Spirit Possession – Real Life Ghost Possessed Children (Scary Documentary)


In this edition of Paranormal Stories and videos, we are going to present you the real life ghost possessed children i.e., children possessed by ghosts and spirits.


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  1. Timothy Lee says:

    Did someone see on the ghost in apartment that something was moving in air but a little bit hard to see?

  2. No such thing as ghosts…these are demons.

  3. Robert Trice says:

    If I was the last guy I'd only let the ghost stay if he would fucking pay for the water bill, a**hole. I'd be like 'You turn the tap on one more time, and I'm calling a priest! '

  4. If I was a ghost I'd give the guy a real reason to call paranormal people by taking a poop and leaving the door open and he wakes up wanting to kill himself

  5. Aaron Mahone says:

    Funny how atheists have to jump at every opportunity they can to debunk paranormal videos that actually can't be explained. Some of these theories just goes to show how deeply in denial they truly are, and provide me with some amusement.

  6. NYAZWoman says:

    Why is it off the screen. Watching this on a puter not a big screen. Can't watch.

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