehicle. However, of the Rs. 3 million, half a million were spent to purchase an electric vehicle from oversees, and then it was repainted (literally) to make it look like “Made in Pakistan”. The vehicle can still be seen standing inside the Prime Minister House of Pakistan.
  8. Research on Development of 1 KW Fuel Cell Vehicle: The project was intended to develop indigenously the capabilities. However, the fuel cell purchased in the previous project was put in the electric vehicle purchased in another project. Thus, the 40 lakh rupees of this project went straight into the pocket of the bidder – may God Bless the Bidder who achieved the aim without spending a single paisa – truly a miracle which can only happen in Pakistan. What a country?
  9. Development of supply chain mechanism for pedal generator, hand generator and led lanterns: The project went to Clean Power, who bought a couple of cycles, connected them with fans and gave it to the AEDB. Thus, the government purchased two bicycles, as the cost of Rs. 15 lakh each.
  10. Feasibility for waste energy plants in ten (10) cities of Pakistan: No one alive is said to have seen the feasibility reports. That was enough incentive to stop our investigation for this project.

The list just keeps on going, however, it is hoped this small overview would give a good look at what went on inside AEDB in its first four years.

AEDB Today

After the current government takeover, Air Marshal Raja Shahid Hamid was one of the first persons to go. His number two had been called back to his army unit a few months back, after General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had taken command as COAS. The tenacious Irfan Afzal Mirza is still at AEDB working as Director General in the MP-II equivalent grade. After all, if you would give 60% of whatever you earn to your boss with no questions asked, of course your boss would fight tooth and nail to keep you working under him as well.

Electricity Story

The dreaded load-shedding continues.

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    One typical example is the criminal silence across the board by all Pakistani Journalists on Nazir Naji’s use of abusive language against another junior journlaist. Isn’t it shameful for those preists cum journalists who could not gather moral courage to utter a single word to condemn this disgusting behaviour of a disgusting fellow journalist?

    Many of these journalists have received favours from other corrupts and criminals of society, acting as partners in their crimes. Not all journalists are corrupt but at least one crime has been committed by all the journalists, and that is the Silence to cover crimes of their fellows.

    PKPolitics will make an effort to expose such black sheep to set a good example of Citizen Journalism and to bring out the hidden truth.

    This is part-1 of a series of stories exposing scams and corruption scandals of some Pakistani Journalists. It is about a journalist who can be easily called the Al Capone of Pakistani journalism, Mohammad Malick. Some details with documentary evidences are attached on this page.

    Details of his plot scams and benefits from different Governments are as follows:

    1- Advertising Agency and Production House: (Media Magic and Pink Productions)
    2- ESP Initiatives (his recreational company that was given 25 acres land in Islamabad)
    3- Marketing Head of PTV with Rs 0.5 million per month salary under Musharraf Regime
    4- Was allotted a Category 1 plot of 500 square yards in Islamabad
    5- Malick Zong


    1- Advertising Agency and Production House:

    a- According to official website of Board of Investment (BOI), Media Magic is registered in the name of “Malik Muhammad Malick”. Muhammad Malick used to run his advertising business while being a journalist. He was among defaulters of PTV but no one could dare to ask him any question because of his journalistic influence. According to official documents [3.3MB] presented by the PTV before a subcommittee of Senate Standing Committee on Information Broadcasting, Media Magic defaulted PTV with an amount of Rs 15.311 million (5.343 + 5.615 + 4.353 = 15.311).

    Mohammad Malick – Board of Investment

    b- The other company Pink Production is basically registered in the name of Anila Malick, wife of Muhammad Malick. However, the business of this company was also controlled by Muhammad Malick according to almost everyone in PTV. According to same document [3.3MB] , Pink Production also defaults PTV with an amount of Rs 15.381 million ( 10.733 + 4.648 = 15.381 ).

    2- ESP Initiatives (his recreational company that was given 25 acres land in Islamabad)

    Musharraf’s misrule of the last 9 years also saw a major development project on the land around the Rawal Dam, Islamabad as a Public Recreational Park.

    The land allocated for the project was substantial and was located in an area with astronomical property prices. In off the record conversations, honest and upstanding CDA officials revealed that the whole project was a huge scam meant to grab this piece of real estate for the land mafia. Without the phony Public Park project, it would have been impossible for the land mafia of Islamabad to get their hands on this real estate because the original Islamabad Master Plan explicitly forbade its use for residential developments. According to reliable sources within the CDA, the allotments of portions of this land were made only to line the pockets of several high level power brokers within the Musharraf regime.

    The unnamed CDA sources further reveal that the main beneficiary of this massive fraud was Muhammad Malick who got 25 acres of this land. In comparison, the remaining 9 parties got 3 to 9 acres in the same area. The allotment process of the land was completely fraudulent and without due process. Muhammad Malick dealt with different officials within the CDA using his influence. He used multiple channels of authority to get the 25 acres allotted to him by hook or by crook. Malick played his cards beautifully and one of his most ingenious maneuvers was to show himself as the sole proprietor/owner of a new company “Esp Initiatives”. This shell company had no documented experience in recreational real estate development while the regulations in the allotment process called for a company with extensive international experience in the field.

    The CDA sources disclosed that the estimated earning potential of this piece of real estate was around Rs.62.5 million (Rs.6.25 Crore) while it was allotted to Muhammad Malick for the paltry sum of Rs.0.3 million (Rs.3 Lakhs) per annum. According to the CDA sources, this allotment to Muhammad Malick was the largest single land allotment to an individual in Pakistani history looking at land prices.

    The lease agreement of this land between Muhammad Malick and CDA is attached in this document [3.3MB].

    3- Marketing Head of PTV with Rs 0.5 million per month salary under Musharraf Regime

    Malick joined PTV as its marketing head in 2007. His monthly package there was about Rs 500,000. He was at the same time running his own business of advertising agencies and become a defaulter of PTV in this regard as mentioned above.

    4- Was alloted a Category 1 plot of 500 square yards in Islamabad

    During all this process, yet another wheeling and dealing was going on between CDA and FGEHF which was facilitated by non other than Muhammad Malick. This was meant to create some plots in luxurious sector I-8 of Islamabad where in fact no plots were available. Plots in these luxurious sectors, where price of a Category-1 plot measuring 500 square yards now approaches to Rs 30 to Rs 40 million, are created by finishing green belts and playgrounds. However, in this classic case some six plots were created by shifting six vacant plots of CDA official’s quota to FGEHF. Present CDA officers did so because the experience of recent years has shown that by the time CDA officials qualify for the plots after acquiring relevant experience they are transferred from CDA. According to this deal, which was finalized with mediation of Muhammad Malick, CDA officials and all the six members were given the offer of allotment of one plot each in far-flung sector G-14 so in return they were to create and give six plots to FGEHF. This story is available on The News Website with the heading “Complicated issue of plot allotments in Islamabad!”.

    One of these plots in I-8 was also allotted to Muhammad Malick in return of his services during the deal. As everyone in CDA and all concerned government departments knew about this allotment to Muhammad Malick, which was made in complete violation of rules, DG-FGEHF had also verified this allotment on record. However, DG-FGEHF was left with no option but to shift this I-8 plot of Muhammad Malick in G-14 , as those journalists who were allotted plots in G-14 started compelling the whole government machinery to transfer their plots in I-8 as well.

    Allottment of plot to Malick was completely illegal. He never applied for the plot. His application number on his allotment letter is given as “Zero”. While talking to the @admin of PKPolitics, he claimed that he had applied in 2004, but in fact he hadn’t applied and documents didn’t show his name even in the waiting seniority list which was prepared in 2005 after allotment of plots to 168 journalists under a devised and publicized policy. His application was later kept in the record in connivance of information ministry officials. His allotment was made secretly. He didn’t deserve a category-1 plot. No allotments could be made in sector I-8. Even in sector G-14 his allotment was illegal by all means made in complete violation of rules and regulations and secretly. It was made purely on the basis of his influence as being a journalist . His allotment letter is attached [1.5MB].

    5- Malick Zong

    Beside all this CDA officials say that after launching of a cellular company Zong last year, it was Muhammad Malick, who controlled all affairs of this company which were connected with CDA. He managed to get NOCs for the Zong towers erected in capital territory. Malik is known circles of CDA as Malick Zong.

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    { 116 comments… read them below or add one }

    Saeed Afzal said:

    Thank you Admin PKpolitics for opening debate on this very sensitive topic

    So long as all these corrupt journalists keep supporting Bhutto family, they all can get away.
    The most shocking example of Journalistic Corruption is when last month in London, Zardari gave a bouquet of flowers to Altaf Hussain and touched his feet and apologised from Him for calling MQM being the dirty baby of Gen Zia. I am surprised the even journalists of the level of Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid Masood, Talat Hussain, Javed Chaudhry did not have the courage to question PPP and I would call it a criminal silence. What I also heard that in the same meeting Altaf Hussain told Zardari, ‘You are dirty NRO baby of Gen Musharraf ‘. NO journalist have really highlighted that Gen Musharraf has bought a new house in the Edgware Area of London.
    Don’t blame people like Nazir Naji, Athar Abbas, Najam Sethi. Arshaad Ahmed Haqqani – these all are on the pay-roll of Peoples Party.
    Only 6 weeks ago all these paid (mentioned above) Journalists were saying that the Talibans can capture Islamabad any time and Army Action must start immediatel, and nearly 7 weeks on the Army has not been able to get hold in Swat. The level of Corruption is very very very high in PPP supporting Journalists.
    3 June 2009 at 12:38 pm
    CommonSense said:

    Nazir Naji is a pig and we should all flood Jang Group with emails to fire him. Same with this new Zardari of journalists M Malick. Thank you PKPOLITICS for exposing these thugs and black mailers in the cloak of journalism.
    3 June 2009 at 12:48 pm
    justice said:

    great job admin keep it up

    BTW i am shocked because this guy replaces hamid mir in capital talk
    3 June 2009 at 12:55 pm
    supercreature said:

    I wait for some people coming out of their hidings to defend Mallick as well … like they did in case of Nazir Naji … I remember one fellow even abused me here as well in his “mother tongue”, definding Naji and trying to prove the recording is fake ….although it was proven on media by many sources as true recording.
    I agree with you people who have p”gs genes have no shame like Naji and his defenders
    3 June 2009 at 12:57 pm
    Cogito-Ergo-Sum said:

    @Saeed Afzal

    “The most shocking example of Journalistic Corruption is when last month in London, Zardari gave a bouquet of flowers to Altaf Hussain and touched his feet and apologised from Him for calling MQM being the dirty baby of Gen Zia. I am surprised the even journalists of the level of Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid Masood, Talat Hussain, Javed Chaudhry did not have the courage to question PPP and I would call it a criminal silence. What I also heard that in the same meeting Altaf Hussain told Zardari, ‘You are dirty NRO baby of Gen Musharraf ‘. NO journalist have really highlighted that Gen Musharraf has bought a new house in the Edgware Area of London.”

    You have been crying about this incident for weeks now, and really we are sick of this repeated story plzzzz stop quoting this story again and again !
    3 June 2009 at 1:14 pm
    Ghazala said:

    Well, we must expose such black sheeps in the journalists community and this article is an eye opener. We also must keep an eye on the conduct of these journalists, for example the following article:

    When we are talking about justice and equality then it should be for everyone.
    3 June 2009 at 1:15 pm
    saname said:

    Thanks for staring this thread. I always had an opinion that the journalist community should also be held accountable as well. Why these journalists can blast any politician just for a single sentence said in the past and blackmail or downgrade them. These are the terrorists in their own way. they make and break the govts. I am not talking here about all the journalists. I respect many new faces and especially the mainstream anchors, who I believe ( i hope i am right ) are sincere and corruption free. I hate the old babas in this field who have been ruling the print media ( unlike electronic media ) for decades. I am so glad that the people have started questioning them as well. The journalists want the politicians and generals to be transparent and sincere but at the same time dont apply these golden rules when it comes to their own community. I cant believe so many of our columnists and editors change the tone of their columns and editorials so easily. Just follow some of these guys and read the columns written by some of these over last 2 years. You will be surprised to know that the same guy has taken 180 degree turn. I wish someone talks about other big wigs in the field like Najam sethi, shami, zia shahid, abbas athar, asadullah ghalib, ata ul haq qasmi. luqman, and many others. I may be wrong about some of these guys. Apologies if I am wrong, but I have a feeling that majority of these and many others I dont remember now, are corrupt to the core.
    Everyone needs to be accountable. We need to scrutinize judges, generals, politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, until we find purists. Its slow and steady but we are on the track now. I can understand that the ideal situation never exists but still the things can get better than how they are right now.

    Long live Pakistan, Long live hard working sincere and beautiful common people of Pakistan.
    3 June 2009 at 1:19 pm
    azeem1 said:

    there is a criminal silence from journalists because IS HAMAM MAIN SAB NANGA HAIN…. including our favorites like hamid mir and talat.
    3 June 2009 at 1:23 pm
    azeem1 said:

    to all

    just by the way, why all these heavy weight corrupts are somehow linked to jang group.
    3 June 2009 at 1:25 pm
    Aseer said:


    My favourite journalist is Haroon-ur-Rasheed. I hope he is above board. In the English press, I admire Ardashir Cowasjee though I do not always agree with him. I hope he is safe, too.

    By the way, Ansar Abbasi and Dr Shahid Masood did protest about the abuse of privileges enjoyed by journalists. Also, Irfan Siddiqui did write about Busharraf’s purchase of a property in London’s Edgware Road.
    3 June 2009 at 1:27 pm
    azeem1 said:

    ansar abbasi did protest after returning his own plot, meaning he is nau momin. shahid masood is I think a category above. he would not indulge in a small business.

    irfan siddqi is selective in criticism. adha such is even worse.
    3 June 2009 at 1:37 pm
    Shah30 said:

    Interestingly, Mr. Tahir Khan of Inter Flow owes more than 60 million rupees to PTV. This person is the most corrupt person in the mass communication sector. He always starts his conversation with ” Ye Sub Tumhara Karam he Aaqa ke baat ab tuk bani hoi he”

    The owner of Tv One, i wonder Mr. Luqman of TV One ever had guts to expose his master in any of his show.

    This guy is also defaulter to various banks and had obtained financial benefits during different regime.

    I dont know to which “AAQA” he praises in his statements, obviously not the “AAQA” of poor Pakistani people.
    3 June 2009 at 1:40 pm
    azeem1 said:

    sub zor e bian hai
    kirdar ka kahat hai.
    3 June 2009 at 1:40 pm
    ahmed said:

    one thing i cant under is why journalists, judges, gov officials and army are alloted plots? They have choosed this profession by their choice, why they are awared with plotts? what good all these people of done for the nation that they are “allotted” plots? Who ever claims a plot for nothing should be ashamed, they dont deserve the salaries they get leave alone plot allotment…shame of all these.
    3 June 2009 at 1:53 pm
    SnrCtzn said:

    1. The whole ’state of Denmark’ was once mired/bogged down in the most & highest form corruption/dirty wheeling s & dealings & what not.
    2. According to one of William Shakespeare’s popular play ‘Hamlet’ Marcellus says this quote about Denmark:-
    So he is asking ‘Is there a foul smell, or what foul actions are happening’ in Denmark? ………..!
    3. Any comparisons………?
    3 June 2009 at 1:54 pm
    ahmed said:

    i think most of the people in all parts of life has looted pakistan in one way or another, i think we deserve where we are today…
    3 June 2009 at 1:55 pm
    s t said:

    every body in our country is abusing the system, God help us. When some thing come to the surface we start comparing each others nasty deeds. The same is with these so called pseudo intellectuals, they are all the same, elders think they are have 40-50 years experience so not to be mentioned , let alone to be questioned; they have become HOLY COWS. while the youngsters or the juniors think they are smart enough not to be caught and can hide under the Umbrella of their Organizations Integrity.
    3 June 2009 at 1:58 pm
    sefasne said:

    “ISS HAMMAM MEIN SAB NANGEY HEIN”. i personally know a prominent Columnist and an Anchor of a current affairs show on a TV channel, who nowadays writes against Musharraf. But while Musharraf was in still in office and was interviewed by this journalist. At the end of the meeting, he was asked by Musharraf, just as a courtesy if he could do something for the Journalist. And the Journalist/Anchor requested for help in getting MEMBERSHIP TO THE ISLAMABAD CLUB. Musharraf duly obliged and this man stopped writing against Musharraf until re-emergence of Zardari and Sharifs. This journalist belongs to same district in Pakistan and comes from same clan as I am. But I don’t wish to name him. Nowadays he is portraying himself Holier than Thou.
    3 June 2009 at 2:33 pm
    brig tm said:

    It takes a lot of guts to expose these pigs,i salute the @admin for his courage and sheer exellence in getting all the proofs against this scum (malick).I sincerely believe that mr mustafa should send all these proofs to CJ and ask for a suo moto action on this blatant corruption.
    Now these people will come after mr mustafa like a pack of dogs and he should be carefull and he has all our support in this matter.Again my advice would be to ask CJ IMC to take action on these people of the gutter.Khanzir naji is not even worth writing about and jang group is a blackmailer and always shelters these kind of people so dont bother sending them the mails as they continue to give ashirwad to khanzir najis of this world..
    3 June 2009 at 2:42 pm
    Aseer said:


    Are personal loyalties more important than loyalty to Pakistan? Please name the culprit.

    Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Sahib! You have the most difficult, the most stressful job in the whole of Pakistan. Can you clean out the filthy, stinking mess that is our Pakistan today!
    3 June 2009 at 2:52 pm
    pakistanimunda said:

    Corruption is plaguing the whole country. I am utterly disappointed at Malick’s actions… All these years I considered him as a clean slated journalist. Government should confiscate land from these corrupt journalists and stop this menace of plot culture in our society. I have come to the conclusion, the more previliged you are in Pakistan the more corrupt you become. Unfortunately. Greed is what is eating the whole society.
    3 June 2009 at 3:55 pm
    JavedKhan said:

    @Cogito-E-S………..& @Supercreature

    I fully endorse the view point of Saeed Afzal above that for nearly 35 years, yes 35 years, repeat for 35 years Benazir and PPP were accusing MQM being a creation of Gen Zia. She throughout her life blamed MQM for everything. Benazir accused JI for helping Mujahideen in Afghan war, lately she was not a fan of Imran Khan either, and she also side-lined Aitezaz Hasan for taking side of Chief Justice Iftikhar. Benazir was the one who spread the corruption at every level and bomb culture in our Country. Benazir was the biggest rumourmonger of all times.

    And when she wanted to return to Karachi on 18 Oct 2006, she only managed after apologising from Altaf Hussain. I am not a supporter of Altaf Hussain, because there are 92 murder cases registered against him and he also killed Hakeem Saeed for a ranson of 1 crore and he has killed Army Major. But the thing is PPP’s will sell their mothers just to get into power whether they have to settle with MQM or Maulana Diesel.

    Just read what @supercreature has said above that people will soon come out of hiding in support of this idiot M Malik and you didn’t waste too long to come out in the support of M Malik. Although your comment is directed at Saeed Afzal but as someone just said above that ‘KHAMOSHI NEEM RAZA HAI ‘ so if you have not said anything about M Malik then you have just wasted your time and energy because it is was these bloody journalists who did not gave the extensive coverage of Zardari – Altaf flower exchanging.

    This is what precisely we are discussing here because during that ceremony only PTV and Dunya TV (of Najam Sethi) were allowed to film that ceremony. Journalists were told that their reporting will be scrutinized and that scene was broadcasted only once where Zardari touches the feet of Altaf Hussain.

    All journalists were briefed what to broadcast and recently there have been some frauds in shipping transactions and millions have been swindled in Scraping an old Ship near Dubai (brought to Gwadar) for a very high value and some MQM and PPP ministers are involved. When this was leaked out Zardari gave instructions that this should not be aired and thats why bloody Kamran Khan never discussed this in his show ‘Aaj Kamran Khan ke sath’.
    For 35 years Benazir and PPP have been fooling the nation about MQM and JI and when it is to their advantage they (or You) can kill Hakeem Saeed, Azeem Tariq, Murtaza Bhutto( and Benazir) and sign NRO. All I can say well done you bloody journalists.

    Good topic started – Admin PK
    3 June 2009 at 4:01 pm
    justice said:

    @ ahmed
    i believe for the first time it was after 65 war that for those army officers who were killed during the war,ayub khan recommended one residential plot to their families.It was fair i believe to support the families of the the officers who gave their lives for the country.

    But the KING of PLOT Politics was NAWAZ SHARIF.He as the CM of Punjab had distributed high valued plots like he was the king.Then it became a tradition to pay in the form of plots which can easily be converted to US dollars
    3 June 2009 at 4:11 pm
    bechari-awam said:

    Welcome back GM (or you were always here anyway 😉 )
    Its a real shame that a guy who proclaims, “kahnay mein kiya harj hay” is himself involved in this sh!t for so long. I guess he should add a sentence to his promo, “aur wohi corrupt journalist, wohi plottoan ka khail…”. This should be investigated to it’s fullest. Does Ansar Abbasi has the guts to confront his newspaper editor or will he sit down and wait for other journalists to break this story in the press.
    3 June 2009 at 5:24 pm
    Paf123 said:

    I think it is a good effort to bring these issues out. Media should be accountable and should form a self regulatory authority for these types of issues. Why not!!
    Another angle of this issue is — journalist and media getting money/favors from the foreign governments. There have been reports about journalists getting money from Gulf states especially Saudi Arabia for pushing their agenda. I believe that is as much criminal as getting favor from Government of Pakistan. Probably worst…….
    3 June 2009 at 6:37 pm
    bumpy_ride said:

    Guys, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. I wish i could share the stories well known in the journalist community. However, I will give you one small bit of information that could open your minds to the scale of institutionalized corruption in the print media.

    One of my cousin joined Khabrain a few years back. He asked for the salary package. In his words, his question led to anguished and shocked faces. He was told that as a journalist, he was not only to earn for himself but for the newspaper as well and no body care how he is to achieve the monthly target.
    3 June 2009 at 6:47 pm
    rsjjrsjj said:

    salam to everyone.

    I guess the right thing to do is send an email or letter to these people or their employers and letting them know that we are going to bycot and not buy their product/newpaper or watch their channel untill they clear the whole issue.

    In Nazir Naji’s case i did sent an email to Jang askig them to stop publishing his column, but as usual no repsonse.

    Does anyone know the email address for Nazir Naji and Malick and their phone numbers, so we all can register our protest. I am sure everyone will agree that while we register our protest we need to be civilised and not do or say things which these people did.
    3 June 2009 at 6:57 pm
    Opportunity said:

    All journalists were briefed what to broadcast and recently there have been some frauds in shipping transactions and millions have been swindled in Scraping an old Ship near Dubai (brought to Gwadar) for a very high value and some MQM and PPP ministers are involved. When this was leaked out Zardari gave instructions that this should not be aired and thats why bloody Kamran Khan never discussed this in his show ‘Aaj Kamran Khan ke sath’.
    For 35 years Benazir and PPP have been fooling the nation about MQM and JI and when it is to their advantage they (or You) can kill Hakeem Saeed, Azeem Tariq, Murtaza Bhutto( and Benazir) and sign NRO. All I can say well done you bloody journalists.

    Just curious, how do you know all of this ?
    3 June 2009 at 7:13 pm
    freemason said:

    Shouldn’t we as citizens also launch a protest with the institutions which employ and protect such corrupt people. We should flood the mail boxes of Geo/Jang group and register our protest with them, boycott their products, stop putting their shows online, urge different advertising companies not to do business with them etc. Just venting our frustration on forums like these makes no difference to these vultures.
    3 June 2009 at 7:17 pm
    bhola said:

    would be a good idea to give email, phone numbers of the employers whenever someone is exposed like that so that we can register our protest. I personally would like to have emails and phone numbers of the person concerned but I am not sure if its possible for pkpolitics for legal reasons.
    3 June 2009 at 7:38 pm
    SherryShamsi said:

    Big money comes with big corruption always. You can see this in Army, Judiciary, & in Journalism too. & they hardly/never criticise their henchmen, always criticising politicians, because that’s easy &traditional, by the way that happens in every country even in UK, bankers got millions, but people are worry bout £10 spent on adult movie by MPs husband.

    This is really appreciating that Admin is starting this discussion. Now journalist don’t require to become Mushahid Hussain (politician) to earn money, they can remain journalist, keep criticising politicians, raising non issues &get rich. People must know about this ‘media clergy’ too. These ‘dabba peers(fake saints)’ are effecting people’s sense of analysis, & keeping them in dark from real issues. If Pakistan won’t get out of their poison now, it won’t be out ever.
    3 June 2009 at 7:54 pm
    BA said:

    Who will expose the PKPolitics and its agenda?
    3 June 2009 at 7:54 pm
    bechari-awam said:

    “Who will expose the PKPolitics and its agenda?”

    why don’t you cast the first stone?
    3 June 2009 at 8:00 pm
    squreshi said:

    I am not surprised to read and see this corruption of Malick. Dear countrymen, i know very famous and sacred journalists, who write columns and air tv shows, involved in corruption. i don’t name them as i don’t have documentary evidence against them. 95 % of them are corrupt. this issue has never been highlighted by famous anchors like talat, shahid masood, hamid mir, kamran khan and many others. they call politicians on TV and disgrace them. why don’t they call brother journalists and expose them? the answer is very simple ” Iss Hamam mein saray hi nangay hain”. But i appreciate Pkpolitics for exposing this corruption.
    3 June 2009 at 8:03 pm
    QAMAR RAZA said:

    Dear all, please act in such a way, and prepare ordinary people arround you by telling them about this whole mess till people come out with their sleepers in their hands and enter Islamabad.

    These polticians and other symbols like journalists tell nothing but a lie

    they do nothing but anything which helps them make money

    they are not sincere with Pakistan but ………..

    They are happy with the symbol of Taliban as it helps them make money and kill the poor people (Like Zardari is asking for more with open dirty mouth, MQM is killing Pakistanis themselves and putting it in Taliban’s acount

    They talk about Sidhies, Punjabees, Balochis, Pushtoons but not about Pakistan nto about the common thing that we are muslims

    Anyway we should not expect any good from this lot, prepare yourself and the people for the ultimate solution
    3 June 2009 at 8:17 pm
    agrana75 said:

    Well, lets see how many other big names are exposed. ..
    But the thing is, who will take the action against such corruption? Every one will forget soon just like Nazir Naji abuses.After few days of his abuses scandal, Hamid Mir invited him in his programme to condemn Taliban and didnt say anything against Nazir Nazi third class attitutde.
    3 June 2009 at 8:34 pm
    sagaciouscorpion said:

    Wel done admin…

    I am waiting for an episode on Hamid Mir… His atitude is a bit fishy since a bit of time..
    3 June 2009 at 9:02 pm
    BA said:

    First of all I am glad that Admin didn’t use his/her moderation scissors to cut my comment. That is good.

    By the way, without any wrong doing ( except today, which I might say, blasphemy) my name has always remained in the ‘bad guys’ list compiled by PKPolitics.

    I always put forward my arguments with fair analysis and reasoning but whenever I crossed the threshold of Raiwind, my comments always got no-approval. This is not how we carry and promote the intellectual debates.

    why don’t you cast the first stone?”

    Here are a few pebbles:

    1: Why we always see character assassination campaigns on PKPolitics only against people who sympathize with PPP?

    2: Is everybody across the political/journalistic spectrum sacred except PPP and its followers? If not, then why mud-slinging is the destiny of only pro-government people here on our beloved forum?

    3: Medical Dr Shahid Masood, recommended in one of his articles ( Jang), what he has to do with this forum? I never had any doubt about that opportunist guy. Since he was kicked off from PTV, he is spreading venom against PPP government and generating disappointment among the nation. What is the synchronization between this Dr and PkPolitics?

    4: Who is the sponsor of PKPolitics? I am sure running expense of a web site like this cannot be handled by paid subscription -btw- I am a paid subscriber.

    5: Why we don’t know the name of the person who runs this forum, everywhere else a public forum knows the proprietors but here we don’t know except “Dear Admin”, why?

    If somebody could please shed light on these issues, then our debate can go on.
    3 June 2009 at 9:11 pm
    sagaciouscorpion said:


    (If this goes through moderation)

    I request admin….

    and all of you …

    write to Shahid Masoood… to release the information he got by the audit of PTV here…

    It would definitely be worth reading..
    3 June 2009 at 9:14 pm
    swat yosufzai said:

    Nazeer Naji chardtay suraj kiy pujari ,,
    kal tak Musharraf ki godh main tha Ab PPP our Ghaddai ki Himahati…
    3 June 2009 at 9:28 pm
    Aseer said:


    You have a point. It would be nice if the owners of this website would disclose their names. Possibly, they hide their identities to protect themselves. I don’t know. Perhaps they should tell us why.

    We can speculate though.

    Since you appear to have reasonable grounds for the existence of a link between Dr Shahid Masood and administration, it is up to those gentlemen/ladies to confirm or deny it.

    Finally, would you clarify your own background, please?
    3 June 2009 at 9:54 pm
    mani fani said:

    salam,,, Men wy crying,, wy Sad upon all of that happening with us,,, Dead bodies have vultures in their destiny not hawks,, Humain kahan kahan say nahi noocha ja rha,, Hmary tun badan pay kapray ki aik daji nahi hai,, n We r being raped by these people,,,, But we r responsible for all of that …… As nation (kia karain kahna parta hai warna iis sfaid jhooth pay hansany ko dil karta hai) of 17 crore people ( is there any other word in the dictionary tat can easily describe us) we deserve it bcz we r dead (u can say Qabraistan instead f Pakistan),,,,, So no need to be cry,,,, Its our hisab kitab,,, Yeh azab k frishty musalt hain hum pay,,, Han there is a solution fr this n thts k we shud change ourselves,,, Im ready to change my self,,,, Who is being with me,, If i changed there will be change within whole society,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Agar un hi roona doona hai too alag baat warna hud ko badlna ho ga,,,,,,,,,,,,
    3 June 2009 at 10:32 pm
    SIJT said:

    I Think When Taliban were destroying the TV, they were 100% correct instead of watching and listning these crooks why don’t we invest our time on something benificial to us. These people are trader (Traiters) and salling their product and we are happily buying the garbage. I stop watching TV long time ago and trust me I have lot of time for my family, myself, and I start correcting my weakness which I never think of before. Let start changing our life and stop listning these liers, have fun with your love one spend time with your neighbours and relatives.
    3 June 2009 at 10:46 pm
    SIJT said:

    if you trust shahid Masood or others, be prepare for another dissappointment very soon. this is global business and they know how to play their game
    3 June 2009 at 10:49 pm
    Babloo said:


    Thats whats these media and these crooks journalist are doing.
    3 June 2009 at 11:35 pm
    Asim Sattar said:

    @democrate @dara

    please defend Nazir Naji, your boss (Zardari) will mind.
    3 June 2009 at 11:37 pm
    pak_78626 said:

    Thank you pk politics for expossing these bullies of media, these shameless journalists, many of them are lower than dogs or pigs shame on these bastar****DS.
    pls expossse wel known blackmailers like
    4 June 2009 at 12:08 am
    Javaid Khan said:

    Thank you Admin Bhai.

    you are the best. when it comes to exposing their own type, all journalists are quiet. Javed Choudhary, Nusrat Javed, Mushtaq Minhas, Hamid mir, Talat Hussain dont leave any stone unturned when it comes to politicians, judges or generals ( Quite rightly so), but they wont’ say a single word about their own types.

    What a hypocracy..
    4 June 2009 at 12:57 am
    bechari-awam said:

    “…I stop watching TV long time ago….”

    bhai then what are you doing over here. This website is basically for people who watch political talk shows and then have discussions on them. You are telling us that all of your comments are made without even watching the shows.
    4 June 2009 at 1:23 am
    Hizbullah Khan Dawar said:

    excellent effort…
    I read Nazir Naji’s articles….. It is v informative…… You know how….
    This shameless person has a great inner information source….. and sense the forthcoming changes…… and when he start writing against a particular person then it means that that person is loosing ground….
    He was supporter of musharaf and then he started writing His Name as Go musharaf GO in his articles some one month before he resign…
    The same was his attitude against CJ and then he some how develop soft corner for him..
    I think Mullana desil and Naji are two sides of one coin and u can predict things by listening to one and reading other and monitering their changing stance ….lol
    they are surag maki of our system……….hmmmmmmmmm I am sorry to resemble them with a flower …. infact they are shit of our system but just to explain my point I used this example….
    and regarding Mr Malik………..
    there are thousand more…. like him…..
    but I am happy for our country future….
    if we keep on exposing them … one day we will get ride of these Bust++rds
    4 June 2009 at 4:18 am
    rebhos said:

    Jornalist are also Pakistanis. The entire country is corrupt and the 180 million coward and shameless sheep are sleeping. If they do not wake up and kick them, they deserve to be kicked by these corrupt people.
    Presently all these corrupt people know that whatever we say, it is “LET THE DOG BARK ON THE STREET”.
    4 June 2009 at 4:43 am
    wbuttar said:

    very well done Pkpolitics. Thanks for sharing.
    4 June 2009 at 5:08 am
    JanuJerman Khan said:

    we should also unmask treacherous policies of leading news papers who always worship the “rising starts” like in urdu it said “charhtay suraj kay pujari”

    these news papers follow policy of fazul-ur-rahman that is to be with the government of time no matter who is in power

    Jang group is one of those leading worshiper of incumbent government.

    They run media campaigns for government, like GEO ran campaigns for hadud-ordinance, lal-masjid, swat operation etc they target to shift public opinion in favor of government -that is where journalist like Malick come in to play -they work for government in disguise.
    4 June 2009 at 5:18 am
    imran.khan said:

    Assalam o Allikum.

    Great job!
    4 June 2009 at 5:28 am
    sarwarkiani said:

    I am totaly disappointed by these two shameless journalists. (Naji) very sad very sad, what HAVE YOU LEARNT IN 50 YEARS OF YOUR CARRIER. WEL DONE AHMED NOORANI. Brother you did what so called journalists like NAJI could not do in 50 years.
    4 June 2009 at 5:42 am
    Cogito-Ergo-Sum said:


    “Jang group is one of those leading worshiper of incumbent government.

    They run media campaigns for government, like GEO ran campaigns for hadud-ordinance, lal-masjid, swat operation etc they target to shift public opinion in favor of government -that is where journalist like Malick come in to play -they work for government in disguise.” >>>> You didn’t mention Geo’s long campaign for the restoration of IMC ? was that also for the govt.’s support ?
    BTW why are you so disturbed if Geo TV ran compaign against Zia’s Hadud Ordinance, Kalishankov Shariah of Lal Masjid, and now Taliban savages of Swat ????
    4 June 2009 at 5:42 am
    mansoor chaudhry said:

    Great job, these sacred cows should be dragged down in streets.
    I have a question, why Jang group have these kind of sacred cows on its panels. I thought that Nazir Naji would have been fired but his caloum is still on jang page.

    Does Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman has some intrest in it after all he is a businessman.
    4 June 2009 at 5:52 am
    scary said:

    Well done Admin. We all stand behind you as you expose these thief’s who have sucked our country dry. Expose them one by one. But the best part would be if you also expose those who benefit from there cowardly acts.

    Take them on one by one. Don’t leave any one behind or you would loose your credibility. Like always it will be the poor private sector who will sort the mess out. Don’t count on the so called “leaders”

    At long last we are going to see our hero’s come down on there knees. I can hardly wait.

    By the way lets all demand that he should be tried and held accountable.
    4 June 2009 at 5:52 am
    truepakistani said:

    Jang newspaper since past several decades using opportunist attitude to get undue benefits. Now, it has rised upto highest peeksand turned into icon in industry where they can destabilize any government.

    Most prominent blacksheeps of yellow journalism have been engaged by JANG GROUP to achieve its motives. Nazir Naji, Malick Zong, Kamran Khan etc. are best examples.

    As a business tactics JANG GROUP also engage some men of principles like ansar abbasi, and also project some peoples interest oriented tasks like Judges issue etc.

    Both the sides of pictures make JANG GROUP most popular icon in people. Means, no principle at all just play the game and get the money.

    Ayub Khan rightly exposed Mir KhalilurRehman in 60’s saying him “opportunist’ who writes in Rawalpindi one viewpoint and in Karachi different view on same issue.

    Jnag Group is no doubt very high level blackmailers, Zia Shahid learned the same lession and adopted same policy and introduced latest model of organized blaikmailing “Khabrain”.

    Then comes some other small level newspapers.

    It is fact that most of the newspapers do not pay to correspondances and openly asks them to get money by blackmailing and also give portion of that blackmailing amounts to newspaper owners.

    During last 25 years, some journalists and most of the MUllas have turned to be millionairs/billionairs and people on bicyles are now having Landcruisers, Plots, Banglows, Bank balance, foreign properties, foregin trips, having families in foreign countries, having foreign Bank accounts, spending leaves with family abroad.

    It is fact that students having low merit unable to get admission in important subjects always get admission in journalism in universities.

    People of such a low merit now have turned to be so important in media forum and getting millions in cash and plots etc.

    Mullas always having ROTIES/KHANA 7 LIBAS as KHERAT/SADQA donated by Mohalla people are now millionair, having landcruisers, big houses, jeeps, number of armed guards and running Madrissah business and also enjoying NUISANCE in society.

    It is impossible now to safe guard our country by the common man, only and only Allah can do that.
    4 June 2009 at 8:21 am
    Nido said:

    Good Attempt Admin
    Nazir Naji is the bas***rd,i knew him even b4 this recording.Abbas Ather,Imtiaz Alam,Assad ullah Ghalib,Nusret Javed,Hassan Nisar,Pervaiz Hudd Bhai,Arshad Ahmad Haqani,Atta ul haq qasmil(Alway Praises Nawaz Sharif),Najam Sathi,Zia Shahid and Many more they all are on the payroll of India+Isrial+USA they are more dangerous than Taliban,Taliban Beheaded the people once for all and these culprits change the minds of people even worst.
    in addation u all must note that why GEO always promote India in its Entertainment news rather than Pakistan.
    Javed Ch,Talat Hussain,Mushtaq Minhas,Dr Safder Mahmood,Ansar Abbasi,Hamid Mir,Haroon Ur Rasheed,Irfan Saddique,oriya Maqbool Jan they sound and Seems Good i think they are +ve elements of this community.
    4 June 2009 at 8:26 am
    SnrCtzn said:

    @ B.A.
    Not a surprise to me, but these guys have SUCCESSFULLY managed to ‘read’ my comments sent just a few minutes back, & EXERCISED their “MODERATION” in order to completely WIPE-OFF my comments from their screen; despite the fact that I did not address or name their ‘admin’ as their guys/in-charge of their administration, which I usually do.
    My NEXT MISTAKE seems that I alluded to an ‘apprehension’ they could be a spy agency, which NOW is proved to be CORRECT? You plz be careful,too.
    I am DOUBTFUL IF, this comment of mine could stay on their screen for more than a few seconds, till one of their ’sniffers’ sniffs my remarks?
    4 June 2009 at 8:38 am
    Javaid Khan said:


    Agree with your list of bad guys except for Atta ul Haq Qasmi. He is basically a writer and

    poet in addition to being Column writer. He has family affiliation with Muslim League, thats

    why he always have good words for Nawaz Sharif but he is not for sale. He belongs to a

    respectable muslim league family,his father was a worker in Pakistan Movement.
    4 June 2009 at 9:42 am
    Aazian Aziz said:

    what should a poor man do who have nothing but to earn only his day to day livelihood, who never heard of economy, politics, bureaucracy and sociology, whose every sufferings are because of the leadership and after that because of this so called their representative, who are responsible to make their unheard and un-thought voices, who talk of equality and justice only and only to others, not have a single moment to look at him self in front of his bathroom mirror, this cartoons of our country spreads their roots from school, collages to presidential house. what will be the shape of our tomorrow and what will happen to the majority who don’t even think about himself and others. who don’t know the money which he earned by burning his blood and paid to government are spent and facilitate for and to whom and whom.
    what can be said for all those black and stone hearted journalists who know the situation and condition of our people and land, but still on one hand mix our blood with every of his night packs, and after wards come and play some verbal intercourse in TV shows for us, and on other we spreading our legs are happily listen to them and accept their views.
    4 June 2009 at 12:09 pm
    dot said:

    nice smear campaign 🙂
    4 June 2009 at 12:23 pm
    Ali Murtaza said:

    Great job admin. All these people should be exposed including Pakistani Army and Politicians
    4 June 2009 at 1:44 pm
    Imtiaz said:

    Its good to bring corrupt elements of the society to the limelight. This is a great forum for Pakistanis to share their genuine concerns about our national issues. But it looks like Jamaati campaigners are dominant here. Their dirty substance is spread all over Pkpolitics.
    4 June 2009 at 1:46 pm
    mansoor chaudhry said:

    the biggest mafia is Jang Group of newspapers. I can give a lot of examples, at the time they made money. later,,.
    4 June 2009 at 2:54 pm
    agrana75 said:

    @ admin:
    Good job, exposing such black sheep in our society is a great achievement. But I have a concern over it that just like Nazir Naji case, until and unless some official and judicial action is not taken up against these people , it is almost effortless to expose them. There should be some forum of lawyers which we should support financially to put such culprits on court trial.

    I am sure many lawyers are also visiting this website , who had contribution in the justice moment, they should come up with such a possibility that how we can systematize such trials…
    4 June 2009 at 3:05 pm
    SnrCtzn said:

    Just Curious. (A request to readers of Urdu daily ‘Jang.’)
    1.Could somebody please clarify what is the philosphy behind the word ‘Jang’ used by that Urdu newspaper since long?
    2. Since years this newspaper has carried it’s name in Urdu (as well as in Roman Urdu) as ‘Jang.’
    3.Is not more desirable & correct as ‘Jung’?
    4.Whatever; does it stand for it’s English (equivalent) word, WAR?
    5.If so,then why ‘WAR’ & why not the use of Urdu word ‘Amun’ or ‘Aman’ which in our religion of Islam is another meaning for PEACE?
    6.Or does ‘Jang’ also mean ’struggle’in Urdu?
    7.If so then struggle ‘for & against’ what & whom?
    8.I once asked one of it’s editors to clarify but he failed to satisfy my curiousty!
    4 June 2009 at 3:06 pm
    c hussain said:

    Although I have very high regard and respect for Nawaz Sharif for his courage to face the difficulties and torture inflicted on him by Musharraf but at the same time if we have to accept the responsiblity for our past sins then I am sure he would also admit that he was the one who brought down the politics level to corruption based on money. He was the one who would take one lac ruppees for signing jobs even to the level of a sweeper when he was Chief Minister of Punjab and also he was the one who introduced this corruption of buying journalists, politicians, members of assembly for his own survival. I hope he has learnt his lesson that money cannot buy everything but fear of God and love of Awam can make you invincible for this life and hereafter.

    He is no doubt doing a very good job now and hope that he would lead this country with full responsibility, maturity and wisdom.

    God bless him
    4 June 2009 at 3:30 pm
    c hussain said:

    Actually Jung was initially coined for struggle against the dominance of British and Congress when this paper was originally started in pre-partition days.
    4 June 2009 at 3:36 pm
    c hussain said:

    Jang is the oldest newspaper in Pakistan that has been in continuous publication since its inception in 1939. The name was coined to depict the struggle of Muslims for their identity and role although Pakistan was not coined as yet because Lahore Resolution was passed in 1940 a year later.
    4 June 2009 at 3:44 pm
    Ghost Of TK said:

    Journalists should be accountable just like everyone else, but I find it odd that the only kind of journalists attacked on PKP these days are those who seem to be against the Al-Qaeda proxies in journalism.

    Certainly we don’t have angels in the form of craven and shameless supporters of beheadings, killings and woman-floggings in the form of … umm… Let’s say, Ansar Abbasi?

    Also a nice way to distract attention from the abuse scandal unfolding against a PML-N member of parliament?

    Just my opinion of course.
    4 June 2009 at 3:57 pm
    Ghost Of TK said:

    Taliban aka Uncircumcised Hindu Warriors’ lovers:

    Stop supprting RAW and Alqaeda on this forum! Have some decency for crying out loud!
    4 June 2009 at 3:59 pm
    dark-democracy said:

    Are you sure the above post is from GTK?
    I have never read his/her post without the F word.
    It is quite weird to read GTK without x-rated language. Kahin main khwab to nahi dekh raha?
    4 June 2009 at 4:01 pm
    supercreature said:

    Gusy you have rightly said and pointed out many names like naji, Imtiaz Alam, Athar abbas … these are shameless creatures on earth hungry for money … blackmailers and gangsters
    4 June 2009 at 4:14 pm
    Ghost Of TK said:

    @supercreature: what about Ansar Abbasi ? Najm Sethi?

    Agreed that these three are shameless PZP supporters, but don’t let your eye off the ball. If there is to be accountability, then let us hang all the dirty laundry out to dry.
    4 June 2009 at 4:19 pm
    admin pkpolitics said:

    @Ghost Of TK,

    One journalist every week – No Sahafi Left Behind
    4 June 2009 at 5:26 pm
    Ghost Of TK said:

    @a-d-m-i-n: don’t get me wrong man! I really appreciate your efforts to take EVERYONE to task and to make a point that NO-ONE is a holy cow or above the law. Even the Sahafi’s or even the “Wukala”. I have been an un-flinching supporter of the Lawyers Movement for Rule of Law, but even if the Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry does something not right, then even HE should be exposed.

    No question about that! and thanks again for all your efforts and investigative journalism in keeping the fire lit under the toes of those who are influential and powerful in our society. Only by ruthless self criticism can we make Pakistan strong.

    This is what I believe.
    4 June 2009 at 5:29 pm
    admin pkpolitics said:

    @TK and everyone else,

    We have limited resources and we will not be able to investigate everyone. Therefore we may look biased by some when we publish against one and not other.

    I would suggest that everyone should participate and share any scams against anyone along with documentary evidence and we will publish it.
    4 June 2009 at 5:41 pm
    syed1508 said:

    Journalists are not from different planet. They are the same people like other in the society and IF these people had played honest and unbias role, things could have been better in Pakistan. Majority of journalists play in the hands of political leaders and establishment and their moral and character is zero and for money they would do any thing.
    In Musharraf tenure journalists got full freedom but they are unprofessional and have no maturity to deal with the problems in the society.
    They played nasty role with lawyers movement and received money in favour of opposition. They are spreading vulgarity and corrupting in our culture.
    In the end, they are the CANCER of our society which has no cure.
    4 June 2009 at 6:59 pm
    Hasanm said:

    “Hum ko rah-e-zindagi mein is qadar rahzann mile
    Rahnuma par bhi guman-e-rahnuma nahin hota”
    4 June 2009 at 8:06 pm
    scary said:


    Sir, you are doing a great job and we respect you and your limited resources. I fully appreciate that you would not be able to satisfy everyone in this forum. Don’t let that hinder your efforts. Amongst us are people from left, right, center, those resident abroad, secular and nonsecular, dare I say from India not to mention some other nationalities pro and anti Pakistan.

    All that makes this a very unique forum. The credit for that goes to you. I only hope this is advertise heavily so that some 10 year old child can read Mr Zardari the comments on this forum every night before he cuddles himself under his blanket.

    In fact I think our corrupt leaders and our peoples security should be the main two areas where we should pay emphasis. This culture of accepting bribes should be exposed for everyone and anyone including, politicians, military personals, businessmen, policemen, media people, customs, taxation people, bureaucrats etc etc

    You have made a great forum. We will help you to make this a great institution one day, inshallah.

    Good luck
    5 June 2009 at 1:34 am
    uhawan said:

    Aslamo Alikum
    What people think about Orya Maqbool Jaaan? I thought he is the only person in whole media who avoids from any kind of corruption although he is a govt servant…
    5 June 2009 at 2:41 am
    rebhos said:

    The journalists were always corrupt. The DAWN newspaper was a trust founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah. How come the damn Haroons became the owner of that? There must be a board of trustee to govern it. Now we know why the Taliban is gaining popularity? When the entire machinery gets rusted, then it is the time to replace the old with a new one. Very easy to scrap the old theives, but the people do not want. This 180 million coward sheep has been kicked time and again by the Zardaris, Sherifs, Altaf and the most corrupt “THE PAKISTAN ARMY”. but they still love them.
    The holy Koran says that Betrayers are those who does everything to please the Kafir and will be at the bottom of the Hell. No chance for them to come out. The holy Koran also says that one cannot pray for a Kafir. How come these sheep attend the funeral prayers of the Betrayers, who kill their own people on the orders of the their God “THE KAFIRS”.
    5 June 2009 at 6:40 am
    imraan khaan said:

    excellent topic of discussion.some body written above that all are the same and hamam mai sab nangay hain, i totally agree with that
    what about ansar abbasi?he looks makeen but he’s very ghuna. he writes for money,he always plays safe.i am sure he will one day make a mistake and that day will be day of judgement for him
    Irfan siddiqui and ayaz ameer should concentrate on writing speeches for nawaz sharif.they are am sure must be having plots in raiwand
    shahid masood?he is living in duabi,levish life,now he is spreading venom against asif zardari, did he forgot he takes millions from him and flew from pakistan to dubai.i have a feeling he did not received the cut what he was promised
    this bludy malick is a usa agent, working for jewish lobby.ppl like him dont care for country or for the profession they are in.they should correct them selves brfore start bakwas in their progrmas
    5 June 2009 at 8:16 am
    SnrCtzn said:

    @ c hussain.
    Thanks for the brief feedback on Urdu Daily ‘Jang.’
    5 June 2009 at 8:50 am
    Aazian Aziz said:

    where should we go,
    whom should we trust
    there are faces with thousands masks,
    which one we believe,
    which one trust.
    5 June 2009 at 8:51 am
    Aazian Aziz said:

    where should we go,
    whom should we trust
    there are faces with thousands masks,
    which one we believe,
    which one we trust.
    5 June 2009 at 8:51 am
    pray to be a proud nation said:


    First of all is we all tell the true thing to every one no need to hide the name of the culprit ,

    SEFASNE must tell the truth and write the name of the person , because as{our PROPHAT




    HEART }I think it is not possible for all of us to be at the highest level but the second level

    is easier to attain due to this forum .

    In UK now a days there is a scandal about miss using the money all the name were

    disclosed , why not in our country

    Journalists like Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid Masood, Talat

    Hussain, Javed Chaudhry has at least have the courage to write it in there article .Now a

    days no one is a true leader they all are corrupt politiciansthe best place of all these is

    under the GLUTEN like in FRENCH revolution zardari and party, altaf hussain and party,

    nawaz shreaf and party , perwazellihi all islamic parties the must be

    hanged, many many times .[ Inshallah Allah will do in jahnum with all of them] , there roll

    is now going to0 be finished soon

    5 June 2009 at 9:38 am
    Ayub said:

    Salam un alaikum,
    Kindly read as:
    [4.135] O you who beljeve! be maintainers of justice, bearers of witness of Allah’s sake, though it may be against your own selves or (your) parents or near relatives; if he be rich or poor, Allah is nearer to them both in compassion; therefore do not follow (your) low desires, lest you deviate; and if you swerve or turn aside, then surely Allah is aware of what you do.

    Quote”We always see the Journalists giving lectures on morality, ethics and pretending to be advocates of rule of law. These journalists will always highlight the wrongdoings of anyone else in the society, but when it comes to their own community, they unite and act as mafia.
    One typical example is the criminal silence across the board by all Pakistani Journalists on Nazir Naji’s use of abusive language against another junior journlaist. Isn’t it shameful for those preists cum journalists who could not gather moral courage to utter a single word to condemn this disgusting behaviour of a disgusting fellow journalist?Unquote
    5 June 2009 at 10:22 am
    civicwatch said:

    We all must salute your courage in publishing such an ‘expose’ of a ‘powerful’ ‘rich’ and ‘influential’ media person. It is a record by any standard. Society needs more such courageous people like you. This should encourage more such people. As it is of late there are mushrooming of fly by night ‘media people’ with falling quality! In such a situation all must welcome people of your genre. Keep it up and Keep the flame burning! More power to your elbow!
    5 June 2009 at 11:26 am
    aristotle said:


    Why u don’t fulfill BA’ desire? I mean why you don’t introduce urself with us? Is there any fear or hesitation??
    5 June 2009 at 11:29 am
    Aseer said:


    Admin at pkpolitics has put its collective head on the block. Do you have such courage?

    If pkpolitics carries on in this vein it is going to end up with many enemies. The danger then is that these gutsy people may have to retreat in the face of threats.
    5 June 2009 at 12:14 pm
    admin pkpolitics said:

    1: Why we always see character assassination campaigns on PKPolitics only against people who sympathize with PPP?

    2: Is everybody across the political/journalistic spectrum sacred except PPP and its followers? If not, then why mud-slinging is the destiny of only pro-government people here on our beloved forum?

    This is a baseless accusation without supporting evidence. PkPolitics does not post exclusive content very frequently, except when submitted to us with corroborating evidence. For example, the expose on Nazir Naji and now on Muhammad Malick.

    This has nothing to do with being pro- or anti- any party.

    As a public forum we vigorously aim to uphold freedom of expression and opinion. You are free to post any comments or opinion as long as you refrain from using vulgarity, indecent language and it is not insensitive to an ethnicity.

    The moderation is automatic and triggered by specific keywords. Given the volume of comments posted, moderation is necessary to prevent this forum from descending to the level of other online forums.

    Comments are moderated and cleared as soon as possible in all cases. If your comment is under moderation, it is futile to post its duplicates, or send abusive emails to the admin. This will be the shortest ro

  7. Asim Khan says:

    Read this and see the photos. Read the full article donot close it till you see all photos

  8. Tariq Malik says:

    I think most of the people working in energy and environment sector are familiar with currupt practices of past and present management of AEDB.
    I would like to draw attention to currupt practices of current CEO-AEDB, Mr. Arif Alauddin, who is one of the most currupt bureaucrats. First he plundered public exchequer during his service in Enercon and totally destroyed this public sector organization. Then he joined UNDP and continued with his currupt practice unhindered. Most recently he has joined AEDB as CEO, and started looting money thru commission/kickbacks in different contracts. You may not be surprized to know he has own firm with the name- Carbon Care Pvt. Ltd. This firm is registered under the cover names of his cronies. He has managed his contacts and influence as CEO- AEDB to get contracts for his firms. He even deputed one of his deputy director |(Mr. Sheeraz Anwar) as director in AEDB Karachi office to directly contact wind power investors and get contracts including feasibility studies. Unfortunately this practice is going unhindered and nobody is going to stop it. I can provide further information for the information of readers. I would urge all the readers to share thier stories about the currupt practices of CEO-AEDB, Mr. Arif Alauddin and his other accomplices in AEDB including Mr. Irfan Afzal Mirza.

  9. Anwar Ali says:

    I did not meant to heart people.I have just tried to have my say, I know all of it is not true.I know there are some exaggerations.Sometimes you get something by saying a bad note unfortunately I did’nt get that.
    I am sorry if it hurted someone.


  10. patriot Pakistani says:

    Hey AEDB bureaucrats. .is it possible for you people to answer of the following:

    Who is the owner of Clean Power (Pvt) Ltd.?
    Who is the owner of Carbon Clean (Pvt) Ltd.?
    Who are the owners’s of other companies who did your project?

    You will have nothing as answer except silence. No one has ever thought about the poor citizens of the country…we being a Nation, all are responsible for that…For allowing corrupt, ruthless, selfish people to come and rule the country..
    No difference between the past management and the current management.

    Clean Power was initiated by the ex chairman and Carbon Clean is owned by the current CEO.

    Whenever we are in a position to strengthen our country by utilizing our efforts and devotion…We change our psychology. .with sorry, we start thinking of strengthening our own financial status…we forget, one day of judgment we are answerable to someone …Alas…

    Nothing can be changed…our country needs a revolution …Soon u will get new updates with cent percent truth…

  11. ali says:

    lagao keeker aur intizar karo aam ka

    banao islam k naam per

    aur chalao nizam kufar ka

    too phir lagao keeker aur itizaar karo aam ka.

    aik hi soluton hai

    tobatun nasooha
    sachee toba
    apnay rub se
    koshish allah k nizam ko ghalib karn e k liya.

  12. qazi zafaer says:

    hezret data saheb gunj bax kay qol kay mutabiq ye kameenon ki serzameen hy,yahan jo kuch bhi horahay ye seb kameen gi hi tu hy, lihaza kameenon sey, gila kesa,,,,,

  13. Shirull Zaman Khan says:

    Today i wept and tears flowed ,was raged with anger to punish these people myself. But then again looking back at my child i stoped short.

    This article must be written in urdu as well as in all the four regional languages so that everybody in the country can know what has and is going on in the AEDB

  14. Shoaib AHmed Khan says:

    Ek Pakistani..

    Jo Pakistan say bohat nafrat kerta tha..

    Or her waqt

    Problems in Pakistan ki vajaa say Pakistan ko bura bhula kehta rehta tha….

    Us per 1 din Bijlee ka wire gir gyaaa…

    Or who tarap tarap ker…

    Mernay hi vala thaaa k……


    Pakistani saari nafrat bhool ker khushi say bolaaaaaaa.. ……..


    Moral of the Patriotic Story:
    Love Pakistan for what it has… & hasn’t

  15. satwa gunam says:

    nice article. Why does the people take it against it. things are bad in india but not this bad. Things have improved over a period of time.

  16. AN Other says:

    Having dealt with the new AEDB management team – ie Zardari’s ‘chamche’ I can confirm the new state of affairs under Arif Allaudin is no different. He is as corrupt as they come. For anyone interested look into his attempted control of carbon finance revenue in Pakistan. The Aedb now appropriate 25% of carbon revenue generated from renewable energy projects – wonder where that money is going?? Complete Zardari chamcha and a disgrace to Pakistan.

  17. Amjad says:

    Being associated with with Global Power Sector for almost 20 years, I always wondered that how could we not solve the problems and partcularly how wind industry could not kick start in Pakistan. In fact, AEDB issued, without any sense, issued lands to land mafia who did nothing on this front since 2004 whereas globally, wind industry has earmarked 100,000 MW installed in 2008.

    This is one of the most terrible state of affairs that how Pakistan’s socalled elite class is looting the nation’s precious resources.

    I recommend a supreme court enquiry on this report.

    I will request readers to circulate this report to their freinds to initiate a legal action agains these culprits before it is too late.

    This is real face of the probelm.

    Excellent Article.

    My appreciation and praises goes to all, who has put together this wonderful research.

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