Skaar Son of Hulk vs Worldbreaker Hulk (World War Hulks Vol 3: Conclusion)


Twitter: — “World War Hulk” is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through …


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  1. Titan skits says:

    woah woah WHAT HULK WAS IN MY CITY!!!!!!!! (OCEAN CITY MD)

  2. johnnyscifi says:

    Yea, the flu was a killer. Im just starting to feel better

  3. Omegah TV says:

    A great conclusion to a great story. happy new year brother Rob…. now how about a Alpha Flight video that I've been asking you about for the longest??

  4. Angel Oriol says:

    u r awesome buddy

  5. John J says:

    Happy New Year!!! Man this channel is the best, thank you so much for all the episodes you put out!

  6. Rob!!! Where is The Abraxas Story???? XD

  7. More Hulk stories, please! She-Hulk is my favorite, but I love the Hulk idea, in general. Why doesn't she use body swap ability? She could finish any battle, with the strongest characters that way!

  8. Gorefist says:

    I love this storyline so much, but it's so heartbreaking when you realize Bruce / Hulk becomes the thing he hates the most, his father.

    It's unfortunate that Hulk has been written into a corner so to speak, as he can pretty much beat anyone if angry enough. Makes worthy stories for him hard to come by, however this is why from Planet Hulk to this was such a amazing story.

  9. Im probally not the only one who thinks this, but this shit was really depressing. Like almost brought to tears.

  10. Zforce911 says:

    When people ask me why Hulk is my favorite hero… I show them that image @7:43. Certainly there are a million things to love and admire, but that right there… sniff

  11. Laïty Sow says:

    Happy new year rob

  12. That was a great, epic series. Thank you

  13. Edgar Torres says:

    Quick question to the comments section. How do you guys feel about Amadeus Cho? I personally couldn't give a crap about the character.

  14. Who would win world breaker hulk or eighth day juggernaut

  15. What happened to the army of 200 or so Hulks that marched on Washington? Did they just disappear for story continuity, like, what the hell.

  16. LiK says:

    Never understood why Ross' mustache disappeared when he turned into Red Hulk and it came back when he was normal again.

  17. Brian Logan says:

    that was an amazing wrap up to that story. your my brother from another mother. Thank God you walk this earth and chill with the world. I love the Hulk and comics.

  18. Happy 2017!!! I love your work Rob, I was wondering if I could ask if we can see some Star-Lord/& Guardians of the Galaxy based videos this year? Thanks man 🙂 and keep up the great work, your Awesome! 🙂 Great videos as always!!! :-)

  19. Darryl2512 says:

    apples have been gladly received

  20. Darryl2512 says:

    apples have been gladly received

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