SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400k subs :D)


So we madde it this far huh? not too shabby eh? let’s celebrate this occasion with some fine…questions. yeah…hope you’re okay with that. SO TIME TO …


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  1. you may 2 my birthday made a video 1 day after my birthday

  2. Lindo você é mario é burro

  3. is spagetti a boy or a girl. v
    (also this one is for Mario)

  4. why dose everyone hate spahgetti i ts da best

  5. Gengar 420 says:

    This shit is why I subscribed?

  6. I hate Justin Bieber

  7. I wanna cut his head in half with an axe

  8. Dylan B says:

    9+10=910! O finally know math! XD

  9. What's up with weegee?

  10. F4MU says:

    3:59 i need the name of the song, NOW

  11. Harry Truman says:

    Pingas the tank engine is like taste the rainbow motherf*cker

  12. Jesusrangel says:

    Smg4 play roblox in game call high school

  13. Darlaimerner says:

    "Everyone bites the PINGAS"

  14. Hamza Omar says:

    WHAT THE FUCK IS A SANIC!?!?!?!???

  15. will you make a splatoon video

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