South Carolina FEMA Camp Opens For Business


Susan Duclos

Columbia, South Carolina has unanimously passed a measure that basically criminalizes homelessness in order to address their massive homeless problem. The homeless will be given a choice to relocate or be arrested.

If they agree to relocate they will be taken to a shelter, but a shelter allows people to come and go at will, not so for this shelter..

South Carolina FEMA Camp Opens For Business

This “shelter” will be a remote 240-person bed emergency shelter but it is being reported that those relocated to this location will not be allowed to leave the premises without permission and there will be an armed police officer guarding the road leading to the building.

The shelter will also be used as a drop-off for people recently released from prison.

While homelessness does need to be addressed,  this sounds suspiciously more like the FEMA camps we have seen talked about of late and less like a place meant to help people get back on their feet.

The city claims this is to be a temporary measure.

This follows the recent ban on feeding the homeless in Myrtle Beach.

The majority of homeless people do not choose to be homeless and treating them like criminals is tantamount to kicking someone while they are down.

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  1. Melody Ryan says:

    How NICE of SC to be so considerate of the homeless in their state! sounds like the homeless should well arm themselves and take to the deep woods. I’ll be damned if I ever go into a FEMA camp. I’ll kill myself first. Sounds like Nazi Germany under Hitler to me. Wake up America and take your country back!

  2. IAmLonefrog says:

    Ok, Ok I pieced this story together, perhaps you should really look into what this building used to be. It is the old Navy Health Clinic located on the now decommissioned Navy Base in Charleston, I can only assume you said Columbia because that is where the law was passed (Capitol City and all). Anyway, the place now looks like a prison with constantine wire and all.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    This is how it starts. First it is a kindness but since there are no jobs it becomes a permanent residence and then in short order it becomes a sentence ans that sentence is death. People will just disappear. Kind of like children do in certain DCFS locations.

  4. IAmLonefrog says:

    You failed to tell us where the “camp” is located.

  5. carl says:

    There used to be a vagrant law if you had no money or job etc.. you went to jail got paid a small wage and after a while sent on your way .My freind was in this situation down south many years ago.A homeless shelter is not new we here in N.Y. have them, and a police officer at each one would be welcome ,to ensure the safety.Same old same old going back to the poor houses.

  6. Forget the camps, give them one way bus tickets to either New York City or Boston, Massachusetts.

    • carl says:

      Forget that Rev. where do you live ? you take them in and follow your faith ,what would Jesus do?When I was thirsty you gave me water ,when hungry you gave me food when I was alone you put a roof over my head.By the way in N.Y. we accept all people much more like Christ than you.

  7. asfd says:

    “The majority of homeless people do not choose to be homeless.”

    Actually it’s quite the opposite……Most homeless have some sort of mental problem in which they use drugs, drink, etc…to self medicate. The other homeless are lazy good for nothing leeches that abhor societal structure and they like the freedom that homelessness brings because they can do their drugs, drink, etc….

  8. robertsgt40 says:

    Soylent Green? Tastes like chicken.

  9. Leo says:

    How in the sam hell are you too relocate if you are homeless and have NO resources to relocate ? THEY know this . therefore you are taken to the FEMA camp and are induced into slave labor . Why hasn’t Obama’s economic plan taken wings in South Carolina so that the homeless can be given opportunities for employment ? this is all by design .

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