Spellcasters, The Real Illuminati, Magick Military & Mind Control w/ Josh Reeves


Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, musician, and radio talk show host. founder of http://www.theglobalreality.com Through radio, …


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  1. spwkarlsson says:

    The Issues that None Dare Even Mention lol

    Speaking of Spellcasters..

    Relativity Reptiles – Might Just One Day Go the Way of Quantum Mathemagical Surrealism and the Double Slitted Einsteins Relativity Delusions..

  2. wmfivethree says:

    Funny how you are the agnostic and creeped out by Mr. Pickles, and I'm the believer and have seen every episode. ?

    Technically, he is not the devil, more like the devil's cabana boy. But he is conflicted, because he is a doggy and by nature man's best friend, and his "redeeming characteristic" is that he unselfishly loves the little crippled boy that "owns" him. If you mess with that kid he will eat yor heart, make a guitar out of your ass and start playing the blues.

    Entertaining as black comedy, with a filter on, but admittetly concerning as "programming".

  3. The "REAL" illuminati are the Zionist Jews that own, and control everything on this planet. Real truthers expose the Zionist threat. Who owns Hollyweird??? Jews. They own all the central banks too.

  4. wmfivethree says:

    And as to the yruther community being controlked opposition, I saw that in the conspiracy movemment in the 90's. The meme is: "The occult-elites have power and control because they have this hidden knowledge. Let's get that hidden knowledge for ourselves so that wr have the power." (Bill Cooper is a good example, you could not tell from one paragraph of his book or one radio show to another whether he was initating you into the occult or exposing it to condemn it.) Not realizing that when you mess with the occult, you are playing into tbeir hands; they want the Mysteries to be the only belief, and cull away the "profane", use then discard a power base of semi-enlightened middlemen, and have a few super elites of the pure doctrine of Lucifer rule over a few hundred million slaves.

    And again this your channel, but:

    That is why I get so pissed when you do shows telling people how to astrally project, open their third eye, psychically contact aliens, etc. When you do those things it is like a woman laying down in the middle of the street in a gang-infested neighborhood, throwing her panties away, sticking her ankles behind her ears and yelling "COME AND GET IT!" If God wants to communicate with you, He will open those doors in your psyche and upload what infirmation He wants. And even He tells you "test the spirits to see whether they are of God" (like getting the password from a friendly intelligence operative so you know he is not an enemy agent). Don't give the key to your chastity belt to the whole neighborhood, you will get screwed and not in a fun way.

  5. You can't debunk Flat Earth. Good luck and adios.

  6. john doe says:

    what is so hidden about this wall you can go visit it in rockwall texas,aybe im missing something but sounds pretty fishy to me

  7. Flat Earth is not a Psychological Operation. Would anyone like to discuss this with me online??? I promise you at the end you will know it is legit.

  8. Gary Baxter says:

    Those walls in Texas have got a grip on my imagination and I am really going to delve into them. Great show Max. Dude I grew up in the Laurel Canyon in southern California and some real wierd stuff happened out there in the 70 n 80s….

  9. Love listening to Josh's reads.

  10. You're right about Adventure Time. I've watched every episode and it is chalk full of the best mind manipulation techniques around. It can get really dark as well.

  11. Stormy Daze says:

    Love your interviews but I swear someone doesn't want me hearing them. Every time I am watching a video it stops playing and the Apple TV resets. Leak Project is the only channel which this happens. I must watch on iPad instead. Interesting. Great channel!! Thanks :)

  12. ok, first off, you cant date by deapth. then, the fact this guy buys into the way back timeline shows where hes coming from. hmmmm…. a hundred million years? gimme a break….

  13. Myriadira says:

    Thx rex..josh said something in this interview that explained my family member s move from leaving scientology in the 80s.. to "some small group of christians"…..and another cousin recently joining (!)…i escaped hollywood in the 70s and ever glad i did. Now i have to write a book before i can get these stories off my mind !. Funny the interest in these things while putting pieces together as to how n why control freaks created such a wierd civilization. Re : jim morrisons ilk…us kids with talent and bored with educations lies..tried telling about it w music. N quickly got snatched up, drugged and used before getting a handle on it. Thats why i left…morality and personal dignity were not respected but shock value was !! I also agree w joshs take on these political dramas..to not participate…like the i.r.s. and "property tax interest on late payment fees"..WHY DO WE KEEP PAYING?????

  14. Thank you! Great interview! In those old school 'Little Orphan Annie' cartoons she and her dog didn't have eyeballs either…. I have always thought it was strange.

  15. Sean Kent says:

    66 likes. 6 dislikes. oookay theen

  16. monascorner1 says:

    all is opinion assumption in belief – knowledge is experience as such – may also be a independant spot in the total mix of this idea we claim as reality – illusions abound but which will grow is the one we feed – stirring the pot of reality by the repetition – as many lawyers in the growth cycle in consciousness – the veil has vibration able to use to descern all infromation – its so limited to find facts we will never have the full truth – plus are we not makeing truth by just thinking it or directing it by use ? as in word spells – directives in power to be used against the user – as in damn = damage , sorry = sorrow , word play with out haveing the truth behind it – they still burn books – follow thy heart in knowledge in unconditional love and divine right order has you covered – cheers

  17. if I had a dollar for everytime you bring up the swine flu plane that went down I'd have about 4 dollars lol. as always great work. keep it up and be the change you want to see.

  18. G.M. says:

    Loved Josh Reeves! What an outstanding researcher! I agree that Hillary and Donald are working together and ultimately Americans are going to be herded towards voting for Mr. Evan McMullin, the new MORMON candidate running as an independent. This guy has UNLIMITED cash and resources. He is absolutely the worst case scenario if he got in – worse than an Obama 3rd term presidency, worse than Mickey Mouse, worse than the devil itself. IMHO of course. Thank you for your work.

  19. Rock Wall? CNP? Oh I am LOVING THIS!!!! I knew there was more to find!!! GREAT INTERVIEW! I love your shows. You let the people actually TALK!!! So many others keep cutting off the person and they lose their train of thought…it gets so annoying…I can tell my computer to shut up, but the interviewer obviously can't hear me….LOL GOOD JOB!!! Thank you!!!

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