Slender: The Arrival Review


Watch us play more Slender: Slender delivers some legitimate scares, but ultimately crumbles under its own weight. Subscribe to IGN’s …


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  1. The Eight Pages wasn't "New and experimental." SCP Containment Breach came out before it. How come almost nobody praised that game but EVERYBODY LOVED Slender: The Eight Pages.

    Also, if you actually find Slender scary while he stands still and looks at you, then you're an idiot. Look, I understand that it might be a bit creepy if you read the lore, but nothing is explained about Slender IN-GAME. This means that the three people who were credited for the story completely failed. Why should the player be scared of Slender if all they know is that he stands there and stares?

    I understand what the developers were trying to do. They wanted to recapture the craze that happened with The Eight Pages. But the thing about that game was that it came out in a time where Slender was relatively new and probably only rose in popularity because it was played by famous youtubers like Pewdiepie. It wasn't scary either (or really even that good).

    All in all, I haven't encountered a Slender game in existence that is truly terrifying or even scary after the first time you see Slender. Maybe the SOUND catches you off guard, but it isn't worthy of the reactions that we see from youtubers trying to milk the money train.

  2. Looks like crap.. In my opinion.. 

  3. This is hugely pessimistic… even IGN's own community rated it 8.3 against their 6.5.
    The developers didn't sell the game on anything more than the original mechanics and collectible set-up, in fact they stuck to it on purpose, and what they did give us was a much more fleshed out horror experience in some new and genuinely terrifying environments and scenarios, with a dark and mysterious plot line to ponder.
    Nor, by the way, are the ghoulish kids in the abandoned mine that difficult to circumvent. Most players only die once or twice before they've got their behavior figured out. Most of us got through the quite simple campaign without feeling "arbitrarily punished." Its also strange to call this game a "muck of repetititve tasks" whilst the first game sports an even simpler series of task. In fact its only a single series: find all the pages. You honestly think players who thought that the first game wasn't repetitive will get bored playing this?

  4. "the fact that i got bored by a short game, just shows how repetitive it is" cough call of duty

  5. Yump Bagle says:

    This is one of the few times were IGN is completely right.

  6. mutant is butt hurrt cause he dosnt own the game.

  7. LOL my cousin had so much trouble looking for the switch in the barn mission, he got a trophy that said "walking simulator"

  8. Petso123123 says:

    Did you know that if you right click, the flashlight will focus in more? Did you also know that doing this will temporarily blind the mutant kid in the mining level, making that level far less punishingly difficult? IGNorance.

  9. The game is OK, and for three bucks on the PlayStation network right now, only a 1.50 for PS plus members it's not a bad deal. If I remember correctly when I beat it at my friends house i unlocked the original game at the end too, there's definitely a couple dollars of value.

  10. Alex Myers says:

    I'd buy it if it wasn't $10 on eShop

  11. should i buy this on the ps4 for 4$?

  12. Jerry lee says:

    Just bought it for $4 on Xbox Live

  13. what do you mean its repetitive its a SLENDER game what do you expect? you cant just straight up change it into an rpg thats not how it works

  14. Brandon M says:

    "Too much Slender, not enough man 6.5" -IGN

  15. COD CALLER says:

    I suggest this game to all horror fans that use PLAYSTATION & PSN

  16. Red Pyro says:

    "No story, 6.5 out of 10"

  17. It's a couple bucks on the PlayStation summer sale, so if anybody wanted to get it after a price drop, nows your chance.

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