Slender the Arrival + Oculus Rift | SCARIER THAN EVER!


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  1. who live in the middle of nowhere (in the video at 2:38 or  a little bit behind like 2:00) Courge the cowdly DOG!

  2. I used my sister's oculus rift with this video I almost got sick

  3. Did anyone see the light or pass in front of jack/Sean's head at 0:07

  4. jack RUuuuuuuuuuuuun

  5. Jack have u ever been to Newfoundland. Plz put this in a reading ur comments vid if u do the 100

  6. I'm watching dis in 2017

  7. komori88 says:

    who lives in the middle of Nowhere? why Courage , courage the cowardly dog does! (I'm 4 years late but I kinda want to know if my guess is right even though I'm not likely to be answered )

  8. The Defalt says:

    u have changed a lot!

  9. FUCK IT I'm going full screen


  11. Nerdy Melody says:

    I love the animaniacs reference ❤

  12. Josh Kyler says:

    Holy crap jacks channel has really developed heaps since 2013!!

  13. Just because they have men in the and end doesn't mean there brothers

  14. Jacksepticeye how did you come up with your name

  15. ‘‘who lives in the middle of no ware" COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG!!! we interrupt this program to bring YOU courage the cowardly dog show abandon as a pup he was found by Merrill with her husband Ustuas ban
    and creepy stuff happened out of no ware IT'S UP TO COURAGE TO SAVE HIS NEW HOME! (stupid dog you make me look bad BOGGA BOGGA BOGGA!!!!)

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