Spectacular UFOs flying through Lightning Strike, June 2014


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06/thirteen/14 – I was filming an amazing thunderstorm above my house (with my model new Canon 700D) an that was wonderful. When I viewed the online video in total display screen, I discovered strange lights showing near to lightning bolts. I tried out to capture some other objects, and I did. In general, seven objects appeared in the online video.


This is not the ball lightning phenomenon that occurred below.
I inquired about it (some of you know me well), and this is what I’ve uncovered.

I as opposed the phenomenon and what occurred in my online video ↓↓
In “usual” existence VS / in my online video :

– Electrical balls are really rare.
✖ These objects look by groups in my online video.

– They fly at a near distance from the ground.
✖ They are really higher and look near to the lightning bolts.

– When this phenomenon comes about, it can be regular to see only Just one ball.
✖ There are seven objects below! (1, then two, then four, then 1)

– Electrical balls generally move when they look.
✖ These objects are static, no motion discovered below.

– Electrical balls are almost in no way greater than a bike
✖ If these objects are significantly in the sky, it let us you visualize their dimensions.

– These balls are not “physical objects”, they are not strong.
✖ Right here they are lighted by the thunder: they ARE strong objects.

As you can see, nothing at all about true lighting balls corresponds to what occurred to me. Any 50 percent-brained person will convey to you that they are not electrical balls. I will not want to to read “Lightning ball” in the comments 🙂

Inform your self below 🙂

✔ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning

✔ http://science.howstuffworks.com/character/climate-temperature/atmospheric/ball-lightning.htm

How does it glance?
http://www.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bb/Excellent_Balls_of_Lightning.jpg&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning&h=1609&w=2400&tbnid=k7munX5Dp1XlMM:&zoom=1&tbnh=ninety six&tbnw=143&usg=__AI_8Pxh7ai4yBgXYOP8Dy2qU4QU=&docid=izdMsYio8bu_lM&sa=X&ei=5oycU4jrLIfnOajVgegN&ved=0CCsQ9QEwAg&dur=352

Variety ➫ Mild
Scale ➫ 10-twenty meters (~ 50 toes)
Duration ➫ 1 to two seconds every single
Shade(s) ➫ White / Orange / Yellow
Mild(s) ➫ Sure
Velocity ➫ Static
Filmed with ➫ Canon EOS 700D + eighteen-55mm F/three.5 – 5.six

So? Spy planes, military services aircraft, UFOs? You make your mind up.

Filmed by me in excess of the Mont Valérien, in the vicinity of Paris, France, June 2014.

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33 Responses

  1. Tom Gates says:

    They look to be lens flares. If I had to guess, your camera has either three or four lenses. When the bright section of the lightning is to the upper left, they appear at lower right. When bright to upper right, appear to lower left. Lens reflections.

  2. they are charging their space crafts with thunders

  3. cut the BS says:

    THOSE SPACE SHIPS… Levitate using electrostatic lift by charging surrounding dark matter particles. They come to earth to recharge their batteries in lightening storms… It's basic stuff.

  4. kunlong wu says:

    Anunnaki is God in the Bible.

    Job 26:14 see! It's just a little bit of God's work! What a fine voice we hear of him! Who can tell the thunder of his power?"
    Job 28:26 he set the command for the rain, a way for the thunder.
    Job 36:29 who can understand the spreadings of the clouds and thunder god palace?
    Job 36:33 and the thunder made clear to him what he was doing, and he told him of the storm.
    Job 37:4 with later heard the thunder, lightning in the greatness of Yan, continuously.
    Job 37:5 and God made a great thunder, and he did great things, and we were not able to measure it.
    Job 38:25 who ways for rain? Who is open the thunder,
    Job 39:25 trumpets, it said ah ha; it is the scent of battle from afar, and the thunder of the captains and the war cry. Job 40:9 arm like God? Can you send thunder like him?
    18:13 the LORD thundered from heaven, the highest voice resounded. PS 29:3 Ye Hehua's voice in the water, the glory of the God of thunder, Ye Hehua is on the great waters.

  5. kunlong wu says:


  6. what if lightning is the best gasoline

  7. that is ball lightning

  8. You are the first man with good quality camera filming something unusal.Congratz

  9. acg smith says:

    I'm no expert on what this is, but I wonder if it's something in your camera , maybe the lense? Have you filmed other storms like this one?

  10. Fast refuelling energy

  11. Aphix says:

    It might just be ball ligntning

  12. Fox Atlas says:

    I recently seen pink lightning and flashing but with bright pink color

  13. Have y'all noticed that these luminous orb beings tend to absorb power via lightning – active volcanoes – the sun, e.t.c. (?)

    Ball lightning can appear without lightning so basically it is the same thing as these orb ufos, the only difference is their color abd behaviour.

    Some are intelligent some aren't.

    But they are the same thing.

    And can also shift between the visible and invisible spectrum of light.

    Sometimes they make noise and sometimes they're surrounded by fire.

    These beings have beem around since ancient times and were mistaken as God or Angels and Demons Devils and what not.

    They were anthropomorphised.

    The holy bible even has records of such luminous beings. God was light and was always accompanied by light or represented by fire. And at the Pentecost the prohpets or descipes I forget which – were visited by a ball of fire that they could at their current time describe as tongue of fire that separated and descend upon their heads apparently at a safe distance.

    Ball lightning/Orb Ufos can do that, form many orbs from one and is sometimes accompanied by hissing sounds in the rushing wind as well as being accompanied by fire.

    These things are nothing new but to me they were just a couple of years ago.

    My family and I witnessed an orange orb that was engulfed in fire just maintaining its position.

    We all have our own theories on what these things are – including me…

    But we will not know until we can get real close and study them.

  14. This phenomena is called ball light, it's an atmospheric phenomena not yet well understood but sorry to spoil your fun, no UFOs this time… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning

  15. wow this is dumb i mean wtf…. its ligthning

  16. Michael G says:

    wow yeah great upload

  17. El Diablo says:

    El frijol produce nitrogeno cuando es digerido por el cuerpo humano..
    el cual genera 'visiones' y efectos visuales no my facil de explicar.
    ( esto, es un mecanismo de defensa que poseen algun tipo de legumbres
    para que no sea consumido…)El nitrogeno que es liberado al aire libre, aparte
    de tener un olor horrible, produce este tipo de malformaciones visuales,
    mientras se eleva por el aire, a este fenomeno, se le llama comumente
    como un PEDO… (..dejen de comer tanto maldito FRIJOL y dejen de colgar
    videos sensacionalistas..!! Si de por si..la pinche gente ignorante ya no sabe
    que hacer…!! Ya hasta se le hincan a pedirle milagros a la pinche muerte….!!??
    ..haganme el pinche favor…!!!)

  18. Daniel Arias says:

    Those are just plasma balls, they're very common during lighting. Still beautiful tho.

  19. The sots seem to follow a log rhythmic sloping pattern, they may be part of a singularly precisely crafted object.

  20. Great video! You may want to check my video on my channel.  https://youtu.be/bAAEqfhbFLQI initially thought there were two lightning strikes, but now I believe only the first strike hit a craft.

  21. yes, they charge they engines with dark matter produced by lightnings

  22. joey20112 says:

    Far fetched, but what if you captured the reflection of the lightning off glass or a similarly reflective material that's part of a camouflaged ship of some kind? They could be windows, their formation is very uniform as if they're connected. And the way they appear, those closer to the strikes being brighter, suggests their formation to be disk-like.

  23. David Rice says:

    Ball lightning IS beautiful.

  24. maybe ball lightening, they show up around the lightening bolt and do not move, they appear and disappear at the same time. Still ball lightening, who gets to see that and record it in their life time? The person who filmed this is very lucky.

  25. Crazy lightening, looks like the lightening from the movie "The Alchemist". Cool.

  26. speedy1984 says:

    posted this on a previous vid "Problem in this day and age is that even a 100% real event will be torn to bits as been fake ..We live in a time where seeing is believing .. If you are a storm chaser like me and many others . We will all tell you we see things like this quite often ..Most of the time its ball lightning , But as this vid shows, sometimes an object will remain stationary for a long period of time absorbing lighting strikes . These I do class as an UFO .. This vid is a nice example of some unusual occurrences around storms ^^ " .. It's hard to say what this is . I would sway more to the ball lighting scenario . The reason been as from what i can see only one strike makes the objects visible .. Now if there was more then one strike making the same objects appear it might be more debatable ^^ .. Still a nice vid and awesome sight ^^

  27. definitely ball lightning I've seen this many times over the years….nice filming i am very impressed….

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