Spm Documentary – Latin Throne (Full Original)



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  1. Bob Gubber says:

    Anyone know that song by brissa and what to type to find it? 

  2. Jeans Garcia says:

    With a name like mike huckabich i can see why ur kkk as would get on a mexican post and try to talk shit behind this computers try talking that shit in a mexican face bitch ur as will b under that river to become an unsolved case

  3. im black but i fuck wit dude. free the real niggas man.

  4. thecrazyis says:

    Say this shit go hard idgaf who talkin down.. Used to jam all this shit back in the day…And to all you fuck ass racist hoes,, STFU!!! If you don't like the shit then why the fuck you watching it???

  5. 4Saken4 says:

    Whats the name of that song in the beginning

  6. Fuck yall racist bitches he ain't no molestor free spm bitches mutha fuckas act like if there's no sick white mofos not because your white your perfect bitches get the facts straight or get delt with

  7. greg wilson says:

    salty water records g-town baby 409

  8. do you think im a nasty girl?

  9. Oscar Lopez says:

    Se creen mayates

  10. bowner1234 says:

    Yall need to stop saying they talk black. That accent was invented by the whites FYI. It's the Texas southern accent mayyyyn. 

  11. bowner1234 says:

    Yall need to stop saying they talk black. That accent was invented by the whites FYI. It's the Texas southern accent mayyyyn. 

  12. seriously, what is this?….poor youth that admires this individual as a role model or sees him as a influential figure. Its been years maybe a decade and plus years since I heard this genre of music and let me tell you I think its too soon. Im just glad it was nothing more than just a fad, but it saddens me when youth does not get over this "fad" and start to take this guys word seriously. Similarly to fundamentalist Christians that are trying to indoctrinate children in to their insane beliefs. I know its a large sub culture in our society that dominates this view and way of life, and it is one that is highly rejected, ostracized and shunned. 

    So a question that ascends is: do you become a conformist like society dictates or do you become a untouchable and unique?…. Then one must ask, what is so special about this "unique" belief in life?.

    Being, Mexican seems to be the answer that I see frequently. However, that is complete ignorance. What part Mexican values are promoted by them? absolutely none and that is a fact. You can have a better argument with concrete defense in defending that this is a Chicano pride thing. Real Mexicans that come from across the border are ashamed of this subculture, they want to have no afiliation with it and are dumbfounded when they see these type of asinines promote this life style in the name of Mexican pride. 

    I know im about to get criticized for being stupid, intolerant and ignorent. However, is it my fault for thinking this way or is it how this life style presents it self to society by people like Juan Gotti, SPM and ect?   

  13. King says:

    free that nigga spm

  14. siknboii says:

    Way better than todays fucking music that's for sure. Don't talk shit about spm if u haven't heard all his music. 

  15. Why talk shit about spm ? He's already doing time off you don't like his music hop off his shit .

  16. beto sanchez says:

    no mamen si son de mexico o chicanos xke no lo tienen traducido ?

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