Slender: The Arrival | Part 5 | THE BITTER END


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Hello everybody and welcome back to the terror that started it all! Slender: The Arrival has finally arrived and is ready for you all to download and enjoy! But please continue watching my full playthrough of the intense and terrifying game as you see the story unfold on the origins of The Slender Man and his cohorts! What awaits us in the darkness? Only one way to find out. Enjoy!


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  1. rm rm says:

    i have never see in my country or other countries youtubers who say bad language every 2seconds and dick stop it this is acting like teenage and you are not and many watch you not look if something scare than you may say it and twice two but every 2 seconds

  2. rm rm says:

    look you say bad language okay play mature games like evil within and don'ts put warning fine but insulting god this something i can't lat this pass

  3. Mea Chii says:


  4. CR was possibly lead to believe that slenderman was a ghostly entity who was tied to the forest and decided to try a suicidal burning to try to end slender. My theory, this is. Plz like if you agree.

  5. I wonder if there are any more endings to the game, and if so, Markiplier needs to find them.

  6. Ninja Gaming says:

    11:00 he found the slender static Easter egg

  7. Theres a different ending to this game

  8. There is a lot of gameplay not in this, did they add more to this since it's release?

  9. DJ 785785 47 says:

    geez man the little kid is kate

  10. undertale is the same price and it is longer and way better aha

  11. Megntal says:

    eats popcorn oh hey, I see you are hiding here too. here have some popcorn.

  12. Graham S. says:


  13. Game Masta says:

    6:14 so you can put that face on when someone is breaking into insanity, but in scp containment breach, your reaction to the tortured D-class in pain and solitude via femur breaker is BARELY what your reaction to the videotape was.

  14. what is the music at the music at the start?

  15. 7:50 Right column – fourth going up. Homestuck.

  16. Alright, so I love all your lets plays, and this one was pretty good, but there was A LOT missing. There was supposed to be an easy generator part after the part with the house. There was also supposed to be a part where you play a detective on a farm investigating the death of a ten year old named Charlie, who Slender had abducted in the woods (Yes there was supposed to be a part for that as well that you're supposed to play.) There is also a part at the end of the game after you were "killed" at the end of the hallway, by in fact, Charlie. Charlie was supposed to be a ghost throughout the game, end the ending was supposed to show you in a basement with Charlie guarding the stairs to the next floor. After you get to the next floor, you go through a maze of walls made out of planks, and you find someone crying in the corner, they will turn around and actually kill you. I don't know if this is ALL supposed to be easter eggs, or if its actually in game play for you (It was for me) but there was a lot missing which is a little sad, but I loved this lets play, and I felt really bad for you in the mine!! I had fun watching thanks for making this lets play 🙂

  17. mark rewach your video i saw something purple rise from the air i tjink it might be a clue

  18. Since Im an amazing videogamer :3, There is way more to The game if you play on PlayStation or X Box There is more levels, Get all missing kid posters, Grab C.R's camera, And then there is some other stuff you have to do, And that is how to get two of the four extra levels (Console has four extra levels) Man that was worth my ten dollars!

  19. "Shit's on fire yo" -markiplier

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