Spirit Science 12 ~ The Hidden Human History Movie


Today we bring you something special! Before you lies the entire collection of the Human History story which was previously spread across 5 episodes of spirit …


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  1. Jenny Bray says:

    @ 35:45 "forgot how to breathe source energy" ……..some know how to breathe qi using qigong

  2. Anyone who believes any of this shit are fucking retarded.

  3. Alexis enp says:

    They only put together a lots of studies in a way that all have a sense, a lot of information is a fact and is true(only google it to verify), another maybe is not(i dont know), you only must open your mind, and accept that only who win the wars write the history, not all the information of history of humanity that we know is true..
    First you must start with meditation and knowing about energy, you need a lot of previus knowledge before start understand this information.
    OPEN YOUR MIND AND ENJOY THIS INFORMATION, dont be closed mind, remember its only a teory.

  4. History of this video is true

  5. This sounds…cool,but let me ask one serious question.How do you know all this,with no evidence?I have NEVER heard this theory before,therefor it would seem like you have heard it somewhere else,and I would seriously like to meet the person who created this theory.

  6. Watched it! Thanks Jordan!

  7. Spooky Ghost says:

    Nigga. Ur retarded.

  8. Grey Autumn says:

    Love these videos. Thanks and positive vibes. ❤

  9. This is so bad it hurts. Takes no account of the fact that if a species has laser weapons it has already risen to such an advanced level of civilization, that living with primitive primates on earth would be disgusting to them and they'd have nothing to do with it. it is incongruent with how a species of such innovation would want to live.

  10. Can someone please explain what this guy means by "consciousness?" I don't think he's using it in any sense it's normally used in

  11. CoolxGuy36 says:

    This should be factual evidence on how delusional humans can become.

  12. you made no mention of the Akumba or the concept of Brishnu.
    You video is almost meaningless without including these.
    Please redo your work again and unify everything.

  13. How do these islands have similar flora? Simple,it's called birds migrating to different areas, and leaving their excrement; which sometimes contains the seeds they have eaten.

  14. MrGoat says:

    As someone who has formally studied History, I find the title of this video to be an insult to the entire discipline. This is a fictional story, not a History lesson.

  15. did any of you even watch the video one minute in? he said that this story is not fact and that watching it is your own experience. the point of this was not to say this actually happened, but is a personally belief of our history. it's just like religion and the bible and scientific studies of our history. we can't know for sure if anything is fact. why does everyone think that this dude is crazy? we're all so close-minded, it's a tragedy

  16. felicia uden says:

    I actually like the info in these. Videos but the voice used makes them very difficult to watch

  17. "no proof" No, just proof is only apparent for people that practice spiritual things – because they work.

  18. im not a human but this is bullshit

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