Snuff: A documentary about killing on camera (2008) FULL


A documentary exploring the myth and history of the Snuff Film; alleged films where a person is murdered on camera for economic porpuses and the film finds …


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  1. lol the first film clip they played was wack thats not realistic at all

  2. lol the first film clip they played was wack thats not realistic at all

  3. dimitris a fuckin faggit

  4. at 44 something dont worry guys nothing is rumbling in your room

  5. Horror Vacui says:

    i remember when i was a kid and my house first got internet. (it was dial up and Napster was running if that gives you an idea) i remember when i first downloaded limewire in middle school. i guess i didn't know what i was doing but somewhere along the line i opened a video and it was a close up of a blonde woman sitting in a chair with a white background and tape over her mouth. i was a little confused at first but i didn't even have time to stay confused before she got this extremely worried look on her face. then, the hand holding the gun came on screen. i was fortunate enough to blink the moment the gun went off, but when i opened my eyes i saw her limp head and the blood splattered on the wall behind her. i instantly closed the video, deleted the file, and stayed off the computer for a couple days. i felt sick to my stomach every time i remotely thought of it. now i watch videos and documentaries like this to help me go to sleep at night thanks a lot internet! if anyone knows the video i'm talking about and knows where i can find it, I'd appreciate the info(if it's not illegal, i'm not sure) gotta revisit that demon so i can finally get over it

  6. Dan Iordache says:

    Why would you show this shit, man? Why show the animal cruelty from Cannibal Holocaus, just like that, for the shock value? You people are perverts!

  7. is it a fucking documentary or a review of cheesy 70s movies

  8. I hope it's really just hoax. How could a human being even think about it?!

  9. I enjoy tea says:

    Well if you have ever been or seen the dark web or the "deep web" there is a 100% chance you will find fetish videos , fetish videos that range from infant murder and rape, woman mutilation, bestiality, child rape, you name it. Its there. They do exist.

    Human beings are complex creature with a WIDE range of tastes. Saying they don't exist is very ignorant and close minded. They ARE there.

  10. I actually think the whole terrorist beheading films were and still are fabricated by US and British governments as a means to strengthen the hatred of the Middle East. It wouldn't be the first time collateral damage was acceptable to strengthen the fighting spirit in their own side.

  11. There was a sight called Bestgore that got shut down they had some sick stuff on there the Mexican videos were the best chopping up live people with axes and cutting people up with chainsaws.

  12. funnybeagle says:

    this shit is horrible may the lord strike down those beasts who do this

  13. Snuff films are real. I know two guys who sell snuff films to wealthy people, whom love to see this kind of films.

  14. Snuff films most certainly do exist look at Peter Scully he just got arrested the sick fuck ran a global paedophile ring and sold vids on the deep web one was called daisys destruction all the kids got raped and killed in his vids hes a sick twisted fuck! True evil!! Snuff films are 100% real!

  15. Come on there are plenty of genuine and authentic REAL snuff films filmed by islamist terrorists ( a term our POS president won't use) all over he middle east, a beheading video isn't snuff? There is a very famous one of mexican drug cartel scumbags beheading an attractive young lady.

  16. Dinu Razvan says:

    I do not aprove with your point ov viwe on war…I mean if USA and England and Nato take the troops out from there country there wont be anymore deaths on either side…But you see the small picture not the big one…oil over lives…you americans are run by jews and for them it only counts one thing and one thing alone $$$$ end of story

  17. The guys in the black shirt who says "snuff films dont exist" is he serious? Lmao what an idget

  18. Wasn't Daisy's Destruction snuff?

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