Star Wars Clone Wars 2003 full series


a long time ago in a galaxy far far away this series take place between episode 2 and 3 its about the republic fighting against the sith like ventres grievous dooku …


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  1. Trinexx360 says:

    So I guess the clone wars wasn't all that bad considering it was just….clones and robots that died. Oh well.

  2. Kevin Mann says:

    One thing I never understood about the prequels is why is it bad that the separatists want to leave the republic?
    Why not just let them leave?

  3. Kerdav 24 says:

    Star wars sounds from IV at clone wars? Tie fighter and X wing sounds.

  4. This animation is amazing

  5. i mean… whenever youre ready

  6. Honestly the backstory behind general grievous is the most ba part about him, his people were oppressed by another race and gg and his forces came back in marvelous upset and defeated them, only for the other race to go to the jedi, which killed off most of ggs race, so his hatred for them is totally legit and I dont blame him for it, it's too bad he's been neutered hardcore. just doesnt seem fair.

  7. Atlas ace says:

    Thats no moon


  8. Dislike how clones were so easily killed and replaceable

  9. 1:18:48 "Impressive… Most impressive." lmao

  10. Brock Brazee says:

    28:20 Red Commander: GET REKT M8!

  11. Trigerman333 says:

    Oh my God Palpatine acts and sounds like the grinch lmao

  12. Trigerman333 says:

    5:26 Holy shit that is a fuck ton of gunships

  13. This is a better episode 2 then episode 2

  14. The whole scene where Grievous kills all those Jedi always gives me chills..

  15. oh cartoon violence I miss you

  16. Cool Animation! I like this work!

  17. KeinNameLP says:

    Sure some IG-86 with lance on speeders can destroy some thick armor artillery

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