Soviet March (World War 3)


The Red Bear woke up . The world will be if his forces … .


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  1. Alky says:

    the actual game frankly sucks…

  2. newURSS says:

    @alphamax03 whatever you say, idiot..

  3. newURSS says:

    @Olimp2012 Thanks!!! 🙂

  4. MultiKOFFER says:

    world in conflict is my favorite game EVER URAAAAA

  5. krep1519 says:

    россия лучшая не кто не смеет посегать на нее

  6. 朱 俊逸 says:

    great soviet will come back

  7. What is the song being song in this video?

  8. newURSS says:

    I don't know the real name of the song, but it's from a game called "Red Alert 3"
    There you can find it 🙂

  9. Thats a brilliant simulation of ra3 video game. Unfortunately what you see here is WWIII in our near future. Just sayin.

  10. Haha al those coments that the soviets will come back no the russians are al ready to much used the cappitalisme a great russia again maybe but a communist i dont think so

  11. doveyboy2 says:

    All they need to is make more children

  12. Rule Brittanya Russia will fall at our might (with a little help from our buddies usa)

  13. Romeo Games says:

    In this moment, 1vs1 Russia win.

  14. GHOST385 says:

    Communist scrum

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