Some Blog Suggestions For Our Times

Paul E. Hadinger, M.P.A.

A number of excellent blogs that are already in existence do a great job addressing salient issues of the times in which we live. Most have particular areas of concentration, themes, goals and well-intentioned purposes.  This writer would like to suggest a few more, samples of which may be extant.

To avoid offending those who are quick to jump to conclusions of the wrong sort; to pre-empt those who may believe that this writer has no respect for anyone in authority; and to assure others, all readers can rest knowing that this writer has no issue with politicians, policemen and other law officers who operate aboveboard and who still remember and act as if we have a Constitution.  Only those who don’t will be offended by any of the blogs suggested by this writer.

Some Blog Suggestions For Our Times

With rapidly-increasing numbers of people who operate as law enforcement officials who have forgotten (or never knew) the Constitution and the people who pay their salaries, and with greater and greater numbers of politicians – judges included with this group – who similarly disregard and trample the Constitution under foot, it has become impossible to keep up with violations of our rights.

The foregoing is said while recognizing that, in our sad state of affairs in this country, anyone who supports the Constitution (the one prior to the changes made in 1871) or who appears to be a patriot in any way for standing up for freedoms that have nearly disappeared from the radar screen, is now erroneously, expeditiously and conveniently labeled as a “terrorist” by the NOW crowd and those who have fallen for their blather.  This is somewhat ironic, in that the real terrorists are those who are tearing apart our Constitution and what this country historically stood for for years.

As a footnote to the foregoing, if “terrorism” or the (alleged) threat is really such a problem in our country and one that puts all of us at risk, the government should be doing what it can to arm all citizens against this threat, instead of doing everything illegal and possible to remove our means of defense from us.  (Makes sense to this writer.) Obviously, there is another agenda.

That having been said, let’s look at some possible blogs for writers who are more creative, enterprising and smarter than this writer.  Readers are free to come up with their own versions of these.  Here goes:

  1.  This one could also be written as An alternative appellation could be this: (or  This could also be written as

Obviously, the above is no reflection on all law enforcement personnel, but only on those who choose to operate as KOOKS or POOPers.  Only those who fall into these categories will be offended.  Their leaders and fellow officers should have the courage to eliminate this riff-raff from their ranks.  Keeping them on board only undermines public respect and support for any law enforcement personnel or for the law itself.

This blog could cover immature, poorly-trained, undisciplined, out-of-control rogue cops across the country, with solicitations from every state, in which cops – including any law enforcement personnel wearing a badge and wielding a weapon – operate in a way that reflects one or more of the following attitudes or beliefs:

  1. Citizens do not have the right to unreasonable search and seizure.
  1. Any cop has the “right” to shoot, beat up, throw down, terrorize and traumatize anyone of any age under any pretense, and with no fear of repercussions that would be laid upon a citizen if the reverse occurred.
  1. It’s “okay” to steal anyone’s property under any pretense that works for the moment. Besides, such confiscations add to revenues to enable more of the same.
  1. It’s always “better” to shoot to kill whenever there is a doubt about whether or not anyone deserves to live. (In fact, we could even add another possible web site:, which would be a shortened version of the following:, since this is becoming more and more frequent in this country.)
  1. You have only those rights (if any) that happen to come to the mind of any cop at the moment of confrontation.


  1. It’s much more “efficient” to talk with bullets, smoke grenades, gas, fire, beaten-down doors, fists, bashed-in windows, batons and the like than it is to converse like a mature, well-trained, professional adult first to determine the nature of any problem and whether or not, in fact, the right parties are being confronted or are being confronted lawfully.
  1. If there is a choice between slamming a child, a woman, an old man or anyone else to the floor or pavement and breaking bones and disfiguring faces or causing brain damage, death or comas vs. more humane means of exercising authority (whether warranted or not), by all means go for the floor or the pavement to show how big, tough and in control you can be.  By such actions, you will also have the opportunity to demonstrate your own insecurities, immaturity, lack of training, your lack of regard for the people who pay your salaries and who you are supposed to serve, as well as your lack of qualifications to wear a uniform and carry any weapon.
  1. Entrapment (e.g., throwing a bag of illegal drugs into a car or car trunk or some other contraband during a traffic stop) or illegal stops are “legal” as long as they work to help arrest someone, to help meet quotas and to help jack up departmental revenues.
  1. It is always better to shoot first and ask questions later, since all who challenge you are guilty until proven innocent.
  1.  This one could also be written as

This blog could cover all those prosecutors who will trample on anyone’s rights to add to their resumes whatever they believe will help them climb the political ladder to greater heights.  They keep score by the number of convictions that result from their prosecutorial prowess, manipulation of evidence or regardless of evidence, some of which may be excluded (with the help of equally or more unprincipled judges) for the protection of their careers, rather than for the protection of the rights of citizens whom they are supposed to serve.

This group also has many members across the country.  Wrong is seldom – if ever – admitted for any case that is challenged immediately or later.  All that matters is that someone was arrested for a “crime,” convicted and put away so

that “all can now be safe.”  Arrogance and political self-preservation preclude any admission of errors or any kind of wrongdoing.

It is becoming more and more characteristic of this group to avoid applying the law equally to law enforcement personnel who egregiously violate citizens’ rights in ways too numerous to mention here.  Likewise, investigations into these violations are seldom pursued or pursued to any extent, and the word of law enforcement personnel is nearly always taken over the word of any citizen, all of which undermines any support that they might have had from any citizen or group of citizens.

As a result of this, only citizens who have deep pockets (and who survive any confrontation with law enforcement personnel) have even the slimmest of chances to seek and obtain a redress of grievances, let alone have them heard with any degree of objectivity.  It is nearly always a zero-sum game, with citizens coming out on the “zero” end.  It is more than likely that property confiscated or destroyed illegally by KOOKS or POOPers may never be returned or paid for by any unit of government.  The PPPP folks will ignore this unless pressed relentlessly, and then may still ignore it or give it lip service at best.

  1. A third possible blog to help expose and deal with the foregoing could be this one that would apply to elected leaders of local governmental units:  It could also be written as www.Mommy’ (Undoubtedly, with a little thought, someone could come up with a blog for councilmen or aldermen, some of whom operate similarly.)

This group encompasses all local government heads who do not have the courage, knowledge, concern and compassion for the Constitution and citizens’ rights to take a stand for an equal application of the law to law enforcement personnel who violate citizens’ rights.

Likewise, they are gutless when it comes to standing up to bands of federales and their military equipment and refusing them opportunities to use communities and citizens as guinea pigs while operating as agents of the ruling elite, in their brain-washed, programmed and dumbed-down state, practicing their New World Order drills – presuming themselves to be “doing their duty” by some gross perversion of  the definition of “duty.”  Maybe a more appropriate blog for these alleged MMM “leaders” who allow this would be, also known as

Although some of these people may have been mommy’s boys growing up (not all grow up – some just add years to their existence) who ended up on the wimpy side, they seem to adopt one or more new “mommies” during the process of getting elected and staying elected. In other words, they now cater to the local power elite and the federal powers that be as their new mommies; do their bidding; avoid doing anything that offends them; and forget that there are other citizens to represent as well.

Like many of the PPPP crowd, the MMM crowd is primarily concerned about political self-preservation, career mobility and pensions.  Sometimes, it is regarded as too much work with perhaps no worthwhile political payoff to make an effort to stick up for the citizens who elected them to office, a fact which seems to be forgotten by most politicians everywhere once sworn into office

  1. A fourth possible blog could be this:, which stands for:

This group includes all governors who have forgotten (or perhaps never knew?) that they were elected to lead a state and to look out for the citizens of their state in an absolute sense and relative to potential and actual abuses of federal power against states and their citizens.  Instead, most cater to and grovel before the powers that be in DC, and forget that there is a 10th Amendment to the Constitution that clearly defines states’ rights, which, when exercised, helps to preserve citizens’ rights in those states against federal or international encroachments.

Besides being gutless, most are also unprincipled enough (in reality, too much) to overlook anything done or proposed by any agency of the federal government as long as some funds and apparent benefits come back to the state (or them). They forget that there are no federal “benefits” without concomitant federal taxation and controls, which also means reduced economic, political and religious freedom for all citizens of any state.  It seems that, more and more, the GGG crowd excels at kissing up to the ruling elite, rather than standing up for citizens’ rights politically, financially and otherwise.

There is something inherently wrong and perverted with a system of government that forces the withholding of taxes for local, state and central governments to help pay the salaries of those who will pass legislation to control us even more and to take away more of our money in the process to fund things that always have more controls attached to them to our detriment.

Can anyone remember the last time (or any time) that any governor or group of governors stood together to oppose more usurpation of states’ rights and to stop the chipping away at the 10th Amendment?  Has any governor or group of governors voiced opposition to the spraying of chemical and biological agents over state territory?

Has any governor complained about federally-based weather control measures employed in his or her state that negatively affect crop and other food production and wreak other economic and personal havoc? Has any governor demanded the defunding, destruction and removal of FEMA concentration camps in his or her state?

Has any governor or group of governors fought to keep the state National Guard under state control?  Has any governor fought to re-establish state militias, which would eliminate the need (actually, there is no need now for this anyhow) for federal troops to be employed in case of any disasters or alleged “terrorist” events (usually created by the ruling elite)? Has any governor (or local mayor) opposed military “training” exercises on our soil for US and foreign soldiers to develop skills to use against US citizens?  Has any governor demanded that foreign troops, bases and equipment be removed immediately from his or her state?  Is there any governor who is more than just a puppet of the ruling elite?  How many of these governors were formerly Pathetic Political Puppy Prosecutors (PPPP folks who became GGG folks)?

  1. A fifth possible blog to help deal with governmental oppression, unfairness, theft and more is this:, which would cover federal senators,  representatives and judges, and, unfortunately, now covers more and more similar types at the state level and some at the local level.  Another way to write would be the following:

Talk about real world acronyms!  Is it not appropriate in this case that “BO” also stands for Body Odor?  Or that “BM” stands for Bowel Movement?  No elaboration on either of these is necessary to aptly describe the odor of much of  what comes our way from the halls of Congress, state legislatures, the courts and through the lobbyists who meet with them in bars and restaurants, with food and drinks and perhaps more for all who play by the “right” rules and are rewarded under the table or otherwise.

The BOBMOOCs cover any elected or appointed government official, bureaucrat

(aka, constabulary functionary) at any level who is sufficiently gutless, unprincipled and bereft of ethics to succumb to enticements, payoffs, blackmail or control otherwise that result in the demise of our society in any way and at any level.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us who aren’t protected and privileged KOOKS, POOPers, PPPPs, MMMs, WAWs, GGGs or BOBMOOCs ourselves, we are constantly subjected to their evil machinations in so many ways and at all levels that a focus on survival is of the essence 24/7. This is especially necessary in light of a BOBMOOC mainstream media that is just as gutless and unprincipled, with truth being a forgotten element of reporting.  There is little “news” any more – only government/ruling elite-crafted and sanctioned propaganda.

To compound our woes, all of the above types operate as self-appointed, all-knowing arrogant government nannies who, by some form of perverted, irrational reasoning that passeth all understanding, believe that it is necessary to babysit us with legislation and other orders, rules and regulations from prior to birth to after death, all of which is quite encompassing by any standards. As an example, seat belt laws were passed to facilitate more control and to justify more stops of drivers for ulterior motives, though the whole matter was packaged under the

umbrella of “safety” or “for the children” or both. So-called “DUI Checkpoints” are also without warrant and are used to condition all to more controls – among other things.

All of these types also seem to have superhuman abilities to find and follow any money trails that lead to their pockets and that somehow empties something out of ours at the same time. If this doesn’t occur immediately, just wait – it’s inevitable.  It may show up in the form of increased taxes, more fees, reduced services, higher prices for goods, privileges given to one group at the expense of others, or some combination of these.  And, it is also inevitable that extreme control measures will come with whatever tweaks their political beaks.

The imposition of controls flows from insecurities that require that their aura of power, control and authority not be challenged or opposed in any way, as explained further in this writer’s book, Controllers & Rollers:  Do You Control Or Roll? (Thinc Publishing, 2006). Any who even dare to voice dissent to subtle or


  • obviously blatant power grabs are regarded to be “terrorists” who are in need of being silenced, neutralized, put away or eliminated by any means that is convenient or “justified” in their eyes.

For the KOOKs, aka POOPers, shoot first (or beat up) and ask questions later has become the rule of the day, as alluded to earlier.  This is especially true for extreme KOOKs who operate under the SWAT umbrella and get away with murder – literally and otherwise – far more than is reported in the public media. United States citizens seem to be regarded more and more as the enemy of virtually all so-called law enforcement personnel.  It is forgotten that we pay their salaries, and that we are supposed to have First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment and other rights.

Not all members of these alphabet agencies or their staffs operate this way, but only those who don’t know the Constitution, don’t care and have little or no training and no foundation in real history, economics, ethics and morals.  For these, power, control and profits supersede patriotism and individual rights.  It is this writer’s opinion that those who put profits before patriotism will eventually lose the opportunity for both.

Pages more could be written about how these newly-designated alphabet groups operate, but it would probably be to no avail.  The few good ones within these groups are usually overruled, overwhelmed and otherwise controlled by the rest. They fear to buck the system, lest they be subjected to disdain, taunting and worse or lose their jobs.

Sadly, most citizens who are not members of any of these groups are more concerned with sports, television and other forms of entertainment than they are about what is happening to whatever freedoms that they have left.  The pot is at the boiling point, but few frogs can perceive it any more.


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